body stretch marks Stretch marks are cosmetic skin defects in the form ofsunken wavy strips. The average length of the stretch marks is 2-4 cm, width - about 1 cm. Stretch marks are shallow thin white, similar to shrami of light pink color, and wide red-blue scars. In other words, stretch marks are skin areas with damaged collagen and elastin fibers, which are responsible for the turgor and elasticity of the skin. In such areas, the skin is damaged, and the skin itself is thin and weak. The color of the striae depends on how much time has passed since their appearance. When stretch marks on the body only appear, they have a purple hue due to the large accumulation of blood vessels in them. So the skin tries to repair the damaged fibers. Over time, the micro-fracture site forms the connective tissue, and the stretch marks turn white. White stretch marks are absolutely not amenable to tanning, since they lack the pigment melanin. Usually stretch marks appear on those sites that suffer most from sudden changes in weight. As a rule, these are the hips, buttocks, chest, sides. Less often stretch marks appear on the lower back, arms, armpits, calves. In the most rare cases, stretch marks can appear even on the face. Stria can appear for several reasons:

  • Pregnancy. The growing tummy greatly stretches the skin, the fibers can not stand and tear. Appear wide strips of purple color, which eventually turn pale and become smaller.
  • Sharp weight gain. In this case, the skin simply does not have time to stretch, and the rapidly growing fat layer simply tears the collagen fibers.
  • Hormonal restructuring. Hormonal alterations are accompanied by many processes: puberty, the period of menopause, pregnancy, and diseases of the endocrine system. In addition, the appearance of stretch marks on the body affects the intake of hormonal drugs, for example, birth control pills or drugs based on them. Excess hormones in the body cause loss of collagen, the skin becomes thinner, tears, and stretch marks appear.
  • Heredity. This factor also has to do with the appearance of stretch marks on the skin, so if your mom has stretch marks, it's likely that they will be with you. It would be more accurate to say that by inheritance, not the extensions themselves are transmitted, but the total skin turgor.
  • remedy for stretch marks on the body

    Home remedies for stretch marks on the body

    Experts argue that significantly reduce andmake stretch marks almost invisible - a task feasible for any woman who has set out to make the skin beautiful and supple. The earlier you start fighting with stretch marks, the better the result you expect. Ideally, stretch marks are better treated when they are not white and they have a lot of blood vessels. There is a great chance to restore the nutrition of the skin at the microfracture site. The process of getting rid of stretch marks is long enough and routine, so be patient. Here are the most effective ways to fight against stria at home:

  • Massage - an effective way to deal with stretch marksMassage will not only increase the elasticity of the skin and make it smooth and silky, but it also helps to avoid the appearance of new stretch marks. Massage is best done daily. Massage the problem areas with slight tingling. In no case do not pull and do not rub the skin hard, so you can further injure the already weak collagen fibers. During pregnancy, it is enough to massage the abdominal area clockwise, the hips - movements from the bottom up, and the buttocks - movements in the direction to the waist. Massage will be effective in combination with various oils. The most useful is the almond. It has a lot of vitamin E, it is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy film. If desired, during the massage, you can apply and essential oils, which copes well with the problem of stretch marks. But essential oils - a thing very allergenic, therefore before the use make the test for an allergy, putting a drop of oil on the skin behind the ear. Against stretch marks are preferable oils of geranium, neroli, mint, cloves, and citrus oil. Add a few drops to the vegetable oil (at the rate of four drops of ether to two tablespoons of vegetable oil) or to your body cream. However, it is necessary to prepare a portion of cream with oil from stretch marks every time before the massage, since essential oil can greatly reduce the shelf life of your lotion or body cream. In addition, the essential oil gives the effect immediately after addition; even after a short time from the oil evaporates the useful ether. After a shower or a bath it is also useful to rub the skin to a slight redness with a massage mitten or a washcloth. By the way, it is desirable to take a shower contrast.
  • Peeling - an excellent remedy for stretch marks If itsspend daily for about one month, the result will be stunning. The skin will become tender and smooth. Domestic scrubs are not only effective in combating stretch marks, they are very simple to prepare and contain only natural ingredients. The scrub can be made from a large salt or a fine coffee, which is mixed with vegetable oil, cream or a shower.
  • Wraps Different compositions for wrapping youcan easily be found in any pharmacy. It is very useful for the skin paraffin wrap, and the essential oils that make up paraffin help reduce stretch marks, make the skin smooth and increase elasticity. Very effective algal, mud wraps, also wraps with clay. This procedure makes the skin tender, smooth, and also removes excess fluid and toxins. For better effect, wrap the food film and lie under a warm blanket for 2-3 hours.
  • Mummy and creams from stretch marks Mumiye, which can bebuy in any pharmacy almost for a penny, can significantly reduce stretch marks. The main thing is regularity. The easiest way to get rid of stretch marks with mummies is to add the mummy pill to your body cream, crushed and dissolved in a teaspoon of water. And it is better in children's cream - it does not contain perfumes and dyes. Prepare a portion of cream with mummies every time before applying. You can also add the mummy and to any remedy for stretch marks.
  • By the way, about creams against stretch marks. To date, all kinds of creams, gels, lotions and emulsions against stretch marks are a great many. Choose the one that you are more comfortable to apply to the skin of the body. In addition, be sure to pay attention to the composition. If there is indicated retinol, collagen, vitamins (especially A and E), as well as oils (shea, jojoba or almond), then before you - really effective cream against stretch marks. ugly stretch marks on the body

    Salon procedures and surgery

    Compared with home remedies againststria, salon procedures are very effective and are able to completely remove even long-term stretches. However, they also have shortcomings - high price and soreness.

  • Mesotherapy is the most popular procedure fromstretch marks It consists in injecting under the skin injections with the drug. The drug contains active substances and even stem cells that remove toxins and improve microcirculation, and also contribute to the recovery of skin cells. This procedure is very painful, but very effective. There is also non-invasive mesotherapy. The same active substances are literally driven into the skin by a stream of oxygen under pressure. The procedure of non-injection mesotherapy is, of course, less painful compared to classical mesotherapy, but it is not as effective.
  • Myostimulation is a procedure during whichelectric current affect the muscles and skin, increasing blood circulation As a result, the skin becomes elastic. Unfortunately, this procedure can not be performed in women during breastfeeding.
  • Ozone-oxygen therapy is very painful, butvery effective procedure Oxygen-ozone mixture acts on the skin, causing active metabolism in it, thereby accelerating the regeneration of the skin. The result is a reduction in stretch marks.
  • Chemical peeling is an effective method of combatingchronic stretches The procedure consists in removing the upper dead skin layer with trichloroacetic or glycolic acid. The procedure contributes not only to the removal of rough scars and stretch marks, but also activates the production of collagen and elastin, that is, causes the skin itself to treat stretch marks. After chemical peeling, dermatologists recommend limiting the exposure to direct sun rays, since there is a risk of pigment spots.
  • Radiolifting - one of the newest salon proceduresto remove stretch marks When radiolifting, the cosmetologist introduces electrical impulses of a certain frequency under the skin. The current causes the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and the skin becomes elastic and taut.
  • Laser grinding When grinding with a laser beamcosmetologist removes the upper layers of the skin (and with it stretch marks) and simultaneously pulls them together. It happens instantly and bloodlessly. Nevertheless, the procedure is very painful (therefore conducted under local anesthesia), but the result is a young, elastic skin without stretch marks - it's worth it.
  • Reinforcement During this procedure, the beauticianHe injects thin gold threads under the skin through special punctures. These threads create a frame that supports the skin. In addition, gold ions contribute to the recovery of skin cells. Reinforcement can be carried out for any problem area (chest, hips, buttocks and others).
  • The most radical remedy for stretch marks on the body -abdominoplasty This is the elimination of stretch marks by surgery. It is carried out only in the event that all of the above ways to get rid of stretch marks have no effect. This surgical operation, which affects not only all layers of the skin, but even muscles, and it is conducted under general anesthesia. During abdominoplasty, excess skin with stretch marks is excised, and the muscles are sewn together. Later, to remove the remaining stretch marks, doctors recommend additionally to perform mesotherapy or laser resurfacing.
  • In the fight against striae, the main thing is an integrated approach, that is, a combination of salon procedures and regular home care. And, of course, love for yourself and your body! We advise you to read: