baubles In recent times, such things as baubles,have gained great popularity among adolescents and young people. However, not everyone knows what it is. So, a bouquet is a simple homemade bracelet, which can be made from beads, leather, various laces, ribbons or threads. Weaving of baubles is a complicated and laborious process, but the result, if you make an effort, exceeds all expectations. How to weave brakers correctly, and what is needed for this?

Features of color and the history of the appearance of baubles

Each person chooses the ways thatlike him most. It is believed that the fashion to wear baubles came to us from hippies, representatives of a special subculture who call themselves "children of flowers" and like various bright things and ornaments. Fenichki were considered part of the image of any representative of the hippies, as well as a way of self-expression. This pretty decoration is often braided on a gift to friends or relatives, but you can buy baubles. You can buy them in handicrafts. If you show diligence, how to weave products, it is quite easy to learn. It is noteworthy that both men and women can wear baubles, this is a unisex decoration. Quite often there are young people who wear pair braids - the so-called "baubles of love". Each bouquet is unique in its own way due to its color or pattern. However, there are certain stereotypes regarding the color of this or that decoration. How to weave baubles? Red symbolizes love and passion, scarlet - aggressiveness, burgundy - cunning, pink - tenderness and naivety, orange - energy and sexuality. Yellow decoration is associated with summer and madness, green - with youth and nature, and pale green - with longing and collapsed hopes. A blue bracelet symbolizes friendship and harmony, blue is calmness, purple is dreams and wisdom, brown is earth, white is purity and innocence. Decorations of gray and black colors mean sadness and loneliness. It happens that the baubles make of two colors, which together have a certain value. How to weave bra, to show your feelings? So, for example, red and white jewelry symbolizes love, white-green - love of nature, red-blue - pacifism. A yellow-red bauble speaks of crazy love, yellow-blue means the sun in the sky, yellow-green is considered a symbol of Jah-god in Rastafarianism. Green-black decorations seem to signal "no drugs," purple-black denotes black magic, and white-brown are considered a symbol of Jah. There are also tricolor banners: red-yellow-green means rastamanstvo, red-green-white - hypersexuality, ghetto-blue-orange - enthusiasm of the owner of this decoration by the East and esoteric. Green-yellow-blue decoration symbolizes forest and nature, blue-yellow-white - "Golden City" - a song that is considered the third in the list of one hundred best Russian rock songs in the twentieth century. Often in the hands of people you can see a seven-color bauble - a kind of rainbow that is a symbol of hippies, flowers, joy, love and friendship. materials for weaving a bauble from a floss

How to make brooms yourself

As already mentioned, you need to braidhand made of beads, different threads, leather or ribbons. However, the most creative people for making this decoration can even use different wires. The most popular threads from which the bouquets are made are floss, iris, poppy and lily. For today it is possible to allocate conditionally two basic kinds of weaving of baubles - oblique, which in another way are called mosaic, and direct. By the way, not everyone knows that jewelry made of string of mulina, braided with a thick pigtail, is also called bracelets of friendship. Quite often they are given to friends and girlfriends. We need to decorate by sitting on a comfortable chair or in a comfortable chair in a room that is well lit. If you've never worn such bracelets in your life, it's time to learn it. Before weaving the baubles, it will be necessary to prepare everything that may be needed in the process of creating the decoration:

  • an English safety pin with the help of which the threads are threaded;
  • scissors. You can use special or usual manicure;
  • colorful threads. It can be thread floss or even simple ordinary yarn. It should be remembered that the number of threads in this case must necessarily be even. It is best to take eight strings of different colors, since if you take six or four strings, the bracelet will be too thin and will not look good on the hand.

The length of the thread should be about a meter, but ifthe person to whom you are going to weave a braid, a wide wrist, then the length of the thread should be a little more than a meter, because it will be insulting if the decoration turns out to be small. If you find that there are not enough threads in the process of weaving, it does not matter. They can always be carefully tied up. By the way, specialists in the field of weaving baubles argue that the process of creating a new decoration will be more comfortable if you fasten the thread to a sofa or cushion. braiding

How to weave braces correctly

If you rub the first time and do not know thisdo, then do not immediately practice complex drawings and patterns of nodules. For the first time, the easiest method of creating an ornament will do. Before you begin to weave jewelry, the thread should be arranged in the order in which the drawing will go. During the next stage it is necessary to fix the yarn so that it does not suddenly twist during the weaving process. To do this, it is necessary to form a bundle, retreating a couple of centimeters from the end of the thread. The resulting bundle with an English pin (that's what it's for!) Needs to be attached to a sofa or pillow, and some even think of attaching a bundle to their clothes. After that, you should put the colored threads on a flat surface in the same sequence as they should look in the finished bracelet. Before we can drag the baubles further, we need to take a thread that is on the right edge and use it to tie two or three knots on the other thread, which is closest to the first thread. After that, you need to continue tying the knots - the same thread ties the knot on the next thread. Work until you reach the end. As a result, the first row of bouquets appears, which is a strip of knots arranged diagonally. During this weaving, the threads change places. Next, proceed to the weaving of the second row. Begin to weave with the same thread, with which we began to weave the first row, and so on to the end. Do this until you reach the desired length of the decoration. After the end of the braiding, the bracelet is removed from the pin, and its ends are braided into a pigtail. This is to ensure that the tails do not break out in different directions. This method of weaving a bauble is the simplest. Those who decided to make their own decorations and succeeded in this matter, can start experimenting with baubles, making various patterns. For example, you can start weaving right to left and always change direction in the center of the bracelet. It should be noted that in this case the threads that will meet in the center of the future decoration will need to be beautifully decorated and finished, so that a pretty pattern is obtained. different ways of weaving baubles

Material for baubles

You can drag baubles not only from threads of mulinaor yarn, but also from satin ribbons. The decorations are very beautiful, and they are made easy and interesting. Unlike threads, with ribbons it's very easy to work. For those who have already repeatedly braided baubles, to create a bracelet of satin ribbons will take no more than half an hour. Despite the simplicity, the result of weaving will surely please you. To weave such an ornament, a pair of satin ribbons about a meter in length is required, not less than. If the length is not enough, it is better not to engage in weaving, otherwise the product will look ugly. Tapes can be of different colors, the main thing is that they blend well with each other. For example, you can take a red and white ribbon, yellow and blue, orange and yellow. It's good if you have a white satin ribbon, since white color is easily combined with others. After this, you can begin to weave braids. For this purpose, at the ends of both bands, about 10-15 centimeters are bent, after which the strips are superimposed on each other. Then the upper loop is bent as if they want to tie the knot. How to weave baubles further? A complete circle is produced, and then the tape is returned back, but remember that this time the loop needs to be made small. Further through this little loop, which turned out at the previous stage, let a big loop pass. Now you need to gently pull the short tail of a small loop, the result is a bundle. Strongly tighten it is not necessary. Then again form a loop and extend through it the remaining small one. The long end of one loop is tightened and fixed through another loop. This is necessary to make the drawing beautiful. After the end of this stage you will be able to see a bit of the future drawing in the form of a small square. If the edges of this geometric figure are not too smooth, then it is necessary to carefully tighten the necessary loops. All previous actions must be continued until you reach the desired length of the baubles. This is one of the simplest variants of weaving with satin ribbons. Later you can interlace the ribbons in more complex variations, creating different patterns and patterns. beautiful baubles

Baubles from the beads

Now it is necessary to understand how to weave braces frombeads. They turn out to be unusually beautiful. For example, you can make an interesting bracelet from beads and pins, which no one will have for sure. To do this, take pins, beads of various colors and shapes, elastic cord and glue. Beads need to be put on a pin so that there is a little space left at the top of the needle. This is to ensure that the pin can be safely closed. Beads need to be stringed until you realize that you have already accumulated the same number of pins that will wrap your wrist or wrist of the person for whom you are creating the decoration. After this, you need to thread the elastic cord into the holes through the pins from the top and bottom. The location of the pins can be alternated, so the bracelet will be even more interesting and beautiful. In the end, you need to tie a bracelet and treat the nodules with glue. Those who have not yet braided bracelets from beads, you can advise you to make a fresco for beginners. It should be weaved in two strands, so before the beginning of weaving, the ends of the threads must necessarily be waxed, that is, impregnated with wax. At the beginning of the work, three beads are threaded on a string or line, they need to be shifted to the middle. After that, each of the threads must be passed through the outer beads. As a result, the right thread is passed through the right bead, and left, respectively, through the left. After that, you should get a figure that looks like an inverted triangle. Then, on each side of the thread, add two beads, then again pass the threads through the beads in the same way that the right passes through the last bead on the left and the left on the right. On each side you need to add three any beads, you can have a different color, and the thread is again pushed through the outer beads. Now you need to draw a draw. For the next stage, two beads are added to both strands. This time the bundle passes through the last beads of opposite sides. After that, the threads must meet each other through beads. This is the last stage of the first braiding. Then the whole sequence of actions is repeated until the decoration is ready.

Variations on the theme of weaving

Also you can try to braida triangle in a triangle. It has another name - wickerwork "in half a bolt". Such an ornament is woven with one thread. First, ten beads or beads are accurately put on it. After that, the thread is passed through the rightmost one of them. There are six more beads. The thread is passed through the eighth bead (from the beginning of the set), and six new beads are again threaded onto it. The thread is passed through the bead of the last link, resulting in a triangle. Next, the bouquet is woven in the same way, resulting in the formation of new triangles. A ready-made decoration is sewn into a ring, but you can use another method by pulling a satin ribbon through the holes and applying it as a string. You can try to make a chess piece. This is a pretty simple decoration, even for beginners, it's pretty easy to braid. First you need to thread four beads on the thread, then three more, then two. After this thread must be passed through the fifth bead, then through the third and the first. As a result, the thread turns, and the decoration goes on. The result is a square, made in the form of a mosaic. After you finish weaving the first square, you can proceed to the second one, coming out of the initial one. And so on until the bouquet does not reach the desired length. After this, once again, walk along the edges with beaded threads. Of course, baubles, whatever they were made of, is a very beautiful piece of jewelry that any person will gladly wear. This is a very expensive gift, as it is made by own hands, with soul and love. But before we spin the baubles, ask if your friends will wear them.