how to survive parting with a guy We fall in love with a guy, we meet with him, we dreamabout long happy days together, we hope that this will always be so ... And suddenly we part. And no matter what the reason - someone's departure or his decision to end the relationship. In any case, it's very hard. How to survive parting with a guy without falling into a long, hopeless despondency? What you need to do in order to come to yourself as soon as possible and have the opportunity to rejoice again in life?

How to end parting with a loved one who decided to break off relations

The guy with whom it was so good, more nearbyno. There will be no exciting dates, there will not be his enamored eyes, warm hands, tender lips ... Almost every girl at least once, but experienced this. What to do, this is how our world works. People move about in different directions, meet others and fall in love with them, just leave. All this is connected with someone's pain, sadness, sadness. We thought that such a thing would pass us by. But the moment has come, and the liked guy has disappeared from a life, having got acquainted with any girl. The trouble came suddenly. And how now to fight it? How to survive the parting with a guy who decided to break the relationship and forget the past as quickly as possible? The main thing in the first days of separation from a man is not to shut yourself up and lock your suffering inside. I want to cry - weep. I want to talk out - we say a girlfriend or on the forum in the network. You want to regret yourself - sorry. And we give free rein to all our, even the most insignificant, desires. If we dreamed of buying a new cosmetics or handbag - buy, thought for a long time to go to the cinema - we go, we did not allow ourselves to eat a coveted chocolate before - we allow it and so on. The most important thing in this period is to calm your emotions, giving them the opportunity to go outside. If a young man was the initiator of a break in relations, one must accept the fact that he will not return. Do not dig into yourself and look for reasons for parting in your own behavior. They throw everyone, even the most ideal. Well, the girl did not approach, and that's it! There's nothing to be done ... Therefore, we are not trying to find someone's guilt, but simply telling ourselves: "He will not return." Of course, at first it will be hard to realize this fact, but if you mentally repeat this phrase again and again, one day it will lose destructive magical power. And the tears will stop turning on your eyes at the thought of your former beloved. Remove his contacts from the phone and social networks. Moreover, we will delete without the possibility of restoration. Otherwise, in moments of weakness, we can try to call a guy or send a message. And then we will regret this. We will try to change our way of thinking and drive away those that are connected with the past. Life goes on. And if we were left alone, then we need to take care of ourselves and our own plans for the future, and not cherish the dreams of how the beloved will return. We send to the trash can without regret all the things that somehow remind us of a former friend. If they are quite expensive and throw out a pity - we sell. That's just to give something to friends or people with whom we meet quite often, do not. Because one day we can see this thing. She reanimates dreary memories, we again begin to feel sad. It's useless. The longing must be expelled from the heart irrevocably. We also get rid of immaterial evidence of our unhappy love - smells, sounds, places where we were together with a guy. We throw discs with music reminiscent of the past, or erase it. We do not go to parks, clubs, discotheques, cafes, which we visited together with our beloved. And even more so do not appear where he can be. We change spirits, even if these are our favorite fragrances. Then, in time, we will return to them. In the meantime, this smell is an overly strong emotional chain, crocheting the movement of consciousness and causing the memory to return to the past all the time. We load ourselves with the head by some fascinating occupation or work. Around so much interesting! Only have time to learn. Therefore, we simply do not have time for gloom. Youth is impetuous, there is no need to waste it on meaningless tears and longing. Did the guy want to part? Its right. Still it is not known, to that has carried. We'll buy ourselves a new blouse and shoes, change our hair, start sports or learn languages! And we will turn into an elegant, developed beauty with a beautiful tight figure. He will remember later, but it will be too late. Getting acquainted with men, flirting with them. Yes, it can not work yet. But you can just get acquainted! Attention from the stronger sex will help restore the internal balance and believe in your own attractiveness. Of course, you should not start romances yet. It is necessary to calm down, realize what happened and develop an impassive attitude towards it. But communication with the male half of this world will not hurt. On the contrary, it will be beneficial, as it will make it possible to feel interesting and worthy of love.

How to survive the separation because of the departure

Life is such a thing that sometimes makesto leave loving each other people, disregarding their feelings. The train station, the platform, the far-off train ... The flying plane. Probably, one day we will meet again. And maybe we will become different. And maybe, we will remain the same. If he should return, and we know the time, we, of course, are waiting. But time is unbearably slow. The soul is more and more firmly grounded. How to deal with it? Let's do something interesting. For an exciting lesson, you can not overlook how the days of separation will fly. We take care of our own appearance, to prepare for the arrival of a loved one a surprise. Imagine how he will be stunned to see us thinner, slim, with a new haircut and in a fashionable garment. We begin to adjust our figure, earn a new outfit, visit beauty salons. We try to learn something unknown, register for some courses, learn a foreign language, learn how to prepare exotic dishes, in the end! We must hit the guy after coming by his ability to change for the better. Do not leave everything at the same level. Departure is dangerous. And what if he was taken by some girl in strange lands? It is not enough! Therefore, here he must meet a custom not already familiar in all respects, but an almost unfamiliar and very attractive young lady. It is much more difficult to survive the parting with your loved one when someone leaves for good. In principle, forever - the concept is transparent. Maybe sometime we'll meet again sometime. But where and when, no one knows. There is hope, but it's so weak! Yes, you can communicate over the Internet or phone. But you want to see a loved one nearby! I want to touch him, hug, kiss ... Therefore, anyway tears come to my eyes, but my soul hurts. How to calm down? First of all, tell yourself that the period of tears and acute pain will pass. Even very strong spleen painful can be no more than a year. Then he will be replaced by bright memories. The most difficult time is two to three months after separation. After them, it will not be too easy, but not so unbearable. In the meantime, cry, if you want to cry. Tears must pour out. And we express ourselves to friends and relatives. Silence for the female is an unacceptable way of experiencing angst. We need to be pronounced, otherwise there is a threat of developing a prolonged deep depression or psychosis. Therefore, we find the listener and talk until he has enough patience. There is no close person for this, we go to the psychologist. Even one story to someone about the past can bring significant relief. We accept our loneliness and try to see in it the positive aspects. Now we have time for self-development and for the arrangement of our being. We fill it with any interesting business. We have some kind of hobby, visit concerts, performances, watch fascinating films, sign up for a fitness club, learn horse riding, go somewhere to rest, learn how to sew, knit, cook ... In a word, we are doing what can capture and what delivers at least some pleasure. We change our hairdress, we get new clothes, accessories, shoes. We get acquainted with someone, we make friends, we visit places in which we have not been before. In short, we do everything to make life acquire a different quality. Once reunited with your loved one - not destiny, then you need to build other plans. Yes, it will not be easy to change your goals first. Anyway, but the consciousness will cling to the past, making us remember how it used to be. But one day it will break away from the departed and rebuild. And we will see all the charm of the world with different eyes. But this will happen only if we take our thoughts under control. And we will not allow them to return all the time to the happy days that have passed in the summer, which we spent together with the guy. I must say that you can not learn how to calmly part in a loved one. And the experience here is not an assistant. This separation is always painful. But this is a useful pain. It makes us move forward. You just need to believe that everything is available. And love, and happiness, and well-being. And that always somewhere there is a person, a meeting with which will become fateful. It will certainly happen, this meeting. We advise you to read: