fashionable style of long skirts photo Every year, the intriguing maxidisplaces frank mini. And this is not accidental. After all, long skirts have a lot of advantages. They are very feminine, mysterious and practical. Thanks to them, you can visually narrow your waist and hide some of the shortcomings of the figure. In this style you will feel comfortable and relaxed both in the cool spring and in the hot summer. In the new season of spring-summer 2012, many well-known brands have included in their collections the maxi skirts of the most diverse silhouettes. It is loose and tight, flared and with a smell, on a fastener and with cuts. The length of such skirts can range from the middle of the roe to the maximum - in the floor, and the colors are full of striped animals and bright floral prints. Below you can see the most fashionable style of long skirts - photo and description of models. long fashionable skirts

Actual models of skirts in the floor

World couturiers presented in their collections a variety of models of long skirts. Let's look at the most popular ones.

  • Skirt-sarong with oriental ornament, as well as floral, ethnic or African prints. In combination with a translucent fabric, this style is perfect for a beach holiday.
  • Fancy skirt on the assembly and in a large fold is very relevant in this season, and if it is still decorated with a print in a horizontal strip, it looks even bigger and more attractive.
  • A wide skirt with a coquette and a full-length buckle. Perfect for lovers of retro style.
  • Model in the style of hippies, complemented by flounces. They are worn with narrow tops and t-shirts with a large print.
  • The pencil skirt looks great in the classical color scheme. And with an overstated waist, she became very popular because of her grace.
  • Fluffy skirt and sun-flare. It looks very romantic and refined and can be supplemented with various details: cuts, belt, pockets, embroidery.
  • A skirt in the floor with a complex design. It looks very beautiful and original. It can be multi-layer draperies with frills, pleating and sewn details. This model is mainly exclusive and is sewn to order.
  • No less fashionable, you can consider a skirt with a smell. If this is an option for a cold spring, then it is better that the composition of her fabric includes wool. And for hot summer suitable flowing translucent fabrics.
  • Long skirt, narrower down, from tight orthin jersey. Excellent choice for every day. It can be executed both in sports and business style. Black, blue, beige and gray colors will be relevant here.
  • Light chiffon maxi. These are very gentle and flying models. They are great for both going out and for everyday wear.
  • Skirt-year. This style has always remained in vogue. And this season he conquered all the famous podiums in the world. Ideally repeating lines of the figure and slightly flared down, the skirt-year looks very feminine and seductive.

Long fashionable skirts can be completely differentcolors. As for the actual colors of 2012, it is white, beige, turquoise, orange, crimson, yellow, purple, blue, brown, light gray and black. what a long skirt is fashionable in 2012

With what right to combine a skirt in the floor?

The main secret that everygirl: these skirts attract attention to the waist, and not to the legs. That's why you can easily emphasize the wasp waist and make your gait more interesting, but the legs, perhaps of the wrong shape, are to be hidden. Also I would like to add that the appearance of the girl will be fascinating if she gives her preference to a long skirt with cuts on the sides. In this case, when walking, your legs will be visible; the more it has long been proven that a modest manifestation of sexuality attracts far more frank mini. A very important point is that maxi-skirts give an excellent opportunity to visually add to your growth a couple of centimeters, so any girl can wear such a skirt, knowing that in this outfit she will look taller and slimmer. The most important thing that you need to adhere to when combining the length of the skirt and the top is harmony. If your skirt is free cut, then it is better to wear a tight top or blouse, so as not to overload the figure with excess volume. If the silhouette of the skirt is narrower, then a magnificent "top" is allowed. However, here much will depend on the situation, your taste and style. As for accessories, stylists recommend to decorate skirts-maxi with all kinds of belts from leather and fabric, embroidered beads, sequins and stones. Handbags are better to choose miniature and accurate, again, so as not to overload the image. But the shoes can be completely different: from sneakers and ballet, if it's a sporty style, to evening shoes with high heels. The main thing is that it looks holistic with your image. On an exciting question - how long the skirt is fashionable in 2012, there is a pleasant response: an easy and inviting long skirt is a fashion trend of the spring-summer season. After many years, she again at the peak of popularity. And it is quite deserved, because this style gives each woman a special romantic, grace and understatement. And the elongated fitted silhouette makes the figure slimmer and taller, attracting the curious looks of the enchanted men. We advise you to read: