fashionable clothes spring summer 2016 Although before the onset of the warm season is still veryfar away, fashionistas are already looking forward to the arrival of spring, when it will be possible to lose warm cozy sheepskin coats and fur coats and start trying on light seductive clothes. Given this, modern designers every new season please the women of the beautiful fashionable novelties, made of weightless fabrics - silk, chiffon, lace and other materials that are relevant for the warm season. So the new fashion season was no exception. Winter is in full swing, and fashion brands have already demonstrated their collections of fashionable clothes for the spring-summer 2016 season. Judging by the fashion shows of world-famous fashion designers, the upcoming season will bring many new and interesting women to fashion. What fashionable clothes spring-summer 2016 will enjoy the most popularity? Without which items of women's clothing can not imagine the wardrobe of a modern fashionista? This we now learn by making a short trip to the world of women's fashion. Fashionable colors in clothes 2016 spring summer

Fashionable details of clothes of a spring-summer season 2016

It's no secret that women always want to look irresistible, especially in spring and summer. Look fashionable, stylish and modern in the new fashionable season, you will benefit from such things as: Fashionable collections of clothes spring summer 2016 Strict jacket combined with shorts - the mostfashion trend of the upcoming season. The lite version of the classic trouser suit is ideal for those girls who want to show their beautiful slender legs around them. fashionable women's clothing spring summer 2016 Mini-coats, funny jackets and jackets withsleeves that end at the level of the bottom edge of the product, surely will taste to many modern women of fashion. Such trendy things are able to give the female image a special charm, and at the same time to emphasize the beauty of ladies' pens. Fashionable colors and trim in clothes 2016 spring summer Jackets and jackets made of lace fabric andguipure or decorated with playful embroidery, delicate fringe or shiny beads, this season is a squeak of fashion. Such trendy things are represented by many eminent designers in the collections of the upcoming season. fashion collection of women's clothing spring summer 2016 Dresses with a smell, skirts with an asymmetrical linebottom, blouses with a deep neckline and one open shoulder - quite popular styles in the collections of most brands. Magnificent asymmetrical things will allow the fair sex representatives to show their seductive shoulders and draw the attention of the stronger sex to their person. fashion clothing season spring summer 2016 Pants with stripes - another trendy trend of the upcoming spring. Sports style of clothes in the new season made its way not only in everyday, but also in business clothes. Fashionable colors and cut in clothes 2016 spring summer Maxi-skirts, flared trousers and long dressesto the floor with the sleeves of a bat - these things have not left fashionable podiums for the second consecutive season. Models that enjoy incredible popularity in the 70s of the last century, certainly will fall in love with fans of retro style. Fashionable collections of clothes of a season spring summer 2016 At the peak of fashion, light, flowing dresses and sarafans, made of weightless, most often translucent fabrics or lace.

Fashionable colors, prints and decoration

Like last spring, fashion collections of clothesSpring-Summer 2016 impress the imagination with a variety of shades, styles, patterns and brightness of colors. Monochrome colors are no longer relevant, bright juicy contrasts are in vogue. In the new season, many designers experiment with contrasts, so this spring and summer promise to be bright and diverse. If you want to be fashionable and stylish, give preference to contrasting combinations in clothes. fashionable and stylish clothes spring summer 2016 Looking at the girls from the fashion podiums in suchoutfits, at first glance it may seem that such things as, for example, a pink blouse and turquoise trousers, a green jacket and an orange skirt or a blue topic and yellow shorts are absolutely incompatible. However, if you look closely, it does not seem like bad taste. The main thing - to choose the right shades, and then all of the above colors can be perfectly combined with each other. A juicy spring coloring will bring freshness and brightness to your wardrobe, will lift the mood and help to stand out from the crowd. Fashionable colors in classic clothes 2016 spring summer Dark blue, turquoise and green tones, yellow,red, purple and tangerine - these are the most fashionable colors in clothes 2016 spring-summer. Still remains in fashion and classic. At the peak of popularity, white and black business suits, dresses, shirts, skirts and pants, which are particularly elegant and elegant look combined with bright stylish accessories. This year, many designers have included in their collection of white laconic dresses, blouses, jackets and trouser suits. All these beautiful and elegant outfits can now be used as office clothes instead of the usual black. fashionable clothes collections - prints spring summer 2016 If we talk about prints, then most often in the springcollections there are floral motifs, the most popular among them are chamomile, poppies, roses and irises. Also, there are many pastel shades with low-key prints, stripes and block colors that can transform a woman's figure beyond recognition. fashionable clothes for girls spring summer 2016 The contrasting edging on clothes is such an element of decoris present in almost every design collection. So, for example, in fashion shows, the contrasting color edging was seen on the Sportmax dresses and the Rocsanda llincic skirts. Also, many couturiers preferred to use large sequins as decor, which in their appearance look very much like scales of sea fish. This fashion trend, smoothly migrated from the autumn season into the spring fashion, will not leave indifferent any even the most spoiled fashionista. Replenishing your spring wardrobe with fashion new clothes, you will always look attractive and stylish. We advise you to read: