getting out of depression Depression is a real "spiritual plague"modern man. Sometimes it even becomes interesting - is it really a modern phenomenon, or was it simply not documented in more ancient times, that's why it seems that before people did not suffer from depression? Most likely, it oppressed people before, just a modern intensive pace of life and an unfavorable ecological situation contributed to a more severe and prolonged course of depression. What determines depression? This is a state of depression and depression. Depression is characterized by a lack of motivation for any activity, a significant decrease in self-esteem, deep discouragement, sad feelings and immersion in gloom and hopelessness. When people become depressed, life itself seems to them painted in black colors. Depressive people show passivity, indecision, they lose their appetite, they are characterized by sleep disorders. Quite often thoughts of death and suicide come to mind. Of course, this is a very unpleasant, sometimes really difficult condition, and we sincerely sympathize if you are facing depression in your life; and, nevertheless, getting out of depression is not such an impossible thing. The main thing is that you must decide for yourself that you really want to do this. And what are the methods and ways of dealing with depression - we will tell you.

The first step in fighting depression

Of course, you should talk with your doctor,To study the possible causes of the medical nature behind your depression. You should be aware that some types of depression can be caused by certain diseases or become a side effect of taking certain medications. In addition, in some cases, the disease can produce symptoms similar to those of depression. Understand the reasons for your condition can only the doctor, a visit to which you must plan, without delaying the matter in the long box. The doctor will identify any physical causes of your depression (unless it is caused by some emotional shock), and will determine special treatment methods. Common diseases that can cause depression include:

  • Vitamin or mineral deficiency, especially for people with restrictive diets.
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland, hormonal imbalance.
  • Taking certain medications (we have alreadythey said). Carefully read the instructions for taking medications, and for consultations about depression, do not forget to tell your doctor about all the medications you take.
  • Alcohol or any other addiction.
  • There is also a genetic predisposition to depression.
  • Anxiety disorders, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and Parkinson's disease. These diseases can precede, cause or be a consequence of depression.
  • In women, depression often becomes a companion of hormonal changes in the body (postpartum depression, premenstrual syndrome, menopause)

If the doctor deems it necessary, he will appointantidepressants. But you must understand that for most people, medicines can not be the only solution to the problem. It is necessary to look for other ways of getting out of depression using all possible and accessible tools (for example, reading books on self-improvement or spiritual support of friends and people close to you). If you are strongly opposed to taking antidepressants, tell your doctor about it. He will explain if there are alternative treatment options in your case - for example, using sedative herbal remedies. In most cases, the course of treatment with medication is not required; but it is also important to understand that fighting some forms of depression without medication is a very difficult task, and in the long run it will take much longer. ways to get out of depression

Know the enemy in person

Having learned as much as possible about depression, you canit is better to help yourself. Your knowledge should show you that depression is a real phenomenon that must be treated with all seriousness, and that there are many ways to help defeat it. A wider understanding of depression will help dispel some of your fears and anxieties. It will also give you the tools with which you can help yourself on your own. What can you do to study depression? Visit the local library and take books about depression, about experiencing grief, anxiety and happiness. Look for relevant literature in the section of psychology. If you are still very young, then ask the librarian to pick up books for you on this topic, written specifically for teenagers and young people. Recovery from depression by reading is called "bibliotherapy", and the effectiveness of this method has long been recognized. If you are motivated enough to embark on such a recovery path, then this can be very useful for you. This method is especially suitable for those people who always turn to scientific research and literature as an opportunity to find the answer to all life tests.

Maintain a healthy relationship

Support from people who love andcare for you, is an important part of the recovery process. Share with people you trust with your experiences, and tell them that you would be grateful for their understanding and sympathy. Close it will be rather difficult to help you if you are secretive, and much that you will do will seem to them strange and inexplicable. If they are aware of your problem, it will help them to treat you more leniently, and they will purposefully support you. Honestly tell your relatives about those bouts of irritability, which recently so often haunt you. Ask them not to be offended if their irritation is directed against them, explaining that there is nothing personal in this, it's just that you need some time to take control of your emotions. Perhaps, you should agree that after experiencing irritation, you will go to another room, and your interlocutor will not stop you from spending some time alone? Find a good psychologist, you can trust him with all your thoughts and experiences, and he will teach you how to properly experience this period of your life. If you do not have the opportunity to contact a psychologist, then think about which of your friends or relatives you could talk to quite frankly about your feelings. It happens that a person who is depressed wants to find a way out of the deadlock, but simply does not see it. And in a confidential conversation, he can get information that will change the course of his thoughts, and the output will become obvious. You should understand that during the depression you should limit as much as possible communication with people whose views on life are mostly pessimistic. Even if someone just has a bad mood, it is not worthwhile to enter into a dialogue with this person. Stay away from negative people until your mood becomes more stable. And on the contrary, try to spend as much time as possible in a society of optimistic people, next to which you will feel especially comfortable. Talk with people who see the world in a positive way, ask them to share their vision of some problems, ideas, worldview and approach to life. Most of them will be more than happy to share with you what helps them to maintain an optimistic attitude. And you listen and learn from them!

Change your behavior

To return to the old life, it is necessarystop doing what you are doing now. You must change your behavior, and only then will your mood change. Find yourself a lesson. Try to avoid idleness. Employment is the best way to prevent negative thoughts that may come to your head during the day. For a person who is depressed, the first step to finding something to do can be very difficult, because depression is characterized by a loss of interest in everything. But you need to do this if you decide to help yourself get out of depression.

  • Find a hobby for yourself and try to learn as much as possible about what interests you. Immerse yourself in your favorite business entirely, devoting all your free time to it.
  • Write down your entire day by schedulingdoing the necessary things. Do this every day, doing the planned without fail. Expand the range of tasks as soon as you feel a little better. And it does not matter at all, you have a working day for you tomorrow or a day off - every day should be painted so that there is not a single minute left when you could feel empty and useless.

Do nice things for yourself There are minutes,when you convince yourself that you do not deserve anything that you can enjoy. As an antidote to this devastating feeling should serve your immediate action: you must do what could give you pleasure. One pleasure a day is your minimum program!

  • Like everything else, start small. One nice thing a day, such as watching your favorite comedy or reading a funny book, can give you a charge of fun even for a while.
  • Plan positive events in your life. Write in your schedule an invitation to a friend for a festive dinner, going to the movies or going for a walk with friends.
  • Gradually increase the number of events and activities that are pleasant for you. You yourself will not notice how you will begin to experience joy more and more often.

Helping Others This is one of the best waysto get out of depression. Helping other people who are in trouble and in need of someone's support, you will easily survive their difficulties. The need to think about people who are in serious trouble will help you concentrate less on your feelings, which is especially useful if you are too inclined to self-examination and self-flagellation. Just do not overdo it. If you feel that participation in charitable activities makes you feel exhausted, then it can serve as a sign that you are not yet ready to help others. This does not mean that you can not help others; this means that you still need to take care of yourself first. methods of getting out of depression

Change negative thinking stereotypes

Understanding the importance of overcoming negativethinking is a very important aspect of working with depression. For a depressed state, bias is characteristic of information processing. It is a question of a tendency to independently choose a distorted and sharply negative point of view for any stimulus, which only further strengthens depression. Change your thinking You need to change your habit of thinking negatively and create a pattern of thinking that will support your self-esteem and increase self-confidence. Of course, it would be best to read about it in the relevant literature or talk with knowledgeable people. But there are some things that will help you look at many things with other eyes, if you keep them in mind:

  • Recognize that the depression will pass. This can be a very difficult step, but it is very important, because this recognition will help you start expelling thoughts about the hopelessness of your situation.
  • List all your advantages. When you are depressed, it is easy to understate your positive qualities. Take a sheet of paper and write down on it all that you remember about yourself good. Include in the list achievements of the past and hopes for the future. If you can not remember anything, ask the person who is especially close to you to write the beginning of this list for you. Accepting yourself is an important part of recovering from depression, so you have to admit that you have a lot of good in you, as well as recognize that no one and nothing can be perfect. This will help you stop condemning yourself more harshly than anyone else.
  • To make decisions - very little, it is necessary alsoto begin to act. Again, although this can be very difficult during a depression, but it is vital in overcoming feelings of helplessness. Start small: make the decision to get out of bed - and get up; Call on friends, clean up the kitchen - all this will bring you closer to healing. As soon as you start acting and doing what is planned, each of your actions will be your achievement.
  • Try to systematize your thoughts. Write down different thoughts - all that will come to your mind. Can I assume that the worst will happen? Can I blame myself for something bad happened? Can I pay attention only to my weaknesses, forgetting about strengths? It is very useful at the same time to distribute one's thoughts on two columns - in one column only negative thoughts should be recorded, while in another one inscribing rational thoughts. So you can control the number of your negative thoughts.
  • Analyze those cases when you managed toRespond to the problem constructively, without experiencing anger, fear or feelings of powerlessness. Recreate and write down the sequence of your thoughts, thereby creating for yourself a pattern by which you will learn to think positively, without following the depressive pattern of behavior in the future.

Look for the good in your life. Use the followingexercise to learn to perceive life more positively. Sit back, turn on your favorite music and start thinking about the good things in your life. You can take a paper and record every event, every important thing for you - everything that brought you joyful memories. Return to this list again and again, each time trying to replenish it with new items. At first it can be quite a bit - for example, "my house" or "my husband". But over time this list will grow as soon as you start to notice more all the joyful aspects of life. You will learn to cut off unpleasant memories and thoughts about misfortunes, giving preference to thoughts of good.

Other features

It is not necessary to be limited to any certain methods of struggle against depression. Try to use every opportunity for healing.

  • Music is a form of self-help, becauseit is known to be able to greatly influence our mood. Choose music that cheers you up. Do not be tempted to cry for a sad melody; go to a more rhythmic, cheerful music and even try to sing or dance. Bad mood as a hand will remove!
  • Art therapy is another commonalternative practice of treating depression. Draw, dance, sing, write poetry - transfer your feelings to canvas or paper, splashing out of the secret corners of your soul. Such self-expression helps to get rid of spiritual pain.
  • Care for pets can also help. The pet society helps to prevent feelings of isolation; They do not judge us for our mistakes and are always ready to share their boundless love. Even if you do not own a pet, you can try to make friends with a neighbor's cat or with your friend's dog, regularly spending some free time with them.

the correct way out of depression

Go forward

Find your own ways to emotionalintegrity. There are many ways to find a way out of depression, and there is a lot of information on this topic that can help you. However, the most important thing you have to do is to look deep into yourself and find what really works for you. That's why it's useful to keep a diary of your recovery process, which will help determine the best approach to solving your problem. Agree that depression can return. Release from it is a complex and sometimes long process, and you must understand this. Be prepared not to miss warning signals and take constructive measures to combat depression even before it returns. It is important not to give up; Your goal should be to minimize the impact of depression and its duration. Talk to other people who are also depressed. Now that you have learned to keep your depression under control, you can help others to work with their condition. Try to convince them that what they experience, you can learn to change for the better, and that there is light at the end of even the darkest tunnel. By helping, you can heal yourself faster. You can only feel respect for those people who are stubbornly on the way to getting rid of depression. They show real courage to get out of the darkness. And they really deserve to live happily ever after! We advise you to read: