how to cook pike in the oven Very hostile mistresses belong to the pike. It seems that the fish is "comfortable" - it's cleaned quite easily, fleshy, not very bony. However, not always cooked, even by all rules, the pike turns out delicious. That smells like a sinew, the meat is dry and hard, or it falls to pieces in the most treacherous manner. Therefore, in order not to bother with this capricious fish, many prefer to shove her oven, and there ... let it be as it will be. However, if you know how to cook pike in the oven, you can not only save time, but also get quite edible and even delicious fish at the output. We offer you some interesting recipes.

Pike with roots (stewed)

Adapted by modern housewives recipecooking pike in a Russian oven. When the hostesses were not lazy not only to cut the pike, but also to prepare the dough to seal the dishes. This is how the hermetically sealed pike turned out juicy and tasty. Ingredients:

  • Pike (small, a kilogram for one and a half)
  • Root of parsley
  • Celery root
  • Carrot
  • Bay leaf
  • Black peppercorns
  • Oil (200 g)
  • Flour
  • Water

Preparation: Pike my, gut, clean. We divide into pieces of medium size. We take a heat-resistant saucepan, lubricate it with oil and lay on the bottom finely chopped roots. On top lay out pieces of fish, spices and chopped butter. Prepare the dough. Pour the flour into a bowl and, gradually pouring water, mix the fresh viscous dough. Cover the pan and cover it with a dough. We put in a hot oven for half an hour. Note: Similarly, you can prepare a pike in a serving pot. In this case, the dough is made steeper: for a kind of lid. This pot of dough is covered tightly by pots. And instead of the test, you can use food foil (but with the dough turns out more delicious!). cook pike in the oven

Pike with mushrooms

The peculiar taste and aroma of the pike is given by the combination of mushrooms and onions. In any case, even a hint of the smell of mud disappears without a trace. Ingredients:

  • Pike
  • Onions (3-4 heads)
  • Mushrooms (500 g)
  • Butter (200 g)
  • Sour Cream (250 g)
  • Lemon juice

Preparation: We divide the fish: mine, clean, gut, cut into pieces (across the carcass). Pieces of fish are dried and rubbed with salt and pepper. Wash and chopped mushrooms fry in butter, along with onion rings. On a baking sheet, oiled, spread the pike, sprinkle it with lemon juice and spread the mushrooms with onion. Season with salt, pepper and any other seasonings to taste. From above all generously pour sour cream. We cook pike in the oven for thirty minutes. cook pike in the oven

Pike with vegetables

Vegetables are known to be a juicy product. Therefore, it is with them that the pike will also turn out juicy and especially fragrant. A butter will give this fish so lacking fat. Ingredients:

  • Pike
  • Potatoes (6-7 pieces)
  • Carrot
  • Bulgarian pepper (2-3 pcs.)
  • Salt
  • Basil

Preparation: Mine, clean, gut and cut into pieces pike. Vegetables washing, clean and cut into plates. On the baking sheet spread the foil, abundantly grease it with butter and lay out pieces of fish (in the center of the baking tray). We put fish along the edges with vegetables and pieces of butter. All the salt and sprinkled with shredded basil. On top of the baking tray, seal one more (or more than one) sheet of foil and put in a preheated oven. We cook a pike for half an hour. In general, in order to pike cooked in the oven, it was not dry, it should be: cook with vegetables or with mushrooms, season with sauces or sour cream, add butter and cook in a sealed container or hermetically packed. Then it will turn out juicy, moderately oily, fragrant and soft. Cook! We advise you to read: