clothes made of velvet His majesty the velvet, who returned with triumph infashion last autumn, in a new fashionable season has firmly strengthened its position. Women's things from this noble fabric look very rich and exquisite. Not for nothing for many decades, velvet along with silk and satin was considered an exclusively evening fabric. And he used it mainly to create luxurious evening and ballroom outfits. Now the designers urge women to wear clothes from velvet not only on holidays, but also on weekdays. Fashionable clothes made of velvet in the new season can be both calm shades and colors of precious stones: amethysts, sapphires, rubies, emeralds. It is in these tones that you can often find dresses for a cocktail and an evening party to the light.

The most current evening models of the season

  • A magnificent evening velvet dress-bustier, withneckline "Carmen", on one shoulder, with interlacing around the neck straps, revealing the beauty of women's shoulders romantic dresses on thin straps, and many other interesting options. By choosing any of these outfits, you will look royally at any celebration.
  • Not less attractive and delicate stylishvelor dresses (so often called velvet dresses), represented by long models in combination with other fabrics - either the bottom or the top. Combined models with an upper part of velvet and a skirt made of light fabric, most often silk or satin, look very exquisite and original. Similar models can be found in the collections of Ralph Lauren, Carlos Mile and other modern designers with lesser known names. Such dresses will not leave indifferent any modern fashionista.
  • Elegant short black dress-case withmulti-colored inserts, reminiscent of stained glass, is very popular among modern women. And this is not surprising, because this outfit is perfect for both solemn and official events.
  • Clothes made of velvet: the dress of red color this spring must be in the wardrobe of every self-respecting fashionista. Although velvet dresses look great like brown, beige, green, blue, black, burgundy, and in other colors, but in red it looks much more elegant and attractive. Moreover, it is capable of transforming the female image beyond recognition, making it more vivid and memorable.

fashionable clothes from velvet Fashionable stylish things from velvet winter-spring season2012 is a huge variety of luxurious evening and cocktail dresses, as well as ensembles for both business and everyday wardrobe. The choice of models, styles and colors of dresses, jackets, skirts and trousers are fascinating and amaze the imagination of the female.

What velvet dresses are able to attract the attention of modern women of fashion?

Velvet dresses presented in collectionsmodern designers, so chic and charming that they can satisfy the taste of even the most sophisticated fashionistas. Which of them are most popular? This question is relevant for many modern women who follow the fashion trends of each season. To find out, we suggest to make a small trip behind the scenes of the fashion podiums of the world, which will allow you to plunge into the world of women's fashion and choose for yourself a luxurious exquisite dress for any occasion of life. We advise you to read: