where to put old things Everyone in the house has things that causevarious memories: dear to the heart of a little thing, which was presented by a loved one, souvenirs that you brought from travels, a university picture in a frame, toys, trinkets and many other things. Of course, there are things that cause you positive emotions. But besides such heart-sweet trinkets, everyone has other: old clothes that hang in the closet for years, books that you bought on occasion and are not going to read, cracked cups and so on. All of them, accumulating over the years, occupy more and more space in the apartment. And sooner or later, of course, the question arises: where to put old things?

Getting rid of the past

Esotericists say that the deposits of old thingsclose access to our lives new. You can treat this differently: believe it or not, but the laws of the universe have not been canceled. No wonder the people say that the holy place is never empty. He echoes the expression belonging to the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle: "Nature does not tolerate emptiness." This applies to all spheres of life, and in our case it means that new events, new people and new things come into our lives only when they have a place for them. And if you have all the space cluttered with heaps of unnecessary things, then nothing new shines to you. Think about whether you are ready to let the new into your life, forget forever about the sad or unpleasant events of your past? Do you want to go further or prefer to live, holding on to past experiences and memories? Cross out the past! Forget the bad. Start a new life. But it's pointless to start a new life in a littered with a lot of old things apartment, because they all will return you back. This is nothing strange, because you still live among old things from a past life. In your world nothing has changed, nothing says that you are ready to let the new into your life. Leaving the accumulated old things in the house, you risk stagnating in the old life, like a fly in amber. Why build your own barriers, complicate your life? where to put old things

Do the cleaning in the apartment

If you plan to restore order in your life,first, put your house in order. Better yet, make at least some sort of rearrangement to at least visually break the established way of life. Try to change at least something in the design of your apartment or somehow decorate your room, hanging on the walls of reminders and slogans about the call to a new life. Open your closet and take out absolutely everything. You will see what a mountain of things will meet. And now go through this heap, and put it into two: put the things that you wore recently in one, and those that you did not wear for at least a year. You will see how different these heaps will differ in size. And, much less will be one that consists of constantly used things. We all store old sweaters, T-shirts, blouses and much more. We think that in some things we will walk around the house, and we hope to take the others to the dacha, leave some things for a rainy day, and then we cry when this black day comes. Many Europeans adhere to this rule: if in the wardrobe there are things that they have never worn in a year, it is believed that they will never be needed again, and they can be safely thrown away. We, of course, have not yet reached the European level of welfare, therefore we regret throwing things away. Not even always because we hope to once wear them. And simply because it's a pity to throw it away. So they lie for years, and we do not know where to put old things. Do not be sorry. If it's hard for you to throw things away, then go through them and set aside the unnecessary ones. All of them will find a new application. First, you should immediately get rid of frank trash - old boxes, unnecessary packages, empty bottles, bales of old newspapers and deposits of glossy magazines. In this case, you are not spared from surprises - you can find lost or forgotten things. It's only right to test them for the need for a new life. Having carried all this out of the apartment, you will see how much useful space in it will immediately be freed. Now, by sorting out all the old things in the house, you need to deal with the legacy of the past. Naturally, the question arises where to put old things. Part of the things that you can really use at the cottage, immediately collect in a bag and at the first opportunity you will be delivered there. Frank trash collected in bags and take out to dumpsters. All that can be very quickly sorted out by the homeless. Those things that have remained, carefully reconsider and leave to yourself only what you really will wear. The rest - clothing, hats, shoes, bags, of course, in a decent condition, will be gratefully accepted by social protection organizations, various charitable organizations, orphanages, disabled homes, etc. The soul will feel the realization that things you do not need, then very useful. Unnecessary furniture, of course, not shabby and not broken, household appliances, old computers can be distributed to neighbors and acquaintances. It is enough to throw a cry - those who wish will always be found. If this does not happen, you can advertise in the newspaper or on the Internet. Sometimes for such things you can even help out some money. Well, they will be taken away for free from you for free. In principle, the same ads can be advised to give and with respect to things. The question of where to put old things, will disappear by itself. There is another way to use unnecessary things - you can use old things in a new way. There are lots of options here. Old furniture with the help of new techniques, for example, decoupage or craquelure, you can give a new life, creating an exclusive model, a unique interior decoration. You can update and decor elements such as frames for pictures and photos. What are the methods today does not exist! From the out-of-fashion clothes it is possible to sew the most various things necessary in an economy. For example, from the dress you can sew an apron or potholders for the kitchen. Today the patchwork technique is very popular. Cut the clothes from bright fabrics into rags and create a blanket or plaid with your own hands, and at worst, a small panel or the same potholes in the kitchen. All these things will decorate your interior and serve you faithfully. It is to serve, not clutter up cabinets. Well, in conclusion, it should be said that from everything that can not be used in one way or another, ruthlessly dispose of and do it regularly, once a year or two. You yourself will feel how easily and freely you breathe and live now in your apartment. We advise you to read: