pirate party script Is there at least one person left who still hasdid not look "Pirates of the Caribbean"? It is very doubtful ... And, certainly, many are simply fascinated by the Jack Sparrow, its a "rakish" life and exciting adventures - one other interesting. Girls are fascinated by masculinity and an obvious share of the danger emanating from these sea robbers. Adrenaline paired with romance, new scenic spots and the spirit of adventure - for sure, that's how many imagine the "fascinating" life of pirates. And it does not matter for what age, and on what specific occasion a pirate party is arranged. The script can be thought through independently, you can contact the agency, and you can think through the contests with the whole pirate team.

What holidays can be celebrated in the "pirate company"?

Yes, almost any. Birthdays, housewarming, new year, halloween. And even regular gatherings with friends on weekends can be turned into an exciting adventure. Agree that the usual feast is already boring. It does not matter if you are covering a festive table at home or ordering places in a cafe. In the company of loved and loved people, any holiday will pass with a cheer, but the diversity has not hindered anywhere. Of course, the organization of the thematic party will have to be thought about, it will take some time, but all your efforts will be repaid a hundredfold, and the guests will remember for a long time, and praise an unordinary idea. Remember yourself, as in childhood with friends you easily reincarnated, who in formidable robbers, who are beautiful hostages, and who are fearless knights. Such a game, it used to, lasted all day, and parents could not call for dinner. Are you now, as adults, you do not want to go back to childhood and "play" again? Any holiday held in the style of a pirate party will be remembered for unrestrained fun, a special spirit of adventurism and, of course, unusual photos where all the guests are flaunted in thematic costumes and can even swing a saber instead of a keyboard.


Where does the holiday usually begin? Certainly with the list of guests, after which we usually just call friends, or even write a message. And imagine how surprised they will be if they find in their mailbox, for example, a bottle with a message written on the paper, burnt on the edges, and necessarily with a pair of blots. In this case it is better to distribute invitations personally, and not to rely on the Post of Russia. Unfortunately, putting a bottle in a mailbox can be difficult. Then hand it personally to the potential guest. But at the same time, try to keep the mysterious look unperturbed, in order to immediately intrigue your friends. If you prefer the option with a mail box, the bottle can be replaced with an envelope. It is better to pre-wet it, and when it dries in a couple of places to tear to give it a shabby and mysterious look.


Parties in the pirate style are good in that neitheryou, or the guests will not have to spend much money on costumes. For certain, many have summer denim shorts with fashionable cuts, and vests and leather belts will cost exactly cheaper than evening dresses or strict suits. To top it off, ask the children or nephews for a toy gun or saber, put a bandanna or a bandage over your eyes, and decorate your face with battle paint. By the way, men can be prepared for fun in advance and grow a careless three-day stubble. If desired, you can experiment with the "accessories" - pin somewhere a badge with a skull and bones or take a pipe in your mouth. scenario of a pirate party for adults

Table and interior

For a party in pirate style does not needprepare the first, second and compote. Here is more suitable buffet with a large selection of snacks, and best of all seafood. Arrange a few small tables with food and drinks, but do not forget that you are the hostess, although this is not ordinary. Therefore, make sure that the plates are not empty, and guests - hungry. Light is desirable to make it muffled, sofas and armchairs can be covered with a dark cloth and put on small pillows. Probably do not worry too much about the details of the interior: in the twilight still nothing to see. It is better to think over the entertainment for your guests so that they do not have to be bored and just stare around.


Scenario pirate party for adults is notThis is as complicated as it might seem at first glance. There are a lot of contests, games and entertainments in this area. For example, you can hang up the Merry Roger poster before you enter, and each incoming (or at least a group of incoming ones) let him remember, or at worst, he will come up with a riddle, a counting or poem about pirates. You can also divide the guests into teams, for example, at the place of landing (sofa, armchairs, padded stools in the corners of the room) or by gender, the main thing is that everyone should be happy and comfortable in their team. Contests for the party are so varied that fun and positive will last for a long time. Let's look at a few of them:

  • Bony leg. All participants are divided into two teams, in each of which the captain is selected. Teams are arranged against each other and take off one shoe or shoe. All shoes fall into a heap in the middle of the room (you can add a couple of extra shoes). The captain's task is to shoe his wards. Who is faster, he is the winner.
  • Treasures on the seabed. A large basin of water is brought into the room. In it you need to throw apples. Then, in turn, pirates from different teams try to catch fruit for a certain amount of time. The winner is the team that found and caught more "treasures."
  • And a bottle of rum ... It is necessary to fill two identical containers with any drink. And at the signal command begin to drink their "rum" with the help of tubules. Who is faster to get to drain the cup, he wins.

Contests can be enumerated indefinitely. They are all cheerful and able to cheer your guests for a long time. Of course, any holiday should be prepared in advance, stock up on necessary products, inventory and, of course, prizes. Believe me, when people meet in an informal atmosphere (not at a common table, among others), they find a common language easier, and thematic contests and entertainment guarantee that boring and lonely will not be anyone.