how to forget the ex-boyfriend Passed love, wilted tomatoes - here is yourthe romantic story came to an end. Surely there were a lot of good and bright moments in it, but it still outweighed the bad, as a result of which you decided to part. But you still can not come to your senses, so the most important question for you now is how to forget the former guy?

Why is it so painful?

Before you start a new life, you needsay goodbye to what was in the old. Namely, with relations that were interrupted not so long ago. However, it is not so easy to do, so millions of people around the world are trying to understand why it's so painful to part with former love. First of all, any break in relations is a loss. You lose an important part of your life for you, and it's just impossible not to notice. Any loss is accompanied by feelings such as pain, grief, sadness, sadness and disappointment. In the person of one person, you for a long time satisfied a lot of needs: in love, care, attention, support, communication, joint pastime, material assistance, etc. ... And suddenly you are deprived of all this! Immediately it becomes incomprehensible how to fill the holes that have been formed, and even sadness gnaws at how it was before, but never will be. There are specific complications, depending on who threw whom. If the desire to part from you comes from it, it seems as if all the responsibility is also on you. This creates a sense of guilt, which increases the already unpleasant experience of loss. In this case, do not overload yourself, because you did not take this decision from a good life, but because of some problems. And now you are responsible for them both. In this situation, some men like to resort to absolutely non-Roma behavior, exposing themselves as an innocent victim of a treacherous woman. Then your experiences can be "weighted" at the expense of accusing views of common friends and acquaintances. The most reasonable thing in this situation is simply not paying attention to it. In the end, it's just indecent to get into other people's relationships, and if someone does it, it's his problem. In a situation where a guy threw you, it's absolutely clear. You did not expect this, and this scenario reminds you of a bolt from the blue. Of course, such a surprise increases the pain and suffering from loss, plus the experience of injustice of what is happening is added. If there is such an opportunity, get an explanation from the ex-boyfriend why he left you - if they are adequate, then this will remove unnecessary guilt and help you avoid such mistakes in the future, and if not, then you should be glad that you so easily got rid of this frame. how to forget the guy who threw

7 Ways to Forget an Ex-Boyfriend

  • Out of sight - out of mind Suggest to himpick up or put on the staircase the remaining things you have. Remove from Skype, ICQ and social networks his contacts (or at least make sure that his account does not piss your eyes off). This will help you realize the reality of what is happening and accelerate the process of parting with the former.
  • Shed Do not build yourself "ironlady ", which is all at all. This is not so, and the hidden emotions will find a way to ruin your life in the future. Take a week to sink about the ex-boyfriend, and do not be shy in expressing feelings. After that, sadness will slowly subside.
  • Of course, in the first timeit will not be easy for you to do this, but this is the best option, which will help you to use for the benefit of the current situation. Do not fall into the state of a helpless victim, a vegetable lying on the couch. You have a lot of strength and ability, and now is a great time to realize them to the fullest, because nothing will distract you.
  • Devichnik with friends Arrange the "seeing off" the formera guy who did not live up to your expectations. Invite your friends to tell you honestly what they think about the ex-boyfriend - most likely, you will hear a lot of impartial opinions. Moderate consumption of alcohol will make this evening very cheerful, and you will help to get rid of sadness for the former.
  • Apply to the gym The best way to raiseself-esteem after the rupture - "drive" the fat and swing the muscles. First, sports contribute to the production of endorphins, which are hormones of joy. Secondly, you will become better looking, which will positively affect self-esteem. Third, the gym is a great place to meet interesting guys, which you will soon be able to test in practice.
  • Make repairs Seriously, parting with a guy -an excellent occasion to update the situation in the apartment. Buy new wallpaper, throw out the old trash, change the cover on the couch. This does not always require large financial investments. It will be very cool if you make the most of everything with your own hands, which will distract you from unpleasant thoughts. The reward for you will be a beautiful environment, which you will rejoice for a long time.
  • On vacation! If the break with the former is given to you especially hard, it's time to leave somewhere for at least a few days, or better for a week. It can be the shore of the Turkish sea or an ancient monastery in the neighboring city. The main thing is that you change the scenery and allow yourself to go "to the detachment."
  • Do not take revenge on the former guy for your break. Even if he was unpleasant. In the end, time, like emotions, will pass, and the sediment from unpleasant actions will remain. The most important reproach for him should be your happy and blooming appearance after parting, so just live and enjoy life as it is.