paraffinotherapy for hands Since ancient times, every woman is trying to reachthe ideal of beauty. And she does this not only for men, but for her own sake. The ancient Greeks said that the exterior is a reflection of the inner world. They were right, because the state of appearance depends on our way of life. Lack of sleep and fatigue, constant rush and improper diet worsen health. Harmful habits combined with constant stress are the first step on the path to disease. It is very important to monitor your health and appearance. A well-groomed girl, even if she is not the first lady in the world, always enjoys the attention of men. But no manicure will help you become more attractive, if the skin on your hands is coarse and calloused. In the struggle for beauty, women use all kinds of means, often resort to folk remedies to improve health and appearance. For many girls, the problem is dry skin of hands and brittle nails, since it is the skin of the hands that is exposed to many unfavorable environmental factors, and the manicure is damaged during the execution of household chores. Negative factors include ultraviolet radiation, the influence of temperature and humidity changes, detergents, chemicals. The skin of the hands is always necessary not only to protect, but also to take care of it properly, to do a manicure with the use of sparing means. Recently, paraffin therapy has become quite popular, which, combined with various oils, moisturizers, serums and creams, is able to give a well-groomed look to your pens. After the paraffin mask, hands are transformed, and pleasant warmth soothes the skin, heals small cracks. So the effect of rejuvenation is achieved. Every woman has to take on a lot of work. This is washing dishes, and washing, and cleaning the floors. The skin of hands from long stay in the water is flaky, there are swelling, manicure deteriorates, the condition of the nails worsens, they become brittle and puff. Paraffin baths will easily eliminate all these manifestations, and the skin of the hands will remain smooth and silky for a few more days.

"Magic" paraffin

Paraffinotherapy for the hands takes one of theleading positions in the salon procedures, and is also widely used at home. It is very simple and convenient to use, it works wonders since the first procedure: the skin is rejuvenated, noticeably tightened, small wrinkles disappear. Paraffin covers the skin with a thick layer and creates the effect of the sauna, the skin warms up and the pores begin to open. In this procedure, toxins and harmful substances leave the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Useful micronutrients and substances penetrate into the nail tissue, strengthening them. In addition, paraffin therapy contributes to the correct redistribution of fluid throughout the skin, it significantly reduces the puffiness of the hands and moistens the over-dried areas. It does not matter whether you do paraffin therapy in the salon or at home - the result will be obvious. The use of paraffin can prevent stagnant phenomena in the subcutaneous tissue, strengthen the local circulation, relieve pain, improve the condition of the nails and make them stronger so that your manicure is always the envy of acquaintances or colleagues. paraffin therapy for hands at home

Essential Oils and Paraffin

Paraffinotherapy is carried out on severalmethods. Often essential oils are added to paraffin, combining paraffin therapy and aromatherapy. Add to the wax of oil and can be at home, the main thing - to keep the right concentration, so as not to cause irritation and not get the opposite effect. In the selection of essential oil also need to be extremely cautious, especially if you decide to conduct the procedure at home yourself. If your skin is prone to allergies or very sensitive, then it is best to refuse the oils, and use only pure medical paraffin. If you perfectly tolerate the effects of essential oils and herbal extracts on the skin, paraffinotherapy with their addition will be very useful for the skin of hands and nails, as well as for overall well-being. It is known that such a "note of pleasure" excellently improves mood, relieves irritation, eliminates fatigue or insomnia. And it does not matter whether you go to the master in the salon or do this procedure at home - the result you will be satisfied. For example, wheat germ oil is added if the skin needs rejuvenation, peach seed oil and jojoba oil - in order to moisturize the skin in "sauna" conditions, grape seed oil - with irritated and prone to cracking the skin, and lemon or orange oil is not only brightens the skin, but will also give a good mood for the whole day. To strengthen the nails in paraffin add rosehip and olive oil. Paraffin in Cosmetology Paraffin is often used for cosmetic and medical purposes, as it has medicinal properties that have long been studied and introduced into practice. But for paraffin therapy at home or in the salon, you can use only purified and dehydrated paraffin, which does not contain any impurities. The properties of paraffin to retain heat and moisture in tissues have been known for a long time. When paraffin warms up, it is applied to the skin with a thick layer, and after cooling it freezes, but the skin is not burned at the same time. When paraffin becomes hard, its volume decreases, mechanically affecting the tissues.

Preparation for the procedure of paraffinotherapy

Before you (or a specialist) directlybegin the procedure of paraffinotherapy, on the skin of the hands should be applied with gels, serums, moisturizers and ampoule concentrates. They choose these funds depending on the problem that needs to be addressed. It can be dry skin of hands, cracks, irritation and so on. So the effect of paraffin therapy for the hands will greatly increase. To improve the condition of nails use mineral complexes and vitamin A, which allows you to make nail plates strong and healthy, and get a great manicure. For example, if the skin of your hands is too thin, then a nourishing moisturizing cream with fat-soluble vitamins A and E, as well as water-soluble vitamin C and some microelements must be applied to the paraffin mask. If the skin is fading, then under the mask, lifting-concentrate is applied, it significantly reduces wrinkles and gives the skin a radiant appearance. Collagen, vitamins, antioxidants, as well as extracts of some herbs and hyaluronic acid possess tightening properties. The latter, by the way, is considered the strongest moisturizing substance, which, if properly processed, can penetrate deep layers of the skin. Sometimes used and extracts from plants or tissues of animals. If the skin looks tired, then paraffin therapy for hands and nails in combination with life-giving drugs will return her fresh well-groomed look and make your manicure beautiful. If there are numerous specks on the skin of the hands, freckles, and its tone is uneven, then clarifying creams and gels are used for the paraffin mask. Essential oils are not always added, but they also have a good effect. Plus paraffin therapy is that it can be carried out not only in the cabin, but also at home, as all components are easily purchased at the pharmacy or cosmetic store. paraffinotherapy of hands

Paraffinotherapy for the hands: the essence of the procedure

First, the paraffin is melted to a viscous state,it becomes viscous and hot. Then it is applied to the skin of the hands, like a mask or application. When hot paraffin is in contact with the skin, it raises its temperature by 2 degrees and causes activation of processes in the form of increased blood circulation, opening of the pores, improvement of lymph drainage and gland function. The skin, which is under a dense layer of paraffin, begins to sweat, toxins emerge from it. Before the session, the skin of the hands should be thoroughly washed and treated with disinfectants, then apply special caring substances, creams or lotions. Contraindicated parafinoterapiya hands in infectious diseases, hypertension, diabetes, varicose veins, dermatitis, allergies, skin damage.

Paraffin baths for hands

The skin is prepared as follows: With the help of a scrub, clean, and then apply a moisturizer. In the store you need to buy 2 kilograms of paraffin purified, which will be used to conduct the bath. The hand should be lowered into the softened warm paraffin after preparation of the skin and held for a few seconds, and then pulled out for 15 seconds and lowered again. So repeat several times until the layer becomes thick enough; keep such a paraffin mask for 30 minutes, and then carefully remove it from the wrist to your fingers. After that, rinse your hands in cool water, apply moisturizer. Let your hands and manicure will always be beautiful. After all, whatever the outfit, make-up, hair style, if the hands are not well-groomed, it will hopelessly ruin your image of a real lady.