how to tuck a bang The bangs are an amazing "tool", with the help ofwhich can not only radically change the image, but even visually correct some obvious imperfections in appearance, such as thin hair, wide or too small forehead and so on. It is very important to choose the type of bangs right at the stage of haircuts, the one that fits perfectly for you, and also know how to pack a bang at home.

Basic tips for laying bangs

Owners of beautiful and dense, straight oroblique bangs it is very important to remember once and for all that you need to pack it immediately after you have washed your head. The fact is that if you leave hair to dry naturally, then you can say goodbye to the dream of an ideal styling. When you proceed directly to drying your hair, you need to know that the airflow that comes from the hair dryer should be directed from the bottom up, and not exactly. Only in this way can you give the bangs the right amount, and also get a guarantee that during the summer heat it will not stick to the forehead. Continue to lay unruly hair should be, directing downward the flow of air. Provided that you are the owner of a fat-prone skin, you need to powder a little forehead under your hair so that they do not stick; this applies even to the bangs, which is made exactly. It is not necessary, when you stack hair on a forehead, to impose on them an excessive quantity of various agents, after all they can only overload it, and it threatens loss of volume. To give your bangs a smoothness and a unique radiance, you should walk on it with an iron, designed for straightening your hair. Just do not be too zealous, because after one time your hair will be voluminous and shiny, and you will get a beautiful straight bang, but after three or four it will become flat and not so nice anymore. In addition, it is necessary to use means with thermal protection, since after constant straightening with iron it is possible to get an annoying trouble - overdrying of hair. how beautifully to tuck a bang

Methods of hair styling on the forehead

Lay on the side Despite the apparent simplicitysuch a styling, during its implementation it is recommended to strictly adhere to some tips that will ensure that the hairstyle will look natural and flawless. Firstly, it is necessary to dry the oblique bangs, like the rest, after washing, directing hot air from the roots to the tips. It is not recommended to keep the hair dryer at a short distance from the hair, as this can give them a completely unpresentable appearance. All the time when laying it is necessary to use hot air, including cold only at the end to fix the final result. Provided that the hair is naughty and hard enough to lay, it is better to use special tools such as wax or foam, which are applied before drying and distributed along the entire length, and only after that start to style your hair. Put a slanting and thick bangs can and ironing. Putting back hair The hair raised from the forehead back will become a stylish adornment for any girl, and the advantage of this hairdo is that you can make this beauty in minutes, of course, knowing the rules that we now tell you. In order to lay a bang back, you need to lift them, and then at the roots of a thin comb to make a small hair. Next, you need to comb a little of the top layer of hair. You can fix the result obtained by the most simple invisibility or any other barrette. Even at the end it is allowed to sprinkle the hair with varnish in order to complete the fashionable styling of the bangs back. Stacking in the way of "Prjadki" Such laying looks incredibly effective, especially with processed, allocated strands. First you need to apply a little gel on the hair, and then sprinkle the whole bang with varnish. The result looks very nice, stylish and effective! "Lokony" stitching It's not hard to guess, after this type of styling, the hair gets an amazing shape of curls that can decorate your face. It's really beautiful! In order to properly conduct the process of laying, you need to apply a little foam or mousse on your hair, and then wind it with small and thin strands on the curling iron. The result is an incredibly romantic image. Stitching oblique bangs Slanting bangs are best laid with the use of a hair gel. To put in order such type of a bang, as a matter of fact, it is possible only by means of one reception. But this is not an excuse to get upset, because such styling always looks very relevant and fresh even without any frills. Initially, we put on the oblique bangs quite a bit of mousse or gel, and after a hair dryer or even a simple comb, dry it in the direction in which your hairdresser made a technical drawing. It is very important that the jet of air is not too strong, because the strands can simply fly apart, because of what the hair will look rather untidy. Correctly fix the result will help the hairspray. And that's all, you look beautiful and fashionable! Efficient styling of a short bang The happy owners of a stylish short bang know for certain that coping with it is quite difficult. This especially applies to moody hair that is usually very naughty and does not lie flat. In order to "tame the beast," you need to know that the hair must be laid wet, and not wet. Immediately after the procedure of washing the hair, you need to get a good dry with a dry towel, and after waiting for 3-4 minutes, only then you are allowed to proceed with the styling. After that, it is necessary to apply a little fixative to the hair, and then to direct a stream of hot air from above downwards. To fix such a stitching is best with a lacquer of strong fixation, so that it looks beautiful for a long time. how to lay a long bang

We select bangs under type of the face

The way, how to lay a grown bang, is interested inmany women, because sometimes it is difficult to allocate time to run to the hairdresser and cut hair falling on eyes. And sometimes the girls simply can not decide on the type of bangs that they are wearing, because of which they postpone her haircut indefinitely. Experts recommend choosing a bang for the type of face, because only so you can get a really suitable haircut. For the oval face The owner of the oval face shape will suit almost any hairstyle. But experts recommend to stop their choice on the "torn" filleted bangs of medium length, which is designed to emphasize your femininity. Also, such girls and women can make a short bang or, perhaps, long and thick. For an elongated face In general, for this type of face, you must pick up a bang that visually makes the face wider and at the same time hides a sufficiently high forehead. It is better to choose a long bang that will emphasize all the dignity of the owner of an elongated face. The main thing is that this bangs should always be accurately and directly laid, because its type does not matter and depends solely on the preferences of the hostess. For the round face Girls, whom nature has awarded with this form of face, perfectly fits a fringe, slightly shortened to the middle. With its help, you can visually draw a round face. She should never completely cover her forehead, it is better that she was airy and light. For solemn events, you can beautifully arrange it or put it back. For a square face This shape is just perfect for a soft and thin oblique bangs. It is better to choose a long bang, after all, such a hairdress can help its owners to soften a little the strict lines of the face, and also give it a length at least visually. This fringe fits for any hairstyle that pleases the owner of a square face. In addition, to lay bangs of this type is as simple as possible.