A women's handbag is one of the main accessories for a modern girl, and whatever be wrong with his choice, one must always remember a few "golden" rules:

  • If you do not like large bulk bags,then pick up this wonderful accessory in such a size that it could fit at least a purse, mobile phone, and some decorative cosmetics.
  • If you can not find the color of the bag that you would like, or you are not sure of this color, then it's best to choose a bag of neutral shade.
  • If you buy a handbag not for one season, then choose it from durable materials - leather, well, or, in extreme cases, leatherette. Velvet bags, straw and rags are bags for one season.
  • What would your handbag always looked actual - choose a classic. The main thing is to be able to combine a fashionable trend, shape and moderation of the decor.
  • How to choose a bag not to be mistaken with its quality

    When buying bags, pay attention to the seams, theyshould be perfectly even, without protruding threads. If you choose a leatherette bag, then make sure that it is of good quality. Today, modern technology allows you to create leatherette close in quality and smell to natural skin. A poor quality leather may have a specific smell, close to gasoline, and it also does not withstand low air temperatures. If a piece of the same material from which your bag is made hangs on the product, repeating the contours of the skin, then you really have a bag made of genuine leather. A quality bag, as a rule, all the slices are hidden, but if you find them, then try to study them carefully. The basis of fabric or protruding thread indicates that you were trying to deceive and in front of you a product made of artificial leather. made of genuine leather can not be cheap. The bag's accessories must be metal with an even coating. If the coating is too gold, then this indicates that the product is of poor quality.

    Care of the bag

    If you have a leather handbag, then wipe it offdust and dirty areas with a damp cloth. Then apply a colorless or tone cream bag on it and leave for 20 minutes, then wipe the product with a soft flannel cloth. If you have a bag of suede, then it must be periodically wiped with a special rubber brush for suede products. Shine from the shaded areas can be removed with a remedy made of soda and warm milk (1 teaspoon of soda per 250 ml of milk). You can also wash the purse gently with a warm soapy solution, but do not rub it and squeeze it. We advise you to read: