smell from the vagina Unpleasant smell from the vagina is a seriousa sign that something is wrong with you. Even if it is initially not accompanied by itching, inflammation, redness, rash or pain, the fair sex representative should immediately seek help from a specialist without any delay. Remember that even a one-day delay can lead to sad consequences, up to infertility. Plus, the earlier you start to heal, the better.

What Every Woman Should Know About

If a girl or woman is completely healthy,monitors himself and observes the basic rules of hygiene (bathed twice a day, washed away after each process of defecation), a pronounced unpleasant odor from the vagina should not be felt. In this case, each representative of the fair sex will also be observed minor discharge - this is normal. The number and saturation depends on various factors, including agitation, stressful situations and the cycle itself. As for the color, they should be either transparent or slightly whitish. Please note: they do not have to smell! Norms of excreta should not be more than 1.5 ml. Where does this liquid come from? This is the same lactic acid, which is produced to purify the vagina from pathogenic bacteria. Without it, our body will not be able to function properly. What should alert you? To address to the gynecologist it is necessary at once, if abruptly there was an unpleasant "fish" aroma. Remember that washing and using deodorizing agents in this case does not help. The next symptom that can appear is bloody, purulent, yellow, greenish discharge, which can also smell unpleasant. In some cases, this is all accompanied by severe itching, burning, both in the labia and inside the vagina. unpleasant odor from the vagina

Why does the smell appear

The causes of an unpleasant odor from the vagina at the verybusiness is very much. It is impossible to deal with this independently, if you are not a practicing gynecologist. But even a doctor can diagnose her patient only after examination and laboratory tests. The doctor will take a smear, ask you to donate blood and urine for tests. And only after receiving the results will appoint a full-fledged complex treatment. Gonococci, Trichomonas, Chlamydia, Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli are just a small list of things that can cause an unpleasant odor. Do not try to get rid of the problem with the help of folk remedies, because only make it worse. First, the smell can be a symptom of inflammatory processes, infections, etc. As long as you play the doctor, your illness will progress. Secondly, by making baths, lotions and syringing, you will only distort the symptoms. The doctor will be much more difficult to diagnose.

Why there was a problem: bacterial vaginosis

Often, the smell from the vagina is observed whenDysbacteriosis, when the flora is disturbed. This means that those very useful lactobacilli, responsible for the production of lactic acid, can not cope with the task. As a result, pathogenic bacteria begin to multiply more. Also it is necessary to you to catch a cold, to freeze, to catch and be ill, as the inflammation will not keep itself waiting. In addition, because of the low acidity of the vagina does not self-purify, so there accumulate the products of the exchange of pathogenic bacteria, which have time to breed. That's when the same fishy smell appears, to which many representatives of the fair sex complain. What if you have bacterial vaginosis? The only way out is to be treated. After all, you can pass the infection on to your partner. Naturally, provided that its immunity is weakened. And, in order not to face such a nuisance again, it is necessary to find out why this disease occurs. So, the reasons can be the following:

  • Unnecessary love of hygiene

Girls who look too often inbathroom, do almost every day syringing, only hurt yourself. The fact is that you just wash away the microflora. After all, not only harmful bacteria are washed away, but also useful (lactobacilli). Remember, you need to bathe twice a day, not every five minutes. Use for this you can only special gels for intimate hygiene, and not ordinary soap. If you neglect these rules, you may get an unpleasant smell from the vagina later on.

  • Abuse of contraception

No, if you use conventional condoms(high-quality and expensive, of course), nothing bad will happen to you. Here we are talking about contraceptives, which include antiseptics. It is better not to indulge in such protection, since then you will have to fight with vaginal dysbiosis.

  • Use of antibacterial agents

Another reason why people might dielactobacilli, - the use of tablets and suppositories, which are introduced into the vagina. It's one thing when you use them in a certain period of time as directed by a doctor, and another when you are treated yourself. But even if you were prescribed, and after several times your state of health worsened, be sure to inform the doctor about it. He will prescribe other vaginal drugs that do not affect the microflora so much.

  • Self-treatment with antibiotics

How much has been said about what to useantibiotics, without consulting in advance with a doctor, you can not. But, despite the warnings of doctors, people still continue to be treated at random. And suddenly lucky and help. As a result, there are problems for both the female part and the GI tract. However, the disease, which is so persistently treated, does not go away. On the contrary, there is a complication - an unpleasant smell from the vagina.

  • Decreased immunity

It is a question of hormonal preparations, radialtherapy for tumors, antifungal medications. All this completely kills immunity. As a result of this treatment, you should immediately start taking vitamins and medications to put yourself in order. But with dietary supplements and similar products should be careful, because to guarantee a positive result in this case no one can.

  • Intrauterine device

The smell from the vagina can appear in the girl,which is a spiral. First, an alien body is not always perceived by our body. Secondly, because of her increased risk of inflammation, deterioration in the general condition of the fair sex. It is better to choose a different method of protection. vaginal odor

What is dangerous for bacterial vaginosis

As you already understood, if the vagina is unpleasantsmells, you need to immediately go to the gynecologist. Probably, there are no signs of inflammatory processes visually. Only tests can show that you have problems with lactobacilli and pathogenic microflora. You can hardly determine the cause yourself. And what will happen if nothing is treated? Serious inflammatory processes will begin that will affect the vaginal mucosa, then all this will spread to the female genitalia. As a result, you can earn infertility, and in pregnant women this will lead to a threat of miscarriage.