phytomol for depilation Many ladies use different methodsdepilation, not each of which is characterized by painlessness or ease of use. However, among the techniques one can single out one that causes less pain to women than other methods of hair removal - hair removal with phytomass. Phytomol, used for depilation, is a natural unique honey-based mass that does not require additional heating. Phytosmol is very convenient to use.

Phytosmola for depilation - what is it and what is it for?

Phytomol for depilation is one of the most ancientmeans that women use to remove hair back in ancient Egypt. It is a honey compound, which adds pine grease and walnut extract, which allows for effective and delicate procedures. Epilation with resin can be carried out on any part of the skin. A special effect is noticeable after application of phytomass in delicate areas - in the area of ​​"antennae", underarms and bikini zone. Note that "tasty" resin is absolutely indispensable for such a newfangled aesthetic trend as bikini design - depilation with phytomix was to the taste of a large number of fashionistas.

  • History of depilation with resin - from ancient times to the present day

Even the ancient Egyptians knew the recipe mixture based onhoney, which was subjected to heat treatment and converted into a thick and plastic mass. This mass was nothing more than a resin for epilation - the resin recipe refers to the distant 1070 BC. This method has been used for many centuries in the Middle East. Modern civilization shows an increasing interest in the means of natural products, and the resin for depilation deserves attention. Recipes of modern mixtures are different. If the resulting mixture does not contain additives from herbs, it can be called "phyto-depilation", "shugaring" or "biodepilation." Almost every beauty salon makes a resin for epilation - the recipe for its production is everywhere the same: honey, caramel, molasses are used as a basis. The most qualitative is the resin from honey, which has bacteriostatic and warming properties. In addition, the composition of phytomix for depilation includes the sap, healing micro-traumas, and walnut extract, which slows down hair growth.

Differences between epilation of phytomix and wax depilation

epilation with resin Resin is an excellent alternative to wax. Professional cosmetologists attract in it the ease of processing tools and leather, as well as ease of use. Perhaps the most significant argument, which says that the phytomol for depilation has gained great popularity, is the feedback of numerous customers of the salons. All those who use the resin, note a gentle effect on the skin, a longer lasting effect and no irritation after the hair removal procedure. The success of epilation with resin in the first place depends on the state of the skin surrounding the hair follicle. With compressed pores, hair removal will be painful, most of the hairs can simply break off at the root. These fragments will begin to grow anew in a few days. Phytomol for depilation is radically different from traditional wax. Waxes are waterproof, they are not wetted with water and need special solvents. When applied to the skin, the wax does not penetrate into the pores and is not absorbed. Epilation with resin at home allows you to see how the resin envelops each hair, while the keratinized layer of the skin becomes loose. The longer the resin is on the skin, the better the opening of the hair follicles opens. After epilation with phytomass, there is almost no broken hairs left, they are removed along with the root, which affects the long-term result: lack of prickly bristles, softness of newly growing hairs. With regular application of phytomol for depilation, the hair becomes thinner and weaker, and their roots are shallow. Comparative characteristics of wax and resin for depilation phytomol for depilation reviews You can carefully follow howphyto-mortar depilation is made - the video shows well that a single piece of resin can be used 10-20 times. If the humidity of the air or skin is increased, the resin can be mixed with a small amount of talc. At high humidity of air or skin, you can mix phytomass with a small amount of talc. This makes it even more plastic.

  • Phytomol for depilation, where to buy?

If you come to the conclusion that this remedyideal for you, then you have a natural question: where to buy resin for epilation? Phytosmol, as well as accompanying accessories in the form of methodical aids, video cassettes, anti-inflammatory gels, stencils for bikini design, rollers for cassettes and other auxiliary elements for epilation you can buy on our website. We hope that you will get excellent hair removal with phytomix - the video will help you avoid typical mistakes and get good results.

Phytosmol for handwork

Such a resin is ideal for removalunnecessary hair from small areas of the skin - "antennae", armpits, bikini zone, etc. Epilation of large surfaces takes a long time. The whole work is done manually, without using the warm-up and additional devices. For more rapid epilation resin in the home phytomel is applied with a spatula or roller from the cassette. This type of phytomix is ​​preheated. First, the resin gently covers the hair, and then penetrates deep into the hair follicles. At the end of the procedure, the phytomel is removed with the help of tissue strips. Both types of depilation resins are made on the basis of natural honey. You can order phytomixel in any region of Russia. We will ship your order by cash on delivery. We hope that you on a personal example make sure of high efficiency and convenience of using phytomix for depilation - feedback from you we will be glad to see on the pages of our site. We advise you to read: