how to know the sex of a child by the date of conception Man is a creature that is constantly somethinginterested in, trying to get information on all the questions asked, to learn something new, unexplored. It is these impulses that compel a person to be in constant search for truth, answers to vital questions. To this category of information, it is possible to relate with confidence the issue related to determining the sex of an even born child by means of a specific date of conception itself.

The sex of the future child is an interest today and many thousands of years ago

Children and all that is associated with them from the momentplanning of pregnancy, before birth - that's all that interested future parents, both in the past centuries, and now. Regardless of the fact that we live in ultra-modern technologies that allow us to quickly and painlessly get answers to all the questions, interest in planning the sex of the future child by applying the data on the date of conception has not disappeared. Sex baby - this is what worries many future parents and naturally their desire to know about it in advance even on the magic date of the very conception. The first appearance of interest in this topic according to historical exhibits (ancient papyri) was noted in ancient Egypt during the reign of the famous pharaoh Ramses II. Just a few millennia ago, interest in the sex of the future child turned into concrete actions. People tried to use the so-called folk methods to determine who they were born-a boy or a girl. It was popular to water the grains of wheat and barley with the urine of a pregnant woman already. If barley had started to grow earlier, this testified to the birth of a boy, and if the wheat began to grow, then the girls accordingly. Although this method seems to us to be primitive and unreliable, however, in 1933 the scientist Menger J. proved the opposite, and stunning results were obtained. The grains of the above cereals were carefully poured by the urine of pregnant women and the length of the shoots was measured. The figure of 80% is the effectiveness of this study, which confirmed one or another gender identity of children, only 20% became mistaken. As you can see, even for such seemingly scant data people thousands of years ago and scientists of the last century could learn about the future child's field. Our contemporaries have experienced a time when the sex can be recognized through the use of various methods, and in particular, by the date of immediate conception. Now modern moms and dads can plan and control the sex of their heir or heiress. learn the sex of the child by the date of conception

The Magical Date of Conception

Our time with you offers a truly hugechoice of various methods and methods that contribute to both planning and determining the sex of the desired child. All that remains is to make a choice and to translate the desired into the real. One of the most practical methods of this kind is the method using the date of conception, it is by the date you can get the necessary information. This method can be attributed both to the method of planning a child of a certain sex, and to clarify the sex already in the presence of pregnancy. Despite the fact that he claims a method with a minimum degree of relation to the sciences, his relevance is not lost for several centuries. As they say - everything unique is simple! To use this method, you need to know the exact date of ovulation and certainly the date of sexual intercourse, and then make up an individual pregnancy calendar. Recall that all male spermatozoa are carriers of the Y-chromosome, they are sufficiently shustra, but, unfortunately, are less viable. According to statistics, if conception occurred immediately after sexual intercourse, the probability of the birth of a boy is significantly increased. Reading these lines, many of you will have a question when the conception should take place in order for the child to be of a certain gender. To do this, you must follow certain conditions. For successful conception of the boy:

  • The implementation of sexual intercourse should be immediately after ovulation, when the egg will be in the genital tract, which will accelerate the progress of the spermatozoa towards the ultimate goal - the uterus;
  • The choice of the pose and the presence of orgasm in a woman are the decisive factors for a faster penetration of sperm;
  • Planning for sexual contact, taking into account the date of ovulation.
  • For successful conception of the girl:

  • Try not to conceive immediately;
  • Sexual intercourse should occur at a time that precedes the onset of ovulation. It was during this period that spermatozoa carrying the "boys" will be already inactive.
  • how to know the sex of the child by the date of conception

    Ovulation Calendar - a step towards successful conception

    If your primary desire is todetermination of the sex of the child with the involvement of the date of conception, then you will not be able to do without the calendar of ovulation. First, it is convenient, and secondly, it will help you plan your actions regarding the conception of a child whose sex you are interested in. Do not be frightened by the fact that it will be difficult to deal with the calendar, and accordingly to know the gender of the baby is impossible - this is completely wrong. To determine the exact date of conception of a boy or girl, the following data will be needed:

    • The exact phases of your menstrual cycle;
    • Preliminary calculation of the correct time of the menstrual cycle.

    All the rest is a matter of technique. Knowing your phases and the time of the menstrual cycle, you will get a certain number that will need to be divided into two - this indicator and will become the date of the most favorable conception for the unborn child. To maintain the calendar for ovulation you will need the following information:

  • The onset of ovulation may be accompanied by short-term pain in the lower abdomen;
  • Appear mucus discharge;
  • Feeling increased sexual attraction to a partner;
  • In the absence of the above signs, the onset of ovulation can be determined using the ultrasound procedure.
  • Having comprehensive information and a hugethe desire to obtain information about what kind of sex will be your child, you will certainly get the long-awaited result, and such an invention as an ovulation calendar will help in achieving the goal.