How to remove stretch marks on the abdomen A woman constantly wants to be irresistible anddesired. To achieve this is not so easy. The resulting hormonal changes, during adolescence and during pregnancy, can lead to the appearance of stretch marks or as scientifically they are called striae. This phenomenon can upset any representative of the beautiful half of humanity, even the "young mother." And then the question arises: How to remove stretch marks on the abdomen? After all, you want to be beautiful always. Do not worry and give up, every problem has its own solution. It is worth applying a little effort and elastic, smooth skin is again provided to you. But as the old truth says: "It is better not to let the problem arise, than to get rid of it later." This article will tell you not only how to remove stretch marks on the abdomen, but also how to prevent their appearance during pregnancy.

How to avoid the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy?

As already mentioned above, most stretch marks appear during pregnancy. To prevent their appearance, you should use some tips:

  • So that stretch marks do not appear during pregnancyshould wear a bandage. It is advisable to pick it up helped by a doctor. It is this object that will prevent the appearance of such an unpleasant phenomenon after childbirth, like striae.
  • During pregnancy, skin is very commonto become dry. Lubricating every night before bedtime where stretch marks, fat cream or vegetable oil may appear, you can prevent them from appearing.
  • Among the preventive measures that are capable of youto relieve the appearance after stretch marks on the abdomen, a huge role played by massage. During pregnancy, it is best to do it with a special massager or a brush with a stiff bristle.
  • The main factor that affects the appearance of stretch marks not only during pregnancy, but also in the future is nutrition. It must be balanced. More protein and less flour and sweet.
  • Try to lead an active life, at least sometimes perform simple exercises.
  • Do not abandon the bandage after the birth, it will help the abdominal muscles to contract faster and more resistant to the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Of course, with absolute certaintyto assert that after following the above instructions, you will not get the stretch marks, it is impossible. The reasons for their occurrence are many: genetic predisposition, the size of the fetus, accelerated weight gain, but still worth trying.

    With what to begin struggle with extensions?

    During pregnancy, you tried, fought, butfor the reasons listed above, prevention against the appearance of striae has not helped you very much, and now the edge was the question: about stretch marks on the abdomen. Prepare yourself, the main secret of success is consistency and regularity. At once it is possible to tell, that extensions on a stomach or belly is a damage of a skin and that it will take a lot of time to restore it. If this phenomenon has a reddish, purple or lilac color, then it is much easier to cope with it than after the color changed to whitish - silver. True, one thing can soothe, they become less noticeable. stretch marks on the abdomen

    Proper nutrition is the first step to victory

    If you understand that you are eating the wrong way, butdo not want to change anything, you can not even try to get rid of a problem like stretching, nothing will help. After all, most likely you have heard the truth one time, that the skin condition depends on nutrition. Elasticity of it, the possibility of rapid recovery only then will ideally be, if you include in your diet: seafood, fruits, vegetables, vegetable oils and greens. And of course, do not forget about the liquid. The more you consume water, the more the skin will be moistened from the inside, and will recover more quickly.

    Getting Rid of Stretch Marks at Home

    If after birth you are still not lucky, andstretch marks appeared not only on the stomach, but also on the chest, thighs, do not start immediately rushing about in search of finance for visiting beauty salons. With this problem you can fight at home.

    • Massage and wrapping

    Due to the fact that active massage enhancesblood circulation and improves metabolism, you can get an amazing effect, especially if there are stretch marks in the abdominal area after childbirth. Do not forget about this form of massage, as atitselljulitnyj. It perfectly helps to get rid of stretch marks in the area of ​​the hips, abdomen. After the procedure is finished, do not sit idly by, start the second stage, which is called wrapping. On the stretch marks appeared after the birth, apply cosmetic products, which contain collagen, and wrap with a film. Wrap up in a blanket and lie down for at least fifteen minutes. Performing these procedures on a regular basis, you rather get rid of such problems as stretch marks after childbirth and not only.

    • Do not ignore the oils

    Even in those distant times, women also triedhide their flaws, get rid of them. And the very first remedy for relief from stretch marks from labor was vegetable oils. This wonderful method in the fight against stretch marks is effective in these days. Only a little changed the name of the oils. In order to get rid of stretch marks resulting from childbirth, professionals advise using almond, olive oil. A good remedy with a large amount of vitamin E is the oil produced from wheat germ. All this helps to speed up the renewal of the skin, and therefore, get rid of stria. If you want to get a double pleasure, then get lemon or orange oil, add a drop of vitamin E to it, you are provided not only with getting rid of stretch marks, but also with a good mood. Well, if you manage to get neroli or rosemary oil, the results from their action will not wait long. There are no special instructions for the use of oils. Just take it and rub it in the places where the stretch marks appear.

    Folk remedies

    Always and at all times from many diseaseshelped to get rid of the people's means. The fight with stretch marks, which appeared as a result of childbirth, is also possible with this "weapon". The main thing is that you do not need to pay too much for purchasing raw materials, you do not have to go far, you can do everything at home and almost for free.

  • Let's start with the scrub. It can be easily prepared at home. A good housewife always has salt, sugar, coffee or coffee grounds. Mix these ingredients, add to them any vegetable oil or sour cream. During the adoption of water procedures (showers), mass is rubbed into problem areas. The procedure lasts at least ten minutes. After this, rinse with a contrast shower and spread the stretch marks with a nutritious cream. It is advisable to repeat this process at least twice a week.
  • You can also use a mixture based on mummies. Take one boiled tablespoon of water. It dissolves one gram of mummy, adds eighty grams of baby cream, everything is mixed. Rubbed once a day. The remaining mixture should be stored in the refrigerator.
  • Helps to get rid of stretch marks appeared inthe result of childbirth is aloe. Half a cup of juice of this plant, to it is added the same amount of olive oil plus to them vitamin E ten drops and five drops of vitamin A. This mixture is smeared stretch marks twice a day after waking up and before going to bed.
  • Many examples were given of the fact that the icehelps to solve many problems. And with the stretches formed as a result of childbirth. You need to freeze very salt water. And then twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, wipe the stretch marks with salt pieces of ice. You may ask: "How will this help?" A mixture of ice and salt speeds up the metabolism, the flow of blood to the treated areas increases and the skin begins to renew faster.
  • after birth, stretch marks on the abdomen

    We go to the salon

    It is not always possible to get rid of stretch marks,emerged as a result of childbirth at home. Just do not give up and do not despair, try to go the other way and make an appointment with a cosmetologist. He will help you decide on the choice of treatment and under his supervision, you will undergo the necessary procedures. Of course, the given disposal of the striae formed after childbirth will be a little more expensive than getting rid of them at home, but what to do "beauty requires at least some kind of sacrifice."

    • And again about the wrapping

    Yes, you read correctly, again wrap, butalready in the beauty salon and under the supervision of a specialist. Algal wraps are not only an excellent and effective means of eliminating stretch marks after childbirth, but also a procedure during which you relax and relax, and this is more like, by the way, to women with young children. What is the secret of this method? It's very simple - the algae fill the skin with minerals, moisturize it and even remove all the slag from your body. And this, as you know, contributes to rapid weight loss. So from this procedure you can get a double effect, is not that what you want?

    • You can try microdermabrasion

    Of course, first we need to clarify that this issuch. And this, the usual ping, but only the removal of dead skin is carried out with the help of vacuum. The upper layer of the skin (dermis) is removed, the new cells accelerate their growth. This procedure should not be performed very often. And remember, after microdermabrasion, you can not sunbathe: neither in the solarium, nor under the sun.

    • At present it is impossible to do without a laser

    And that's for sure. Wherever you rush, in whatever branch of medicine you look, the laser is used everywhere. Not exception was the release of stretch marks after childbirth. Laser therapy - that can help you get rid of the problem. Immediately it is worth saying that this method will not help all the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Some can immediately get a wonderful effect, but the others will not help, the width of the stretch will not decrease at all. So before you give money for this procedure, ask the experts to make you a trial removal on a small area of ​​the skin. If you get a positive result, you can use further laser therapy to remove striae that form after birth.

    • Ultrasound therapy

    This is also one of the ways to get rid of stretch marks. The question immediately arises: what is it and how does it work? Ultrasonic therapy is a procedure in which the therapeutic actions of a mechanical nature are included. Propagating, the waves cause movement of the cell membrane, due to this improves metabolism, toxins are released. This factor contributes to the restoration of elasticity and elasticity of the skin, and therefore to the elimination of stretch marks, which you acquired as a result of childbirth.

    • Ozone-oxygen treatment of stretch marks

    One can characterize one phrase -normalization of adipose tissue under the skin. Ozone has a beneficial effect on microcirculation, accelerates the recovery processes, promotes the energy supply of cells. Thus, it helps to achieve the desired results in the fight against stretch marks obtained after childbirth.

    • Do not forget about sports

    And of course, starting to work on removingstretch marks after birth, you should not forget about physical activity. Even the simplest physical exercises will restore your skin's elasticity and elasticity. If you set out to remove stomach stretch, then find exercises that help strengthen the same-named muscles. Do not put, but on the contrary will positively exercise in the pool. It's not a secret to anyone that swimming helps to restore the skin to its original state, to the state you admired and admired and to which you are now striving, for some women this condition before delivery.


    In order to achieve the desired result, it is betterall of the above means to use in a complex, do not fixate on anything. And one more thing, you have everything to turn out only if you believe in a positive result. Well, if suddenly nothing helped, and stretch marks obtained as a result of birth, remained, do not worry, because you have a little man who will love you in any case, no matter how you look. We advise you to read: