oil from stretch marks for pregnant women Many of the fair sexinterests how to take care of your body during pregnancy, so that later on the skin did not appear stretch marks. Agree, not everyone has the money and time to visit expensive clinics (especially in the first time after the birth of the baby). Plus, even professional treatment of striae does not always bring positive results. And pleasure is, as you know, not the cheapest. Here also go into the course of various means (store and home oils), which are very good at dealing with this trouble. Of course, do not expect that the woman's stretched skin becomes immediately smooth, smooth and beautiful, as before the birth. But striae will be less noticeable than those of the fair sex who hoped for a chance. And if the future mothers from the first days of pregnancy begin to lubricate the body with special ointments and oils, then, perhaps, even these tracks will not be. So, let's figure out what women should do to not lose their natural beauty.

We care for the skin in the first trimester

Remember once and for all: than you earlier start to struggle with extensions, the better. Ideally - a couple of weeks after you learn about your situation. This does not mean that girls should immediately buy expensive oil against the striae. The first time you can simply cleanse the skin, moisturize and nourish with the usual baby cream. But be careful! During this period in the body of pregnant women begins hormonal restructuring, because of what the skin becomes sensitive to various physical and chemical effects. So, for example, some of the remedies that you are accustomed to using, you can cause irritation or allergy. Therefore, do not forget to test the oil or ointment against the stretch marks on the elbow. If after five minutes the treated area does not change color, it will not have hives, etc. symptoms, you can safely apply the product to the problem areas: buttocks, chest, stomach. It is done after the shower, so that useful substances are absorbed faster. Blot wet skin with a normal towel (but do not rub), then apply a gentle circular motion on the body. Wait for about 10 minutes, then wipe off the leftovers with a dry cloth.

Struggling with stretch marks in the second trimester

Usually stretch marks on the body appear somewhere in thethe beginning of the fourth month of pregnancy, when the fetus begins to develop rapidly and increase in size. The skin that does not have high elasticity begins to stretch, and on the body unattractive white patterns are formed. Therefore, it is so important during this period of pregnancy to use special oil against stretch marks (shop clothes). It activates the work of cells, so that the skin becomes more elastic and less exposed to ruptures. In this case, if there are pink striae, then they quickly pass. Naturally, if you continue to care for the body. By the way, if you have simultaneously found problems with swelling, buy oil with drainage effect. It also helps to cope with this nuisance. By the way, since almost all girls face this during pregnancy, there are quite a few suitable products on the shelves of stores and pharmacies. Choose exactly what will be from what. oil against stretch marks during pregnancy

Prophylaxis of stretch marks in the third trimester

Every day in the morning and evening, apply to a damp andpurified body special oil. Pay special attention to the décolleté zone, belly, sides and hips. In some cases it is recommended to apply this product even on the hands and face. But do not forget to consult your doctor in advance.

As a remedy against stretch marks

Important! When choosing oil for body care, pregnant women should first of all pay attention to the composition. There should not be any chemistry in such products. Only natural ingredients! If you do not know any component, ask about it from the sales consultant or the pharmacist. Did not receive an answer? Postpone the purchase for later, and at home look in the encyclopedia or on the Internet, read the comments of other girls. Perhaps there will be too many negative reviews on the forums. If more people speak out against than, look for a more reliable oil to fight against striae. It should be noted that some women prefer not to use trendy products that are sold in stores. They use the usual olive oil against stretch marks. It also copes well with the task: nourishes, moisturizes, softens the skin.

How to prepare a remedy for stria at home

You do not need to have any specialPharmaceutical skills to prepare a mixture to fight stretch marks on the body. The main thing is to get permission from your attending physician, to make sure of the safety of the remedy. And the ingredients can be purchased at any pharmacy.

  • Struggling with striae on the abdomen

For preparation of this remedy againststretch marks you will need olive (3-4 tablespoons), lavender, geranium and orange oil (2 drops each). The resulting mixture immediately applied to the problem areas, rubbing into the skin in circular motions. If the liquid remains, you can pour it into an opaque vial. Keep only in the refrigerator. Shelf life - two to three weeks, no more. After that, it loses all its properties. If after a few days the product has an unpleasant bitter-musty smell, it is better to throw it out and prepare a new one.

  • Breast Stretch Prevention

In the second trimester of pregnancy for preventionstretch marks on the breast should be used jojoba oil (2 tbsp), geranium and orange (3 drops each). We apply not only to the mammary glands, but also to the area under the armpits, the decollete zone and the neck. Wait about half an hour until all is absorbed, wipe the treated skin with a tissue. In the next 24 hours you will need to avoid contact with direct sunlight, so as not to burn.

  • Bath with aroma oils for combating stretch marks on the body

To prevent occurrence and avoidincrease stretch marks on the body, you can take baths with essential oils. However, be careful: during pregnancy, you can not swim in boiling water and steam. This is fraught with sad consequences, up to a lethal outcome. Therefore bathe in slightly warm water (up to 38 degrees). So, you need essential oils of wheat germ or lavender (20-30 l of water is added only one drop), foam for the bath (50 g). Also you can use salt, honey, milk and other additives that will not allow the oil to settle on one fat spot on the surface. After bathing, the body should be soaked with a dry towel. Do not wash with soap or shower gel. The product must be completely absorbed. On average, the procedure will take you no more than 10 minutes. You can take a bath 2 times a week.

  • Compresses for problem areas

As you remember, during pregnancy, girlsoften there is an allergy to some such remedies. Therefore, future mothers should not put on a sensitive skin a pure mixture of essential oils, but rather dilute it with a liquid. So, for example, you can take a couple of drops of lavender or geranium on 200 ml of water. On problem areas where striae begin to appear, apply a cloth or gauze soaked in this medicine for 10-15 minutes. To use such a lotion from stretch marks is necessary every other day during pregnancy, and after childbirth - twice a week.

Cautious, dangerous: observe precautionary measures

As in any other case, for pregnant womenrepresentatives of the fair sex have their testimony and contraindications to the use of such drugs from stretch marks. So, for example, future mothers in any case can not use homemade mixtures, which include more than 1% of essential oils. Otherwise, irritation, stiffness, burning, redness, rash and other signs of allergy will appear. Also it is worth remembering which means should not be used during pregnancy. This is basil, oregano, parsley, cedar, wormwood, rosemary, chamomile, mint, juniper, sage, etc. Therefore, before you start to prepare the mixture from stretch marks, be sure to ask the doctor if it is possible to use this or that essential oil in your case. The fact is that some of them can stimulate uterine contraction. As a result - the threat of miscarriage or an artificial termination of pregnancy. Which essential oils help cope with stretch marks? Let's take a look at the most popular ingredients that are available in almost every store cream against streas. If you wish, you can experiment with them yourself, naturally, observing the precautionary measures. Who knows, maybe your option will help to cope with striae much faster.

  • Almond oil

It not only perfectly nourishes the skin, saturatesvitamins and beneficial microelements, making it supple, but also helps to remove irritation. If you belong to the category of sensitive individuals, this tool will help to overcome your problem.

  • Oil from sprouted wheat

It contains vitamins of group E and unsaturatedfatty acids, which also increases the elasticity of the skin, there is rapid regeneration. It is recommended to use at least once every three days to avoid the appearance of striae during pregnancy. It is added to the skin for the tender skin of the chest and abdomen.

  • Jojoba oil

Normalizes the moisture of the blood, improves skin condition. Today, this ingredient is widely used in the cosmetic industry for the production of creams, shampoos, balms, masks, etc. products. oil from stretch marks during pregnancy

Contraindications to use

Do not forget that some essential oilscan release toxic substances (when they hit the sun, thermal exposure, etc.). Such a tool not only will not save pregnant women from stretch marks, but will also cause poisoning, burning, etc. Therefore, do not forget to get acquainted with the instructions before using such ingredients. So, be careful with citrus esters. They are best applied to the skin only in the evening or on days when you are not going to go out. During pregnancy you can not use essential oils if there are skin problems. Some doctors categorically forbid conducting such experiments to women up to 12 weeks, especially if there is a threat of miscarriage. Some types of products do not apply, if you have diseases of the nervous system, hypertension, low blood pressure, mastopathy, asthma, there have been malignancies or tumors.

Additional methods for fighting stria

To avoid the appearance of striae on the bodythe last period of pregnancy, you should adhere to three rules: less to drink, eat fresh food, use oil against stretch marks. If you do everything right, the white strips on the body just will not appear. And if they do, they will soon become less noticeable. And do not forget to wear a bandage.

  • Water

So, starting from the seventh month, doctorsrecommend reducing the amount of liquid drunk (per day - 1.5 liters of water). As practice has shown, pregnant women such recommendation pushes to the contrary, and they begin to consume water in liters. As a result - stretch marks. If you are also thirsty during this period, prepare cranberry fruit drinks, green tea, drink at a time no more than three sips of mineral water (naturally, without gas). Before bedtime, it is generally recommended that only the lips and throat be soaked.

  • Salt

As for salt, then everything is simple. It delays fluid in the body, resulting in swelling in pregnant women. Therefore, gradually move on to fresh dishes. On the spices, spices and spices in this case and there can be no talk. The above supplements are completely contraindicated for future mothers.

  • Bandage and supporting linen

Similar things during pregnancy to womenare necessary not only to combat stretch marks, but also in order to reduce the burden on the spine and internal organs. In some cases, doctors themselves recommend that their patients purchase a bandage. This is not a marketing move, but care. The main thing is to choose the right size. You should be comfortable with such things. If there is pressure or pressure somewhere, traces or bruises remain, you should change the product. And do not pay attention to the dates indicated on the packaging. In some cases, the stomach grows faster than the manufacturers suggest.

  • Follow the body weight

The fact that a pregnant woman should eat for two -pure water fudge. In addition, gaining excess weight, you do only worse. Appearing fat will put pressure on the fruit, blocking the access to nutrients. Plus, a sharp jump in weight adversely affects the condition of your skin, which does not have time to stretch. In this case, no creams, ointments, oils, etc. products will no longer be of use. So do not forget to control yourself. An important role is played by what kind of food you eat. If it is empty, that is, it contains no vitamins, minerals, or beneficial microelements, the skin will lose its elasticity and become dry. And note that the lion's share of these substances is consumed by your baby. Therefore, eat as many vegetables and fruits as possible grown in the territory where you live. With overseas delicacies should be careful.

  • Gymnastics for pregnant women

At special courses for expectant mothers you will be taughtdo exercises, through which you prepare your body for future childbirth. Therefore, if you are suffering from back pain, urinary incontinence, joint problems, you are afraid of the appearance of stretch marks, be sure to sign up for the group. They are usually organized at a maternity home or a women's clinic. Unconditional advantage is that there are specialists who are part-time employees of this medical institution. If you decide to attend individual courses organized by an individual, be sure to take all precautions. Ie check the availability of certificates, diplomas of education, etc. similar documents to be sure of the professionalism of the employees. Now you know what to do to avoid stretch marks on the body. In any case, do not forget that beauty is not worth the sacrifice. And you do not need to experiment with your health to the detriment of it. Therefore, first of all consult with a specialist.