semia "If only I knew in advance", so many saypeople when a situation occurs that they were not prepared for. Usually, in such situations, a hasty and not always correct decision is made. This applies to absolutely everything, including emergency contraception. It would seem that the usual contraceptive method suits, it is reliable and has never failed. Why think bad? This is a feature of human thinking, we think that something bad happens to others, but this can never happen to us. That is why when an unforeseen situation occurs, for example, a condom breaks, we are lost. Either immediately run to the pharmacy, or first try to find out something on the Internet. Attempts to find out something on the Internet, as a rule, are not very successful for two reasons. On various sites, you can find either purely scientific information with a large number of professional terms, or reviews of all possible means of emergency contraception, ranging from folk methods in the form of lemon, ending with an intrauterine device. At the same time, you will hardly find a mention anywhere that the effectiveness of drugs for emergency contraception is not constant and depends on many factors. For example, from the time elapsed since the moment of unprotected contact, from the day of the cycle, from the body weight. If you go straight to the pharmacy, the situation will not be much better. Few pharmacists and pharmacists will be able to assist in the selection of emergency contraception on a par with a gynecologist. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the employees of pharmacies are specialists with specialized education, their qualifications differ from those of a doctor. They can offer a choice of several drugs that are available, explain how they differ from each other. But they will not ask questions about weight, day of the cycle and the amount of time that has passed since the unsecured contract. That is why so often on women's forums you can find a lot of negative reviews about such drugs, from serious side effects to abortion. To prevent this from happening, it is better to get in advance about various drugs, so that if an unexpected situation suddenly occurs, you can quickly and correctly make a choice. Perhaps this will never happen in your life, but you can help someone from your acquaintances with competent advice.