Doing business "The girl's best friends are diamonds." However, modern women, accustomed to appreciate their own time, can argue with this statement. Their best friends are "smart" appliances, which greatly facilitate the life of each lady. All household appliances present in the house are divided into three conditional categories:

  • very necessary;
  • simply desirable;
  • optional, but very necessary.

It is worth considering that, at the request of the hostess or in connectionwith its momentary mood, this or that device can at once move from one category to another. Women are very fickle creatures. So, without what kind of household appliances is a comfortable life impossible? The most important thing - "sweet couple" - a stove and a refrigerator. Next to them is a washing machine, because a modern woman will never wear herself out for hours by hand. These three household appliances never leave the category of the most important and very necessary. Many may be surprised, but in the category of very desirable technology, modern ladies have placed a computer. This device successfully replaced stationary and even mobile phones, because ladies successfully talk with friends on Skype or communicate in social networks. It will take nice ladies and buy a vacuum cleaner in an online store, because it helps to speed up the cleaning of an apartment or house, and this moment is very important for the fair sex. An elegant woman can not feel comfortable surrounded by dust and dirt. Iron is also a desirable technique. Without this assistant, a lady simply can not look stylish. Wardrobe should be carefully ironed. Housewives simply do not represent life without "smart" assistants in the kitchen, and to the category of very desirable technology, many of them include almost all kitchen appliances. Starting from the microwave, ending with aerogrill. Therefore, it is worth talking about these units in a separate line. Finally, not very useful devices, but many women dream of it - this is, basically, gizmos for themselves, the beloved. E-book and iPad, tablet and player - they found recognition not only in men, but became in demand by the ladies. To the same category are darsonval and a router (marigolds should be ideal), a depilator and a foot massage bath. Ideally - if a massage chair is installed at home, in this case the woman will be completely satisfied.