meatballs meat hedgehogs Meat hedgehogs - this is one of the most favorite disheschildren and adults. However, not everyone knows the recipes and rules for their preparation. In fact, hedgehogs are so called because they have rice sticking out like needles. These cooking recipes came from the ancient Chinese cuisine. In the 18th century hedgehogs were prepared as a full-fledged dish for Chinese subjects, because meat was very expensive for ordinary Chinese people. Now, of course, this dish is available to everyone. Such recipes can be found in different books, however each mistress does it anyway in her own way. stewed meat hedgehogs

Stewed meat hedgehogs in tomato sauce

Such a recipe is quite common in ourcountry. This recipe divides both grandmothers and mothers, it is passed down from generation to generation. For cooking, we need: 1 kg of minced meat, 150 grams of raw rice, 1 egg, 1/2 teaspoon salt, a pinch of pepper, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil for frying in a pan. For the sauce: 2 large carrots, 2 onions, 3 large tomatoes, a pinch of salt, greens (parsley, green onions, dill). You can take the greens and dried if winter is outside. Stuffing is best done by yourself, however if there is no time for this, then you can buy and ready in the market. In the store, he usually lays for a long time, so it can not be fetched, and in the market for 10 rubles you can ask that you turn the meat into minced meat. Rice should be boiled until half cooked. Take the raw rice, pour into a small saucepan and pour a 1.5 portion of water. Rice can not be washed, in stores usually sell rice, which is processed by steam. Once the water boils, reduce the heat to a minimum and cook until the water evaporates. You can not salt. The rice is a little undercooked, and it's good. After all, we will then extinguish our hedgehogs and rice should go to the ready already inside the stuffing, then they swell and will stick out like needles. When the rice cools, mix it with minced meat, add salt, pepper to taste. We add 1 egg so that the hedgehogs do not fall apart in the pan. Then we form hedgehogs, and while we are shaping them, we turn on the frying pan to lightly fry them. In the frying pan, pour a small amount of vegetable oil and put our meat hedgehogs on a frying pan. You can also use butter, but it is full of carcinogens, so on the advice of nutritionists we will fry them on vegetable. Fry them for about 5 minutes on each side. The main thing is to form a golden crust. Once the hedgehogs are fried, add them to a small saucepan. Now you need to cook the sauce. To do this, we take carrots, three on a grater, cut finely onions and tomatoes. Fry the carrots with onions in a frying pan, and then add the cut tomatoes and stew until the tomatoes are very soft. At the very end you need to add chopped greens and put out for another 5 minutes. Now stir our whole fry, it can be added to the hedgehogs. We pour in so much water that the hedgehogs are completely in the water. We put the fire on a small fire. Stew for about half an hour. Hedgehogs are ready! The recipe prescribes to serve hedgehogs with potatoes and gravy from under them. process of cooking meatballs with rice

Meat hedgehogs in the oven under white sauce

This recipe is considered more refined, becausethat this recipe is based on sauce, which is not so easy to cook. To prepare hedgehogs in the oven, you need the following products: 1 kg of minced meat, 150 g of raw rice, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 150 g of cheese for crust. For sauce: 1 tbsp. a spoonful of flour, 1/2 liter of broth, a pinch of coriander. Also we take minced meat, we add there already cooked rice until half cooked, we make hedgehogs. We put them in a dish for baking. Turn the oven on 180 degrees. And start to prepare a white sauce. 2 tbsp. spoons of flour, we need to fry in a dry frying pan until the flour will not get a beautiful copper shade. Now we pour in it a meat broth and carefully stir to prevent lumps from forming. When the sauce starts to fade slightly, we add a pinch of coriander. And stew this sauce until it has a consistency of thick sour cream. Now water the sauce with hedgehogs and put the dish in the oven for about 40 minutes. 10 minutes prior to cooking, sprinkle with grated cheese. As soon as a ruddy crust appears on the top, hedgehogs are ready! They can be served with stewed vegetables, and with fresh salad, or you can as an independent dish. Necessarily it will be necessary to feed the hedgehog with a sauce directly on the plate: then the taste will be even more gentle, and the hedgehogs will be even more fragrant. And do not forget to sprinkle hedgehogs with greens, and the more, the better. The taste of this does not spoil at all. meatballs with green onions

Meat hedgehogs stewed in creamy garlic sauce

And this is the easiest and quickest recipe for hedgehogs. It will take: 1 kg of minced meat, 150 g of raw rice, 1 egg, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, greens (dill and parsley), 500 ml of fresh cream (preferably rustic), 2 cloves of garlic. We do everything exactly as the previous recipes dictated to us, that is, we cook rice until half-ready, mix it with minced meat, add an egg, form our hedgehogs. Fry them in a frying pan for 5 minutes on each side. Next, we need 2 cloves of garlic very finely chopped or grated on the smallest grater, add crushed garlic to the cream and mix thoroughly. Then all this splendor is poured into the frying pan to the hedgehogs. And stew our dish for 20 minutes. In the end, add chopped greens and stew for another 5 minutes. Serve these hedgehogs, too, with gravy! Filling for hedgehogs is the simplest combination you can imagine, but what delicious dishes you get when you put your whole soul into them. But there are still hedgehogs under mushroom sauce, and hedgehogs in sour cream sauce, and much more. Usually recipes for their preparation differ little from those that were written above. Here the whole point is that for them you must always add different sauces. And cooking sauces - it's after all a whole art! Especially if you know exactly which ingredients are suitable for this or that sauce. And if you constantly experiment, try new recipes, read recipes on the Internet, collect recipes from acquaintances, you can pass for the most enviable cook, who can even turn such a simple dish as ordinary meat hedgehogs into a masterpiece of culinary art!