resistant nail polish No woman can do without manicure, becauseit is the manicure that complements any image and gives it completeness. But to choose the perfect varnish is not all. The main problem in nail polishes is their durability on the nails. How to choose a good persistent nail polish? And in general, what criteria should such a lacquer answer? What brand can be given the title "the best nail polish"? That's what we'll talk about in our article.

Types of nail polish

Cosmetic companies offer to our attentiona great variety of varnishes of all possible shades for every taste. But apart from the usual varnishes, there are three other types of nail varnish - "term", "chameleon" and "krakle". Nail polish "term", perhaps, is the best version of varnish for our latitudes. This varnish changes its color depending on the temperature of the environment, which in our latitudes very often changes. Thanks to this varnish, your nails will change their color over the course of the day, and this lacquer will not bother you soon. Lac chameleon is also very original. The varnish of this type changes its color depending on the lighting, so this varnish will also bore you not soon. "Crackle" varnish is simpler, but it has its own highlight - thanks to this varnish, a beautiful ceramic effect is created on the surface of your nails. As you can see, there are not too many kinds of varnish, but this quantity is enough to satisfy the demands of any woman. Do not stick to someone else's opinion, when you choose nail polish: which is better for you - you can decide only.

What should be a good lacquer?

Whatever kind of varnish you would not give preference to, know that a good varnish should have such qualities as:

  • Uniform distribution of nail polish
  • Homogeneous even luster
  • Fast drying (no more than 4 minutes)
  • Persistence (not less than 5 days)
  • Resistance to mechanical damage.

To the varnish corresponded to all of the abovequality, its composition should include nitrocellulose, plasticizers (castor oil or dibutyl phthalate), diluents (butyl or ethyl alcohol), synthetic resins, color pigments (aniline dyes, for example), solvent (alcohol or acetone), acids (silicic acids or bentonites ). Nitrocellulose is responsible for resistance to mechanical damage, as well as lacquer luster. It is this component that must be present in the resistant nail polish. Plasticizers make the varnish elastic. Thinners impart viscosity to the varnish, and thanks to synthetic resins, the varnish "sticks" to the nail plate. Color pigments, of course, are responsible for the color of the varnish. In addition, mother-of-pearl is often added to lacquer, which is obtained from river and sea shells, fish scales or from a pearl patch. Even in the lacquer can contain metal particles, thanks to which the effect of "metallic" is achieved. what nail polish is better

Tips for choosing a varnish

Deciding to buy a new varnish, do not rush to buy the mostexpensive, or the most famous brand, because neither the varnish brand nor its price can not be a guarantee of quality. We have already told you about what should be part of a good varnish. But in addition to its composition, in choosing a nail polish, you should pay attention to a number of indicators. First you should pay attention to the bottle. On it there should be no external damages - chips, cracks. A bottle is an important part in choosing a nail polish: which bottle is best to choose? It is better, if the bottle will be the most usual form, without any bends, in which the varnish can get stuck. The bottom of the bottle should be wide enough and stable to avoid accidental overturning. In addition, the insoluble components contained in the lacquer are deposited on the bottom, so the lacquer should be shaken, and the curved shape of the vial may interfere with the thorough mixing of the lacquer components. Well, if there are metal balls in the vial, which contribute to a faster and better mixing of the lacquer components with shaking. In addition, you should pay attention to the location of the brush in the vial - it should not touch the bottom, but be too short too. Also, the brush should be commensurate with the height of the bottle, that is, in the high vial the brush should be longer, and in the shorter one - shorter. The lid with a brush should be comfortable for holding a shape in the hands, ideally - cylindrical. Also, you should pay proper attention to the brush itself. The brush nap should not be too hard and too soft. Also the villi brushes should be of different lengths. In order to check the brush, you should put it on the nail. In a good brush, in this case the villi should be distributed uniformly in the form of a fan along the nail. If the brush splits into separate villi or sticks out in some areas, then such a varnish should not be taken. Do not buy lacquer with expired shelf life and varnish, which has a shelf life at the end. Before buying a favorite varnish, you should make a test of it - get a paint brush and see how long the varnish will collect in a drop and fall. If this time does not exceed 3-5 seconds, and the varnish thus falls a droplet, and does not stretch, then the varnish is good. Also it is necessary to put a varnish on a fingernail - then you at once will see, how well the varnish lays down on a fingernail, how many layers of a varnish should be imposed for the effect necessary to you. So, following these simple tips, you can become the owner of the best nail polish from the range you offer.

Choose a varnish under the skin color

You probably know that some people are warmshades, and others cold. This color identity to specific people depends on their skin color. The same applies to nail polish. If your skin is golden brown, peach or ivory, then lacquers of warm shades - honey, orange, dark-red tones - will suit you. A scarlet color of varnish is also suitable. For the pinkish skin, the ideal colors will be all shades of pink, red, orange and Burgundy. Also suitable coral shade. To the olive or pale skin, the colors of ripe cherries, maroon, white are suitable. And the color of the Armenian cognac will look great in the dark. Some shades of red and pink may also come up. These tips, of course, are relative. Experiment with the colors, mix varnishes. A good solution can be a two-color design of your nails or a design of "lacquer in the water." In general, what nail polish to choose - your personal business, most importantly, do not forget about how to choose the right quality lacquer.

How to apply the lacquer correctly?

The varnish will last much longer on the nails ifit is correctly applied. So, first you need to degrease the nail with a special degreaser. To do this, apply a lint-free napkin and rub her nails. The next stage is the application of the base (bases for varnish). Apply a basic coating in 1-2 layers on both sides of the nail plate, so that the nail is "sealed" from both sides. After drying the base, apply nail polish. And it should be done in such a way that the varnish does not reach the cuticle and the lateral ridges about 0.5 mm. Before applying the varnish, the bottle should be warmed between the palms, then pull out the brush and on one side wipe it off the edge of the vial. Then put a drop of lacquer on the nail, just above its middle, then bring it to the cuticle and then down to the free edge. Also the sides of the nail are stained. If there is such a need - apply a second coat of varnish, waiting for the complete drying of the first layer. When the varnish is completely dry, it is necessary to apply glossy nail polish fixer or vinyl cover to the nails. This will give the nails smoothness and shine, as well as protect the lacquer coating from rapid wear and chipping. If you follow this technique of applying varnish, then the varnish on your nails will last from 5 to 14 days. This is possible only if domestic activities, such as washing and washing dishes, you will engage in rubber gloves. In addition, the duration of your manicure depends on the lacquer itself. If it is a super-resistant nail polish, then if you follow the technique of applying varnish and protect your hands with rubber gloves during homework, the lifespan of your manicure will easily reach a two-week age. the most resistant nail polish

Persistent lacquer-gel for nails

In a separate section of our article, we decidedtell about the resistant varnish-gel for nails, which appeared in the cosmetic world quite recently. The nails painted with lacquer-gel do not have the effect of modeling, they look light, and the surface of the lacquer coating is perfectly even, without the effect of the lubricated coating. In addition, this varnish absolutely does not harm nails. Lac-gel is applied as well as a usual varnish, but its difference from a simple varnish is that after applying the varnish the nails should be polymerized in LED-devices or under ultraviolet lamps. This is necessary to ensure that the lacquer is firmly fixed on the nail, becoming firm. Polymerization takes from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on the type of device used. To remove a varnish-gel from fingernails or nails too is very simple. Removal of this varnish does not require additional cutting. It is enough only a special liquid for removing the lacquer-gel, which removes the lacquer in 10 minutes. Persistent lacquer-gel for nails is recommended to use everything, since this varnish makes the nails stronger, they become less prone to delamination and brittleness. Applying the lacquer-gel in one layer gives a gentle, translucent shade, and a saturated dense color can be achieved by applying a second layer. In general, about the lacquer gel, you can safely say that he is the most resistant nail varnish from all existing varnish types, since the life of the lacquer gel on the nails reaches three weeks.

Review of persistent nail varnishes

If you want a beautiful manicure, it's very importantchoose a good lacquer. How not to get lost in the variety of different companies and what kind of nail polish to choose from them? It often happens that even a very well-known brand of varnish does not last more than two days on the nails, and this term, you will agree, is very small. Let's look at a few brands of really good nail polish that have been recognized by a lot of women. The best varnishes were recognized as varnishes:

  • Isa Dora
  • Sally Hansen
  • Christian dior
  • Lac Isa Dora from the series "French Manicure" for a long timekeeps on fingernails, well lays down, is not erased and does not crack at the tips of nails. In addition, this varnish does not harm nails, keeping them healthy. In general, this brand can rightfully be called a super stable nail polish. Lacquer Sally Hansen series "Nail Prisms" quickly dries, holds on for a long time, and its price is quite acceptable. In addition, the varnish copes with the acceleration of nail growth. There is really one drawback - only the pearly shades of this series differ in good qualities. The Christian Dior lacquer differs in bright colors, it dries very fast and lasts for a long time. Does not harm nails. In addition to these three brands, well-known lacquers are Belweder, Kiki, Ceramide Resist from L'Oreal, Bourjois. So, that's the logical conclusion of our article. We hope that our advice in choosing a varnish will help you become the owner of the most resistant nail polish and your nails will be able to please you with their beauty for many days. We advise you to read: