hair straightening Beauty, as a rule, requires sacrifice. Representatives of the fair sex, remembering this, go to any feats, just to change something in their appearance. Especially gets hair. After all, a woman, as you know, is an unpredictable being. Today she likes curls, and tomorrow she wants to get rid of them whatever. Permanent hair straightening can turn this dream into reality. Now you can not be afraid that bathing in the summer on the beach or damp weather will turn your hair into a terrible shock, which ripples in all directions, and even in the mornings you will look as if you just visited a beauty salon.

How to perform permanent hair straightening

This procedure takes quite a long time(5-8 hours) and requires the master of conscientiousness and diligence. The essence of the procedure is to change the structure of the hair, that is, turn them from curly to straight. To do this, use special compounds for straightening, which change the structure of the curls by breaking disulfide bonds. For the first time this procedure appeared in Japan, before that, none of the methods of straightening the hair did not give such long-lasting results. The new program for straightening the Japanese and called "Direct and radiant". Usually, the master has 3 kinds of composition for straightening. They are applied depending on the structure of the hair and on the strength of the effect of the composition. After all, for curly, thick and hard hair, you must agree, you need a composition stronger than for the dyed or weak. Permanent hair straightening consists of several stages. First of all, the hair is washed with a shampoo of deep action. After that they are slightly dried and a special straightening compound is applied. After 15-20 minutes the composition is washed off. After that, you can see how the hair will begin to straighten and become more docile. Then apply a heat-protective spray and gently every strand is ironed with special electric tongs (iron). After this procedure, fixing composition is applied, it is kept for the required time and washed off too. The hair is dried. Immediately after the procedure, you can see that the hair has become longer. However, this does not mean that they instantly grew, just the hair straightened through the procedure at full length. Hair becomes flawlessly smooth, shiny and healthier. The length of the procedure depends on the length and thickness of the hair. It can be carried out by two masters simultaneously, which will significantly shorten the time. application of the product to the hair

The advantage of permanent straightening

Undoubtedly, the first and main advantageis that the woman is not required after the procedure to spend long hours laying, suffering with ironing or applying expensive means for styling, since her hair looks great even without that. The procedure is absolutely harmless. The composition of the means for straightening includes mainly only caring and medicinal ingredients. These include: panthenol, wheat proteins, betaine, cationic polymers, vitamin C-DT, pH control system, essential oils. The next advantage is that permanent hair straightening is able to cope with hair of any type, even the most rigid and unruly. After the procedure, you can not be afraid that the curls will spin again. They stay for a long time even, they do not falter and look healthy and natural.

Cost of the procedure

Permanent erection is not a procedurecheap. However, you should not economize here, let alone conduct a procedure at home. Even if you buy all the necessary tools, you can not do it yourself, because only a high-class specialist can do it. The exact cost of the procedure can not be called, since it is associated with many nuances. It can depend on the structure, the length of the hair, the expected effect. Also the cost varies depending on how much the master evaluates his work. After all, even the usual haircut in different stores is different. After 6-9 months, you will still have to spend on correction, but it, as a rule, is much cheaper. consolidation of the result

How to care for your hair after the procedure

Having made a permanent (chemical) rectification,it should be remembered that now the hair should be carefully looked after. Of course, you do not have to do anything supernatural, but some rules still exist.

  • In the first 2-3 days is not recommended to useelastic bands or hairpins, hair should be in a quiet state, so that their new structure is not disturbed. Also, you should not wash your hair at this time.
  • Shampoo and care balm master selects individually.
  • At least 2 times a week should be done conditioning.
  • During drying, you can not use a hair dryer, the hair should dry naturally.
  • To comb to gently using a wide comb with smooth teeth (preferably from natural materials).
  • However, no matter how good the procedureto know some nuances. First, it can not be done after a perm and on sick hair. Secondly, after permanent straightening, the strands will remain even for ever, curls will only be on the grown hair. Therefore, if you want to have wavy curls again, you will have to wait until they grow back. In this regard, the procedure should be taken with all the responsibility, then not to regret the lost curls.