signs of pregnancy Pregnancy for every woman is veryan important event, regardless of whether it is expected or completely unplanned. The main manifestation of this condition is a delay in menstrual periods, and a pregnancy test can confirm it. But women who already have children can correctly guess their "interesting" position when the first signs of pregnancy appear, that is before the delay. There are a lot of such signs, although they manifest themselves in different ways. In vain not to worry, you should carefully analyze your condition: the main signs of pregnancy are manifested in most expectant mothers in the first weeks, and only a small percentage of women learn about conception in a month or more. Listening to your body, you can feel the slight changes caused by the nascent life.

Deterioration of well-being

One of the first signs isimplantation bleeding. This occurs on the 6-12 day after conception: due to embryo plantation on the uterine wall there are small bloody discharge from brown to light yellow hue. Depending on the characteristics of the body, such discharges can be quite intense or not appear at all. Many mistakenly take them for the beginning of menstruation, so they do not attach much importance. At the same time, such discharge may indicate erosion of the cervix, which only increases with the onset of pregnancy. When such discharge appears after a delay in menstruation, you should immediately go to the doctor. Another sign of pregnancy is a feeling of mild ailment. In most women, immunity decreases during this period, which causes rapid fatigue, slight fever, headache, or dizziness. Sometimes the symptoms are very similar to a common cold, even a runny nose and a sore throat may appear. It is very important not to overdo it with medicines, so as not to harm the future child. If you are planning a pregnancy, it is better to completely abandon the pharmacy drugs and to be treated with folk remedies, proven time: honey, herbal teas, decoctions. Of course, when there are signs of malaise, this does not mean that a pregnancy has come, but you still have to take care of yourself. toxicosis

Physical changes

Only a week or two after conception in a womancan increase the sensitivity of the breast. In most cases, the expectant mother notices an increase in the mammary glands, a swelling, a darkening of the areas around the nipples. With menstruation, this condition is also not uncommon, but the differences are still very good. Often it is these signs that are most accurate in determining pregnancy, especially if accompanied by a feeling of heaviness in the pelvic region and slight tingling in the uterus. All these symptoms cause an increasing flow of blood to the pelvic organs, in some it even provokes the appearance of hemorrhoids. Changing the basal temperature is also one of the signs of pregnancy. At this time, the body releases an estrogen, which causes a drop in temperature for one day at the beginning of the second phase. In medicine, this phenomenon is called implantation sinking. For those who keep a chart of basal temperature measurements, it is not difficult to see such fluctuations. Then the temperature rises to 37 degrees and keeps until the placenta is working. More often than not, the first signs of pregnancy are not very noticeable, therefore at once to define or determine it or her it turns out not at all. It's another matter if a woman prepares for conception, fulfills all the prescriptions and listens to her body. For such a pregnant woman, her condition becomes known for a maximum of 10 days, or even earlier. At this time, the body begins to rebuild, the hormone progesterone is intensively produced, which is the cause of fatigue, apathy, drowsiness and depression. Often under the influence of progesterone, women experience increasing irritability, which they can not explain. But after a couple of weeks, this condition passes, if, of course, pregnancy is normal. sharp perception of different smells

Toxicosis and intestinal problems

After 2 weeks after conception, one should expectsuch signs of pregnancy as restless sleep, increased salivation, increased aversion to odors, nausea. As a rule, nausea in the morning, 90% of women are associated with pregnancy, and in most cases they are right. But in this case, toxicosis may not occur, if the woman is healthy, properly and nutritionally balanced, much happens in the fresh air. Quite often it happens that the first pregnancy is without toxemia, easily and imperceptibly, and the second is accompanied by very severe nausea almost half the time. To early signs of pregnancy can be attributed and problems with the intestines. In the first weeks, severe intestinal disorders, increased gas formation, bloating. A little later, constipation begins, and urge to urinate. The nulliparous women perceive such signs simply as a result of malnutrition and start taking medicine. The more experienced immediately understand what's wrong, especially if there are other symptoms of pregnancy. By the age of 4 months, the condition of the intestine is usually stabilized, although swelling and constipation from time to time remind of themselves. The frequency of urination also returns to normal to increase after 6 months, when the fetus grows stronger and the pressure of the uterus on the bladder increases. Even before the delay in pregnancy, appetite may increase, unusual eating habits or sudden hunger at night may appear. All this is considered an indisputable sign of pregnancy and is held by most mothers after the second trimester. Limit themselves in this period should only those women who are too fast gain weight, the rest of the night snacks will not bring harm. Of course, you can not eat too spicy food, with a lot of flavors or dyes, heavy for the stomach.

Other manifestations

Thrush can appear on 2-3 weeks: when pregnancy in vaginal secretion increases the concentration of hydrogen ions that promote protection from harmful microorganisms, but do not interfere with the reproduction of fungi. In such a favorable environment thrush develops very actively, delivering pregnant discomfort. You need to treat the thrush, and the sooner, the better. But you can not diagnose yourself and buy medicines, so as not to harm the child. If you notice the first manifestations of thrush, immediately go to the reception to the gynecologist - this is the best option to quickly and safely get rid of the fungus. After 3 weeks there is another sign of pregnancy - a delay in menstruation. This happens in everyone in different ways: some people do not start monthly, some go much weaker than usual, the rest can only stand a few drops of blood. Again, by itself, delay does not guarantee that you are pregnant: it can happen due to illness, stress, hypothermia and other factors. But here you can already test your condition with a pregnancy test - at this time the result will be reliable. So, if you suddenly felt unwell, the usual food seemed tasteless, you wanted something unusual, and before the start of the month, another two weeks, you should listen to the body, carefully analyze your condition. The combination of even 2 signs means very much, and if other symptoms are added to them, it's time to prepare for the family replenishment. At the normal state of health, go to the gynecologist before the delay of the month is too early, but if there is high nausea, the temperature has risen, vomiting has begun or the lower abdomen has fallen ill, it is impossible to postpone the visit to the doctor. Timely appeal to a specialist will help to preserve the health of both the future mother and the child, so do not neglect it. There are cases when, with obvious signs of pregnancy, the fetus was absent in the uterus, that is, the pregnancy proved to be false. Most often, this happened in those women who were strongly obsessed with the conception of the child. Constant thoughts about pregnancy caused physical sensations in the body, provoking nausea, weakness, fever, vomiting and even an increase in the abdomen. To avoid this, you need to treat everything calmly and without fanaticism.