How we taught my daughter to read - Mom, advise what to do! Nastya flatly refuses to go to bed without a fairy tale, and I come home from work tired, about Oleg and say nothing - he is also exhausted for the day. There are so many things to do about the house, but I do not have time! - Sveta, and you did not think to teach Nastenka to read the most and before going to bed just give her a half-hour favorite book? And let it read to itself, and you're busy at home. "Mom, what are you doing!" She was not yet four, where she could learn to read! At school I will learn more. And it's a long time, and it's dreary: do you remember how Dad worked with me on the best method? Open syllables, closed syllables, phonemes ... It's not for nothing that he teaches half a lifetime in a university - how many tears were shed and nerves gone! And we both smiled, remembering the picture: a disheveled dad with a pointer in her hands and a lost Svetka. - But for the benefit of it - remember how you all the teachers at school praised? And then the institute graduated with a red diploma and is now working in a good publication. By the way, talk to Natalia, she is leading a family heading, maybe she will advise something? After all for so many years probably something better invented! Nastenka is learning to readThen the conversation turned to other topics, but my mother'sthe words were deposited in my memory, and the next day after the meeting the editor-in-chief I took Natalya aside. - Natasha, I have a serious problem. Advise as an expert. I do not really know what to do, "I said, pouring coffee into the mugs. - What, did Oleg go on a spree? - Alarmed Natalia. - No, it's not you! At us with it full openwork and harmony, fie-fie. I do not have enough time for Nastenka in the evenings, there is nothing to do, the child is bored. My mother advised me , it's a relief to me, and she needs in life. But how to do it, I will not put my mind to it. I'm not a teacher, and she's still a bug - I'm afraid we can not cope. Do you know any effective method? - Well, I also created a problem! I thought something went wrong, and then talk for five minutes. There is one very good new , is called "I read easily." The teacher Yevgeny Chaplygin thought up. Learning to read using wooden cubes. We had a great article about her. "Natasha, what a new woman she is!" To these cubes a hundred years in the afternoon is executed, give something sensible advise, or else I'll leave! "Let me finish this!" In the same place, not simple cubes are used, but dynamic ones. At these words, I saw dynamite checkers with letters played by children. Seeing the apparent misunderstanding written on my face, the girlfriend explained: - Dynamic - in the sense of turning, two cubes are connected by special platforms in such a way that the letters immediately form syllables. And the child understands that the word is obtained, the letters and sounds do not need to be crammed. Already in the first lesson he folds the words himself. Yes, you do not do this face - the technique is excellent, last year in Moscow at the exhibition of toys received a gold medal! At lunch I went to , looked and could not resist - immediately ordered the order. The procedure was simple and straightforward, as before it was not thought of! Well, hold on, Anastasia Olegovna, very soon you will read me fairy tales!