How to take care of your hands For a long day, the muscles of the hands experienceincredibly large loads, there is accumulating a very strong stress, which then gives in the form of muscle pain, then to the neck, then to the shoulder. Such muscle spasms seem to directly bind the joints of the palms and phalanges of the fingers, at the same time, completely disrupting the normal function of the articular bags, and, moreover, also worsen the blood supply to the skin, as well as other tissues. Still: all day is spent at the computer, the mouse is compressed in tension by the right hand, the other we constantly hold the phone, bursting from calls, after all , eg , contribute to longer conversations. Still, our brushes would not have problems for such pastime ... However, all these rather unpleasant sensations are easily removed by a simple massage and simple stretching of hands. In addition, already in ancient times people noticed a close connection between the brushes of our pens and the rest of the body, so the condition of the skin of the hands also affects the condition of the whole organism as a whole. Well, we, within the framework of a kind of home reflexotherapy, will be able to improve our organism with the same, such common and regular massage of hands. By the way, such a massage can usually be done by master cosmetologists - for example, before doing a manicure or applying various masks and creams. After massage and self-massage of brushes not only actively stimulates blood supply, but also strengthens all metabolic processes in the tissues, thus improving the condition of the skin of your hands and influencing the growth of nails. Along with this, it also affects the work of those internal organs, on which the condition of the skin of your hands depends in many ways. That is why, directly guided by such strategic knowledge, many cosmeticians include such a massage of hands and hands in a variety of cosmetic procedures. Some existing rules for self-massage of brushes are not at all complicated, and it takes only five to seven minutes of your attention, but you will feel the benefit from it very soon. Of course, like any other massage, it can be performed using oil or cream, and, of course, it is best if it is conducted in a relaxed atmosphere, listening to your sensations. Before the beginning of the massage, raise the hand and shake it lightly, this will help you relax your muscles. Then put your palm on the other palm, while pointing your fingers in different directions. Press your palm on the palm gently, but at the same time and springy movements, bending the wrists in the wrists - this is the exercise for the muscles and joints of the wrists. Change hands and repeat. Next, you will need to choose a hand ("passive"), which you will massage with the other hand (that is, "active"). Grasp your "active" palm over the soft base of the thumb of the "passive" hand. Carefully massage this place, as if it is easy to "squeeze" it several times. Then turn your "passive" hand with your palm upward and with your thumb, massage your entire palm completely with soft circular motions. Always listen to your body and especially massage those places that themselves as if "ask" for a massage or who respond to your touch with a light pain. Then just press your thumb of the "active" hand on the various parts of the palm "passive". Turn your "passive" palm with its back side up. Now with your thumb you can fully massage the cavity between the thumb and forefinger. After that, grope and massage all the hollows between the tendons and the other fingers of the hand. Now comes the turn of the fingers themselves. Thoroughly massage each of them, from the very base to the nail, in a sort of pressing or simply rubbing movements, first from above and from below, and then from the sides. And now grasp the very tip of your index finger and briefly rotate it "around the axis" back and forth several times - this is a very valuable exercise for the joints. And after the index finger comes the turn of all the other fingers. After that, you can pinch your fingertips, squeezing them from above (that is, from the side of the nail) and from below. In some techniques, even a straightforward text is recommended for a minute to put on the tips of your fingers clothespins. Having finished your independent massage on one hand, boldly go to another one, and then within a few seconds (and even even minutes) energetically do so-called kindergarten "flashlights": that is, energetically, but not sharply raise the brushes up and rotate them there -back. Of course, such a massage can be done at the reception of a specialist, their can be found in any newspaper or magazine. However, an independent massage will help you to better know your body and your sensations as well. Cosmetologists are urged to treat with great attention to the skin of their hands as soon as possible. The fact that the biological process of skin aging has the property to begin already with 25 years, and very often it is the skin of hands that can give out your present age, even provided that you have a gorgeous figure and just perfect make-up. In addition, skin care is mandatory not only with hygiene, but, of course, from an aesthetic point of view. After all, well-groomed hands at any age are very eloquent evidence of strong health and well-being. But the prematurely aged skin of the hands tells others not only about the hard, full of the labors of life, but also just about the inadequate attention of the hostesses of these very hands. We advise you to read: