oily skin of the face A very famous aphorism says that beauty -this is a terrible force. Virtually all women know this very well and are using this very force. However, not all of the beauties by nature have perfect skin. One of the most common problems is oily skin of the face, the treatment of which is a very difficult task. Oily skin, indeed, the spectacle is very unaesthetic. This skin is almost always glossy, and in the hot season often the most real droplets of cutaneous fat appear on it. The appearance of such skin is also very specific - due to the fact that the pores are enlarged, it very much resembles an orange peel. The pores of the skin are almost constantly clogged, forming black dots. But this is not all - very often on the oily skin develops various inflammatory processes. All this is a direct consequence of too intense production of sebaceous glands secret, which, together with the dust and keratinized particles of the bed, form stoppers, which clog the ducts of these very sebaceous glands. First, black dots appear, then, as they accumulate in the fat channels, these points turn into the most real sebaceous plugs, under which the inflammatory processes with a high degree of probability begin. Unpleasant prospect, is not it? But do not get upset - another, no less famous aphorism claims that this very beauty requires sacrifice. And we women are ready to sacrifice her time, money, effort. Although, strictly speaking, for treating oily skin, you can do without large financial expenses. After all, almost all the procedures that offer beauty salons can be done at home. The main thing is to know how. We will tell you about this right now.

Care for oily skin

Start fighting with all these troublesit is necessary with the simplest, but also the most important - with the proper care for oily skin of the face. Remember that systematic care is very important to achieve the desired result. From periodic "raids", from case to case, no rent will not be. Moreover - you can only worsen the condition of your skin.

  • Cleansing the skin

Cleanliness is the guarantee of health. And this truth is also true of the skin. Therefore, proper cleansing is extremely important. The skin should be thoroughly cleaned every evening. For these purposes, ideal cleansing milk, which contains bactericidal additives. Milk should be applied to the face in a thin layer, massage the face for a couple of minutes. After this, rinse your face thoroughly with cool water. Do this with the help of cotton swabs - they will more thoroughly clean the pores of the skin from the accumulated fat. In the event that the skin is very oily, you can use liquid soap or cleansing gel foam to cleanse. Moisten the skin, apply a small amount of cleanser on it and massage thoroughly until a dense foam forms. After this, rinse thoroughly with cool water and pat dry with a towel.

  • Skin toning

So, the skin is cleaned. Proceed to the next stage - toning the skin. To do this, you need to use special lotions, designed specifically for oily skin. These lotions perfectly normalize skin pH, optimize the work of the sebaceous glands. In addition, the use of these lotions stimulate the narrowing of the pores and stop the inflammatory processes. It is very important to choose the right lotion. When buying, pay attention to the composition of the product. It is advisable to give preference to those lotions that contain extracts of mother-and-stepmother, chamomile, plantain and marigold. In addition, a very beneficial effect on fatty oils such essential oils as eucalyptus and tea tree. No less useful are menthol and camphor.

  • Skin Nutrition

The next step is applying the cream. Pay attention - the cream should be applied to slightly important skin. It is very important to choose the right face cream. He should not be fat in any case, otherwise the skin condition will worsen at times. Therefore, carefully study the composition of the cream before buying it. In no case are substances such as petrolatum, stearic acid, mineral oils not allowed. It is best to give preference to emulsion creams, designed specifically for oily skin. Such creams are quickly absorbed, normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, supply nutrients to the skin.

  • Deep cleansing and masks

Approximately two to three times a week is necessarycarry out additional purification procedures. It is best to use for this scrubs - preparations with solid particles. However, pay attention - they can only be used if, at the moment, there are no inflammatory processes on the skin. If the skin has inflamed pimples, it is necessary to cleanse the skin with the help of gommage - soft peeling creams. In the same case, if the pores are clogged very much, the best option will be film masks, which very well clean the pores. oily skin of face treatment

Traditional methods of treating oily skin

In the event that, for any reason,apply ready-made cosmetic products you do not want, pay your attention to natural resources. Often the recipes of traditional medicine are much more effective than the most expensive scrubs, peelings, lotions and creams. We will tell you about them.

  • Cleansing the skin

Any skin care begins with cleansing,remember? To prepare a folk cleanser for oily skin, you need five tablespoons of oatmeal, one tablespoon of soap shavings and five tablespoons of water. Grate any baby soap, mix it with oatmeal, place it in a glass container with a lid. Pour warm water and mix thoroughly. Store a similar agent for cleansing the skin in the refrigerator, no more than five days. It is used as follows: moisten the skin with warm water, apply a uniform layer of a means for washing. Massage for one minute, then rinse thoroughly with water. Finishing washing, rinse the skin with ice water - it perfectly tones the vessels and narrows the pores. The product is absolutely safe, so you can use it for daily evening wash.

  • Toning Lotions

So, the skin is cleaned. Now you need to tone her up. Many women unanimously assert that the most optimal for this are the following cleansing lotions: chamomile and cucumber. And we'll start with chamomile. For its preparation, you need one tablespoon of salicylic alcohol, one teaspoon of dried inflorescences of chamomile and half a glass of water. Put chamomile in a thermos and pour boiling water. Insist chamomile for three hours, then carefully strain with gauze. Pour the resulting infusion of chamomile into a glass container and mix with salicylic alcohol. The lotion is ready! Wipe this lotion face at least twice a day. Salicylic alcohol perfectly disinfects the skin and reduces the secretion of sebum. A pharmacy chamomile removes inflammation and soothes the skin of the face. After the first application of this lotion, carefully monitor the reaction of your skin. If you feel a burning sensation, prepare a new lotion, using a twice lower dosage of salicylic alcohol.

  • Face cream

Self-preparation cream for oily skinnot so simple. But still it is possible, if very hard. To do this you will need three leaves of aloe, two tablespoons of any baby cream without any additives. Leave aloe leaves in the freezer for three days. After that, peel the leaves from the peel, grind it to a puree state. Carefully mix the baby cream and the resulting mass, place in a tightly closed container. Keep the cream only in the refrigerator. This cream can be used daily, after the evening cleansing of the skin. Apply the cream on the skin of the face with a thin layer. This improvised cream is absorbed very quickly. Children's cream perfectly moisturizes the skin - because the need for moisture in oily skin is not less than that of dry skin. Well, aloe, as it is easy to guess, eliminates all inflammatory processes. oily skin of the face

Masks for oily skin of the face

In order to successfully treat oily skin, withoutspecial health-improving masks will not be manageable. There are several very effective masks that can quickly fix the most problematic fat skin:

  • Mask with honey and aloe

Is your skin inflamed? This mask will help you. For its preparation, you need one tablespoon of honey, one teaspoon of aloe juice and half an apple. Apple peel and grate on a fine grater. Using gauze cloth, squeeze out one teaspoon of aloe juice. In enamel or glassware, mix all the ingredients until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The mask should be applied to the skin after cleansing, a thick layer. After 15 minutes, wash off the mask and rinse the skin with iced water. You can do this mask three times a week.

  • Cucumber mass

Cucumbers have an excellent cleansing, moisturizingand mitigating property. Therefore, the cucumber mask is also very useful for problem skin. But remember that cucumbers also perfectly whiten the skin - so in no case do not apply this recipe if you visit the solarium. Sunburn will lie unevenly and the face will be covered with age spots. All the rest of the women this mask is sure to like. For its preparation you will need one cucumber of medium size, as well as half a teaspoon of spirituous tincture of calendula. Cucumber peel, grate on a fine grater and, as well, should be mashed with a fork. Dislodge the cucumber puree and tincture of marigold, mix thoroughly and apply on pre-steamed and cleansed skin. After about 30 minutes, wash off the mask and rinse your face with cool water. Do not make more than two masks a week.

  • Egg mask

Another excellent remedy is the egg mask. It is prepared very very simply - you will need a protein of one chicken egg. Be sure to whip it with a fork, blender or mixer. You should get a tight white foam. This foam is applied a thick layer on the skin of the face and leave for ten minutes. You will feel a feeling of tightening the skin - this will narrow the pores. That is why it is so important to make this mask only after a thorough cleansing of the skin. As you can see, there are many ways to combat the problems of oily skin. But do not forget that it is very important to know exactly what causes led to this problem. As a rule, only a doctor is able to establish these causes and prescribe a treatment. Be sure to consult a dermatologist! We advise you to read: