how to stop loving a married man Dreaming of a prince on a white trotter, we, of course,and in our thoughts we do not suppose that this rider can be ringed. However, life is wayward. It happens that she presents not very pleasant surprises, and we, in spite of our desire, fall in love with a married man. Well, missed Cupid, did not look ... The mind understands that it is impossible. And the heart is being tormented. And how to be here? How to stop loving a married man, if you do not intend to destroy someone else's family? How can I forget it?

Why stop loving a married man

Oh, heart, heart ... How much there is in the worldfree and worthy guys! So no, you somehow chose him, a man who has a good wife and even children. And you yearn for it, and you cry, not wanting to belong to anyone else. Everyone around is advised to throw a loved one out of your head, forget it. But as? How to stop loving a married man if it seems that there is no better person in the world? And somewhere in the depths of my soul there is a hope that someday it will be yours. Although you understand at the same time that there is very little chance. Yes, the beloved promises to divorce. But then, after the child grows up, the wife will rise to her feet, he will buy an apartment and so on. Time goes by, nothing changes, and one day you realize that it's time to put an end to these futile relations. Because nothing will ever change. In order to take the first step toward breaking up relations, we must try to take ourselves in hand and take a sober look at the situation. Let's think, why did we let the married in our hearts? Is this really love, or is it a fear of loneliness? And if suddenly he actually divorces and becomes completely ours, can he be trusted? Who knows, and suddenly the fate of his wife will overtake us one day? After all, once lied ... Well, even if it does not comprehend, is the present beloved dear, as now, becoming a husband? It is likely that our feelings are so strong, that he is still a stranger. Here they say that men start lovers because they are polygamous, that they like it so much that they want diversity and so on. And that they never leave their family. Not true. It happens that a married man falls in love with another woman, and as a result, gets divorced. But one way or another, he still will not forget his former wife and probably for a long time will maintain relations with her. Especially if there are children. Can we survive this? And will we be happy in this situation? Hardly. So, to fall out of love is necessary, even if there is a chance to connect your destiny with it. Another's misfortune is a bad foundation for one's own happiness. No, of course, you can reconcile with the situation and continue to meet your favorite years. Not insisting on anything, not demanding anything, and expecting nothing from him. But is it worth it? The situation will then be twofold. It seems to be not alone, and at the same time alone. You can not arrange a personal life, because the place is occupied as it is. And as it were empty. You will always wait for short-term meetings secretly and with pain to look at how he glances furtively at his watch. Well, why is it, such an existence? Of course, all this will suit him. Still would! There is a house, there are two women, each one is needed. Eagle, not a man! And the fact that one he regularly lies, and the other makes you suffer ... Well, so what! The fate of the weaker sex is like this. Men, as you know, less. Let them get used to dividing them. In a word, everywhere you go, the swamp is everywhere. And it is better to tear the married lover out of the heart, spread his wings and fly away in search of his own destiny. Otherwise, this swamp will suck. And we will not have time to gasp, how we will grow old and we will grow fat in the endless expectations of meetings. Then you will definitely have to cuckoo alone until the end of your days. And he will find another mistress, fresher, more sympathetic and younger. Men are smaller, but he is an eagle ... Do we need such a destiny? Need not. So we make a firm decision to free ourselves from the oppressive attachment. We take ourselves in hand and think about how to forget a married man. Where to begin? how to stop loving a man married

How to part with a married man

If we finally decided to part withnot free beloved, we will not walk around the bush, we will tell him directly about it. Yes, it is not easy. But it is necessary. Do we understand that we can not cope with emotions? Let's drink a weak soothing, learn the words of farewell in advance and rehearse your behavior. The main thing - do without reproaches and hysterics. It is better to thank the person for everything and let go. It is possible that he will resist, incline to intimacy. We do not agree in any way! After a passionate embrace, you will not be able to part. And everything will go again in a circle. After the last conversation takes place, try not to think about the former lover or think about him in the past tense. We do not answer his calls and do not agree to meet on any terms. We do not accept gifts and get rid of everything that reminds us of the past. There are joint photos? In the trash! Are there things that indicate an unsuccessful novel? Same way! There are common friends? See them as little as possible! Is there a common hobby? We change it! And so on. We remove the wife from the mobile number, we block access to his pages in social networks, stop going to places where he can appear ... And get acquainted with other men at the earliest opportunity. Let these acquaintances do not oblige. We now need communication with a strong gender and recognition of our own attractiveness. We try not to remain alone, because the hand will be drawn to the phone in order to dial the number of the former loved one. Better call a good friend and agree on a meeting or just chat to the heart. We go with friends to the cinema, to the disco or to walk in the park. We are looking for a new hobby, we go somewhere on a tour, we start to learn foreign languages, we master riding on horseback, we learn to dive with an aqualung ... We are acting! Do not sit, huddled in a corner and my aunt's pain. It should run away from it, then the pain will sooner or later fall behind. Does not work? Let's try to describe what we feel, on a piece of paper or talk to a dictaphone. We try to look at our emotions impartially, as if from the outside. This will help if not to curb them, then at least order to understand why it is so difficult to forget the unfree man. If we can not cope with the situation on our own, we'll go to a psychologist. Let him take it all in the shelves and determine why we are so attached to the one to whom we should not be attached. I must say that the roots of such affection always lie in the woman herself. Far from each of us can fall in love with a married man. In the eyes of many ladies, the ringed object of the opposite sex automatically ceases to be the object of attention. Such young ladies will never give themselves, beloved, to someone who can not fully appreciate such a gift. They know that such relations knowingly bring pain and suffering. But we also assumed this! So why allowed yourself to fall in love? Running was required without looking back! And if they did not run, perhaps we need it, this pain? Or do we have too low self-esteem and are we ready for any communication? No, it is likely that the wife is a worthy man of a rare breed of knights. Well, it happened so! The man married before we met him. But what's done is done. In any case, the relationship with him will not be easy. It is necessary to wait all the time for his calls, to suffer from jealousy, realizing that he is going to bed with another. Spending alone evenings and holidays and yearning, even when he is near. Because he will always belong to someone else. And the other has more rights to the beloved. Yes, if you really love, it is very difficult to make the first step to a break. If this does not have the strength, you can do otherwise. Let's start to behave with your loved one like a legitimate spouse. We will call him when necessary and not necessary, roll up hysterics, make claims, regularly find out the relationship, be jealous. For sure, the "romantic hero" will change dramatically and turn into an irritable brawler. And wonderful! So it's easier to throw it out of the heart and life. And if you persistently pull the wife in the registry office, getting divorced from his wife, he generally will run away. On such a serious step a rare man is capable. In short, we are freed from unhappy relations by any means. To what they are! Caesar is Caesar's, and we are prepared for us, and not for others, happiness. Every woman deserves it, and we are no exception! We advise you to read: