how to get rid of house ants With the approach of heat, nature comes to life, and with itall living creatures, which hid for the winter in secluded burrows. Birds, butterflies, dragonflies, bees, ants ... Stop! That's about the ants and speech. Many mistresses at this word in horror clutching at the head. How to get rid of ants? Than to deduce them? Such questions are asked not only in the villages, but also residents of city apartments. Because for many people, in houses of which these small insects settle, this phenomenon becomes simply a natural disaster. So what is this attack and how to deal with it? Ants are social insects that form three castes - males, females and working individuals. Males and females are winged, working individuals - no. Ants are spread all over the world, except for some remote islands and Antarctica. Ants live in nests by families. Nests they arrange in wood, soil, under stones, in hills or build of small particles of plants anthills. There are also parasitic ants that live in the nests of other ants. There are even ants-"slave owners", which contain in their nests the ants of other species. And there are among them those who adapt to live in human dwellings. That's about them, then we'll talk. It is said that most kinds of ants perform a variety of environmental functions useful for human beings. But there are also those who are harmful to agriculture, eating plants, berries and fruits, and cause a lot of inconvenience to a person, invading his home. Ants penetrate through the smallest cracks in the household and living quarters, apartments, houses, where the meat and sweet foods are spoiled. In addition, some species of ants, for example, pharaoh ant serves as a carrier of viral and bacterial diseases of man. Thus, some species can be considered domestic pests. Others just do not interest us now. The entire population can not be eliminated because of their high adaptability. Therefore, the question of how to get rid of ants implies the issue of controlling the number of populations, and not the destruction of all families. Moreover: almost all attempts at control are only temporary solutions. Control of the population of ants is carried out with the help of baits-insecticides in granules or in liquid form. Ants collect lures as food, and deliver them to the nest. There, poison through the exchange of food extends to other ants. As insecticides, borax and boric acid are often used. The real scourge of the human dwelling was the ant-cosmopolitan - the pharaoh ant. This is a small pest-yellow ant with a length of 3 mm. He settled all over the globe. In addition to dairy and meat products, he eats sugar, flour products, bread. They can even damage entomological collections.

Fighting ants

It's difficult to fight ants, but you can. You ask how to get rid of house ants? The main thing here is to take into account certain features of ant organization and life. The heart of the population of Pharaoh's ants is the nest, where there are ant queens - females, producing more and more new individuals. Females can not get their own food, because they do not leave the nests. It is the duty of the workers of the ants to feed them. Find in the apartment a nest of such ants is very difficult. Most often it is hidden very reliably in some cracks in the floor or cavity in the wall. Sometimes they gnaw through the long paths under the tiles, parquet, wallpaper and even plaster on the walls. Therefore, if you suddenly get lucky, and you stumble upon the ant hill, do not rush to remove the parquet or tile: the corridor leading into the nest can be very long. You just waste your time and spoil your nerves and interior. It is better to take advantage of the fact that worker ants feed the whole family, and try to "treat" the whole colony with some poison through them. As we have already said, one of the most effective poisons for these crumbs is boric acid, which corrodes chitin - ants armor. how to get rid of ants

"Babushkiny" ways of fighting ants

If you are faced with the problem of how to get rid of house ants, try those methods that are transmitted to the people by word of mouth. Usually they are the most effective.

  • If you have found ant tracks, tryspread them with sunflower oil. Muravyov scares his scent. Just keep in mind that this should not be a refined vegetable oil having a specific smell. He is not liked by ants.
  • Do not "like" the ants and the smell of some plants, for example, wild mint, elderberry and wormwood. It does not like this little thing and the smell of garlic, so a couple of times a month regularly lubricate their stitch-paths with garlic.
  • Another insidious way: put in a bowl or jar of water with honey or sugar. Crawling into it in search of sweets, many ants will find there the last refuge.
  • Well, the snack is the most effective tool. Dilute 1 teaspoon of sugar or honey with 1 teaspoon of boric acid in the glass, add a little water and sprinkle this mixture with all the ant pathways that you know. This method works slowly, but inexorably. Working ants will destroy both themselves and the progeny of the uterus. The only thing is to update this mixture regularly, adding water.
  • You can, using all the same boric acid,make a dry bait. Cook a couple of potatoes and a couple of chicken eggs. Grind them together in a mixer or rastolkite ordinary tolkushkoj to a homogeneous mass. Add there a bag of boric acid and 1 teaspoon of sugar and mix everything thoroughly. Roll small balls out of this mass and arrange them in the places of the greatest accumulation of ants and on their paths. Grandmothers are advised to carry out this procedure with the onset of the waning moon, and then repeat after ten days, but this is unlikely to be important. The principle of the lethal effect of these baits is based on boric acid, and not on the moon. And there - who knows! The only warning: if the house has small children or pets, such bait should be used very carefully to avoid trouble. Lay out them in this case only inaccessible and for those, and for other places.
  • In the same way you can cook and meatbait, because ants are very fond of eating meat. To do this, mix a bit of minced meat with brown and spread the balls from it in the places where the ants appear.
  • Insecticides in the fight against ants

    If in the store you ask how to get rid ofants in the apartment, you will be offered a choice of various means that our industry produces. Among them are Combat, Raid - spray and traps, Dohloks, Raptor gel, Front Line spray, Regent remedy, etc. All these funds are more or less effective against small domestic parasites, namely, ants. If these tools did not help you, then you will have to use the help of professionals.

    Prevention against ants

    It is always easier to prevent trouble than with itfight. Therefore, to prevent house ants from starting up in the house, there should be not an ideal, but cleanliness. Do not forget to wipe the crumbs off the table every time, and throw garbage into a bucket, the contents of which you need to regularly take out. Never leave garbage at home at night. If you have cats or dogs at home, do not leave food for long in their bowls. It is advisable to change their food at least once a day. And do not throw food to your pets on the floor. And if you still abandoned, then immediately wipe this place, so that there are no crumbs or stains left. Keep banks in your kitchen with sugar, cereals, vanilla and other products you need to close tightly. We advise you to read: