how to wash down jacket Down jackets (down jackets raincoats, coats,overalls) today have become almost the most popular kind of top warm clothes. They are worn, both old and young, regardless of gender and social status. And what? Warm, comfortable, easy, practical and fashionable! And no wonder: after all, they were developed by research institutes specifically for equipping Arctic expeditions. It is unlikely that there will be a family where at least one of the household members had a down jacket in their wardrobe. So sooner or later we face the task of cleaning or washing this clothes, especially if it belongs to the child or has a light color. And here comes the question: how to wash the down jacket? It is clear that it is most convenient to give the down jacket to dry cleaning. There everyone will do professionally and accurately. But to take a down jacket for cleaning is reasonable after the end of the cold season, before you remove warm clothes for summer storage. Since, firstly, it costs money (and sometimes decent), and secondly, it takes time. And then during the winter and autumn, we have nothing left to do, how to wash the down jacket in a washing machine or hands. Those of us who are faced with such a need for the first time often scare the prospect of self-cleaning the down jacket. However, there is nothing wrong with that. Everything is quite easy and simple. It is only necessary to learn some features of the product itself and the rules of its washing.

What's inside the down jacket?

We call all the bulk insulated puffersjackets, no matter what they have inside. In fact, a real down jacket should be stuffed with down (gag, goose, swan or duck). On the label of such a down jacket there will be a label "down". But this label is quite difficult to meet. Most often inside these jackets the fluff is mixed with a feather, and the inscription on her tag is the word "feather" (feather). These are the real down jackets and I require special care when washing. In addition to these down jackets, there are clothes with a heater of other materials: cotton - batting, wool - wool, polyester hollow fiber and fiberteck - synthetic insulation. With them, things are easier than with down, but careful attitude to such clothes also does not hurt. Therefore, the rules of how to wash down jackets, quite suitable for other winterized jackets jackets. According to the recommendations of manufacturers, clothes with a feather heater can not be washed or ironed at all. But, as the experience of our enterprising and risky housewives shows (and this experience, it turns out, we have in abundance), the down jacket can be washed. The question is how to do it without much harm for the thing.

How to wash the down jacket in a washing machine?

The rules for washing down jackets are explained preciselytheir special filler - down. The fact is that in addition to such, of course, excellent qualities, like lightness and warmth, the fluff also has some uncomfortable properties for us. Pooh has the property of accumulating dust, caking when wet, absorbing well and giving away detergents badly. Therefore, before washing down jackets, remember that:

  • in the drum of the washing machine you can load only one down jacket;
  • The temperature of the water for washing should not be more than 30 degrees;
  • detergents can be used only special or the simplest liquid (liquid soap);
  • The washing mode must be set to a delicate, with the lowest speed;
  • wash the down jacket should only be turned inside out, with buttoned zippers and buttons;
  • rinse down jacket preferably at least three times;
  • Press only at the lowest speed of the washing machine.

Some down jackets are sold together withspecial balls for washing. Such balls are laid in the drum of the washing machine and, along with them, the down jackets are washed and dried. If such balls are not included with your down jacket, then, on the advice of enterprising housewives, use tennis balls (for big tennis). Three or four balls in the washing machine will not let the fluff get into the lumps during washing. Why is it undesirable to use a detergent? No harmful effects on fluff, it does not have, just the powder is very difficult to rinse out of the fluff. Therefore, when washing the powder, you just have to rinse the down jacket more thoroughly. You can also press it in the washing machine and also with tennis balls. If the down jacket is not very dirty, then it is not necessary to fill it in the washing machine. You can do more in a more gentle way and wash the down jacket with your hands. how to wash a down jacket in a washing machine

How to wash the down jacket manually?

The cuffs, pockets andcollar. To clean them, apply a little soft shampoo or laundry soap to the fabric. Lightly soak and rub your hand or brush with dirty areas. And after that, thoroughly wash off the foam with a wet cloth. If there is a need to wash the entire down jacket, then you need to hang it on your hangers or on the rope above the bathroom, completely soap the fabric, and then wash the foam with water from the shower. Down jacket made of water-repellent fabric will not get wet and at the same time will become clean (though only from above). And if the fabric passes water, then only the top layer of the downy "stuffing" will get wet. Therefore, the fluff will not go to pieces, and you will not have to dry it for a long time.

How to dry the down jacket?

If you dry the down jacket in the washing machine, thenit is necessary to put tennis balls there, which will whip down and will not allow it to stick together. The process itself should last about two hours. By the way, after such drying the down jacket can look already dried up, but thus internal layers of an lining probably will be still damp. Therefore, leave it to hang in the room, and do not remove it directly into the cupboard. Remember that down jackets can not be put on a heating battery and dried very close to other sources of heat. From hot air, the feather will become brittle and will cease to warm. Dry the down jacket in an upright position, periodically removing it from the hanger, shaking and mashing. This is to ensure that the pen does not stick together and does not move in one direction. Actually, this kind of periodic and vigorous shaking is the most tiring in the whole process of washing. But from such a shake down jacket will look the better, the more intense you will shake it. So, take note of recommendations on how to wash down jackets and decide for yourself: whether it is worth starting with washing at home or still prefer dry cleaning. And you have to choose - because the down jacket should be not only warm and fashionable, but also clean. We advise you to read: