reasons for the appearance of papillomas in pregnancy Papillomas appear in pregnancy enoughoften. And, this is not any pathology of the human body. They can appear on any term of pregnancy and on any part of the body (for example, on the neck, on the nipples, in the armpit, on the face and so on). The virus can be dangerous for a newborn person only if the new growths appear inside the vagina. Passing through the birth canal, the fetus becomes infected. Cases of intrauterine infection are not known at this time. Of course, it is advisable to choose a treatment so that HPV (human papilloma virus) does not affect the general condition of a person.

Human papillomavirus

It should be noted that human papillomavirusis contained in the blood of virtually the entire population of the planet, but not everyone is showing up. An external symptom of this disease is the appearance of warts of different size and structure on the surface of the body. By itself, papilloma is not dangerous to humans, so removal is only the elimination of a cosmetic defect. The danger represents the consequences that the development of the infection causes. A single infection leads to the fact that even after a cure in humans, the virus remains in the body, it is its carrier for the rest of the days. The disease can not behave itself. But the treatment is aimed at improving the human immune defense, which helps to avoid unpleasant consequences. If neoplasms have appeared, moreover, if these are open areas of the body (on the nipples, on the chest, on the neck, on the hands or face), removal is necessary. diagnostics of papillomas

Papillomas during pregnancy

Not for every person appearance of papillomasequally dangerous. It should be remembered that for men, infection is less dangerous. In some cases, one of the consequences is the pathology of the cervix (including cancer). During the appearance of papillomas on the neck, it is necessary to completely exclude sex and begin treatment. When planning pregnancy, it is advisable to pass all the tests, unsatisfactory results of which can negatively affect the health of the future child. If you become pregnant, and the results are positive (human papilloma virus in the blood), then it is recommended to interrupt pregnancy. This adversely affects the development of the fetus, since the use of many drugs that make up effective treatment are contraindicated during pregnancy. Removal of papillomas is not a contraindication during pregnancy, simply treatment will be more sparing. For the fetus, vaginal damage is dangerous, which often causes the development of larynx condylomatosis. As a rule, in this case it is recommended to resort to surgical intervention, avoiding natural births. During pregnancy, it is advisable to take vitamins to improve immunity, as against a background of reduced protective function of a person, serious enough diseases can develop. In addition, the presence of the virus in a person during the fetal gestation provokes the appearance of thrush, which brings a lot of unpleasant symptoms. On the eve of labor, candidiasis is dangerous for the child. A pregnant person should protect himself from any infections. papillomas removal from a doctor

Effective treatment of papillomas during pregnancy

Of course, there is still no uniquetreatment that allows you to cure the papilloma virus quickly and permanently. You can only muffle its symptoms and manifestations. But inside the organism the virus remains. Even in many cases, during pregnancy, removal is not required, since often after birth the neoplasms disappear on their own. This is due to a change in the hormonal background and blood renewal. The process of delivery is a natural way of purifying the circulatory system, so the available papillomas on the neck or nipples instantly come off the surface of the skin. If the papillomas cause inconvenience, interfere with active activity, then removal is appointed by one of the most optimal methods. One of the most common methods by which removal is performed is acid cauterization. Also used laser removal, electric shock, surgical excision with a scalpel. When choosing a method of treatment during pregnancy, many factors are taken into account (pregnancy course, neoplasms size, papilloma structure and so on). In no case can you independently treat papillomas, as improper removal can lead to blood poisoning and other adverse effects. The papilloma virus during pregnancy is necessarily examined for the nature of the cells. If there is a suspicion of oncology, treatment is postponed until the baby is born, after which effective treatment begins. At this point, the early stages of cervical cancer lends itself to complete healing, after which the woman's body continues to function normally. laser removal of papillomas

Folk remedies for papillomas

The virus annoys many people, so afterConsultations with a specialist can be made using traditional medicine. The most simple and affordable method of treatment is the garlic juice, which should be rubbed on the skin every day. With regular use, there is a significant reduction, and even complete elimination of papillomas. A similar effect is provided by soaked in acetic acid plates of onions, which are applied as a compress to warts or papillomas. Chistel juice. The virus is susceptible to the effects of celandine juice. It is advisable to use a fresh plant, from which to squeeze a few drops on the affected area. But such formulations require caution when used, since when they fall on a healthy area of ​​the skin they lead to the erosion of epithelial cells. Do not use if there is papillomas on the face. Chicken protein. At the slightest appearance of papilloma it is advisable to lubricate the area with a protein of a chicken egg. This recipe does not allow you to grow affected skin tissues. A prerequisite for any method of treatment is the intake of special drugs to enhance the body's immune defenses. A healthy organism is able to fight the infection on its own without using any means.