definition of ovulation Ovulation is a definite stage of menstrual flowcycle in women, which is characterized by rupture of ripening follicle in the ovary. The ovule ready for fertilization enters the fallopian tube. If ovulation has occurred, then every woman needs to know about this, there are good reasons for this. It should start with the fact that the onset of ovulation for a woman is the most favorable time for conceiving a child. As statistics show, it is during this period that more than a third of sexual intercourse leads to pregnancy. It should be noted that this indicator is very high. Observation of the signs of ovulation in many ways for the sake of this and are. Signs of ovulation can be different, and how to recognize it in time, every woman should know. It should be noted that some women closely monitor ovulation with the opposite goal - not to conceive an unwanted child. Although this method is safe from unwanted pregnancy and is effective, to rely on it 100%, of course, it is not worth it - reliability is by far not the highest. In addition, a woman needs to closely monitor ovulation because her offensive suggests that the woman's menstrual cycle is normal. Your health should be treated with care, and the timely ovulation period in this plan is of no small importance. It should be noted that usually such a period a woman appears every 21-35 days, her rhythm can vary throughout her life. So, after the abortion, one rhythm, after the birth - another, before the climax - the third. The ovulation process stops during pregnancy and when the menstrual function is extinguished. In most cases, ovulation begins 12 to 16 days before the menstrual cycle, and no matter how long this cycle lasts. The question of how long ovulation lasts is not entirely correct, since we are talking about a single output of the oocyte from the follicle, it can occur at any time of the day. The definition of ovulation is mandatory not only because it is the most favorable period for conceiving a coveted child. The point is also that if a man has some problems with spermogram (insufficient mobility of spermatozids or a small number of them), it is highly desirable that sexual intercourse be about 2 days before ovulation, meanwhile 3 days before, between partners there must be no intimate connection. Then you can expect that the concentration of spermatozoa will increase and one of them will necessarily fall into the egg and you can hope for a successful pregnancy. How to recognize ovulation so that you are confident that you need to take into account what circumstances should be taken into account? fever

Temperature increase

The main signs of ovulation are the following. It should be noted that there are some objective signs of ovulation in women, thanks to which it is possible to determine with absolute accuracy whether ovulation has come or not. This includes laboratory-instrumental medical research, which is used by specialists in order to determine the problem, the cause of infertility for example. Laboratory-instrumental studies are not necessary to determine at what time should ovulation occur or have already begun. It can be determined with a high degree of probability in another way. What are the most common signs of ovulation in women? It should start with a change in rectal temperature, in this regard, women are recommended every morning, before getting out of bed, before the onset of any physical activity, to measure the temperature, regardless of their health. In order to navigate in the received data, it is enough to accurately measure the temperature, strictly in time (if it uses the same thermometer, then this is wonderful). If the woman's temperature rises, it is a sign of ovulation (of course, if a woman does not have any infectious inflammatory process at this time). The fact is that if a woman experiences a temperature jump, this indicates an increase in progesterone activity. It provides appropriate morphological reorganization of the uterine mucosa, if pregnancy occurs, then implantation of a fertilized egg into the uterine endometrium will be successful. Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that a wide range of factors can influence a woman's temperature change: intake of various hormonal drugs, alcohol consumption. If the heat is observed after the onset of ovulation within 2 weeks, and menstruation is absent, then this is a sure sign of pregnancy. change in the nature of vaginal discharge

Signs of ovulation - a change in the nature of vaginal discharge

What other signs are characterized by ovulation? Which of them is the most reliable? These features include changes in the nature of vaginal discharge. That is, a few days before the ovum leaves the mucus formation becomes more abundant, during this period, the selection according to the degree of viscosity and transparency resembles a raw egg white. This substance is characterized by the fact that it is much easier for male spermatozoa to overcome the resistance of the vaginal environment, which is destructive towards them. After the ovulation has passed, the amount of vaginal secretions becomes less abundant (they can even completely disappear), if they are present, they become viscous and dense. It also happens that when ovulation occurs, the intravaginal secret becomes a bloody shade. Do not worry about this, because the presence of secretions of this color is also one of the signs of ovulation in women.

Drawing pains and increased libido

On what other trait can you determinethe onset of ovulation? One such sign is the onset of pulling pains in the lower abdomen, which occur, as a rule, in the middle of the menstrual cycle. The pain of the pulling character can appear in the lumbar region, in the mammary gland region, if such pain is tolerable, then you should not worry, because it's time for ovulation. Many women at the equator of the menstrual cycle significantly increase libido, sexual desire becomes larger, but this is a completely natural sign of ovulation. The fact is that during this period a large amount of sex hormones is released into the blood, which is quite natural in the period of ovulation. Talking about which sign to trust is not entirely correct, nevertheless, one should always consult a doctor who, according to how critical days pass, will be able to give the necessary consultation. drawing pains

Cervical position

Which ovulation sign should everyone knowfemale? This change in the position of the cervix. The fact is that it is the cervix that can give the most accurate clues as to when a woman is ready to conceive a child. However, in order to begin to feel its position, it will take several cycles. Checking the position of the cervix is ​​best every day at the same time to find out how often its position changes and whether it is not every day in one place. Before you check the condition of the cervix, you should definitely wash your hands. It should be borne in mind that if the cervix is ​​low, then the woman is not ready for conception, during this period it is stiff (resembles the tip of the nose), yet it is characterized by dryness. If ovulation has occurred, the cervix is ​​open, high and has a high moisture content. In order to check whether such a period has come or not, you can use specially designed test strips for this. They work like pregnancy tests: if strips 2, then this period has come. A microscope can also be used for this purpose. In this case, the saliva should be applied to the glass and carefully examined through a microscope - a certain pattern indicates whether the ovulation period is approaching or not.