bag in the hospital Such an important aspect, as a bag in the hospital, is notloses its relevance ever since the first maternity hospitals appeared. Although, frankly, our moms decide on a list of things that they will need in the hospital, it was much easier. Firstly, earlier in the maternity hospital they were not allowed to take anything from the house, except, perhaps, a toothbrush - all the necessary young mothers were provided with a hospital. Well, and secondly, the stores did not have such an assortment, so the problem of choice simply did not stand. Whether it's now - in any children's store eyes just run up. I want all at once. And happy parents, forgetting everything in the world, begin to buy everything that comes to their eyes. And they begin, of course, with those things that a woman and child will need in the maternity hospital. But in the event that parents do not know exactly what to buy, they can gain a lot of extra, without buying the most necessary. That's why in the event that you made a decision "It's time! We collect the bag in the hospital, "wait a bit and do not rush to the stores immediately. Otherwise, the bag in the hospital becomes a huge suitcase, half of which is absolutely not needed. In order to properly assemble a bag, think carefully about everything. Calmly make a list of necessary things that you and your child may need. And we will try to help you in this difficult matter. The first thing you need to find out is whether the maternity hospital, in which you are going to meet with your baby, is obliged to bring any things. Typically, this happens if a woman gives birth in an ordinary maternity home, rather than a private clinic. Do not need anything? Great. Still have to buy something? Also do not worry - take the list and buy everything you need, in strict accordance with the list. After you do this, pack everything you need in a separate package - this will help avoid a feverish search for the required items on all bags. Next, you need a list of what you need with you and the baby. And we'll start the story, of course, with what your mom might need.

Clothes for mom

So, you are going to the maternity hospital. And the first thing to do is take care of clothes. It will be most convenient for you in a nightgown and a loose robe. Some mothers prefer to take in a maternity suit. However, most often disappointed and the first day they asked the household to bring the same robe. All this is explained very simply: in the hospital, doctors very often look at women. And in a dressing gown it is much more convenient, than in a sports suit. Next, you should take care of slippers. Of course, soft and cozy slippers look very attractive. However, do not forget that no matter how wonderful the maternity hospital was, it still remains a medical institution. Therefore, you should not forget about the need to observe sanitary norms - you need to buy slippers for washing. And, by the way, such shoes are a mandatory requirement of most maternity homes. Ideally, it would take two pairs of slippers - one of them for the shower. It is not necessary to write off the fungus - it is very cunning and with great probability will lie in wait for carefree young mothers in the shower. You do not want to mar your own critical stage of your life, like the birth of a child, a banal unpleasant fungus? Do not forget about underwear. In the event that you go to the maternity home a little earlier than the expected date of delivery, you need to take a few pairs of clean underwear. But in the event that you are going to the maternity hospital already with fights, be sure to take with you several packs of disposable postpartum panties - you will certainly appreciate this invention of mankind. Typically, the wearing of ordinary linen after childbirth in most maternity homes is not practiced. However, doctors do not usually protest against disposable linen. Do not forget about the socks. Be sure to take with you a few pairs, both cotton and warmer. And regardless of the time of year. It may well be that they do not need you at all. However, it's better to let them lay around in your bag than you will freeze. Be sure to purchase a special bra for nursing women. It is much more convenient when feeding the baby and decanting than the ordinary. If for any reason you do not have the opportunity to purchase it, choose the simplest cotton bra, with as little stitch as possible. And one more important moment when choosing clothes, which must be taken into account. After birth, you will inevitably have bleeding. Yes, and the percolation of milk can greatly annoy the young mother. And it is possible that clothes can be hopelessly spoiled. Therefore, experienced moms do not recommend buying especially expensive things for a maternity hospital. maternity bag

Personal hygiene products for mom

So, with clothes more and more is less clear. It's time to take care of personal care products. Be sure to treat this issue carefully - very often in the maternity hospital the woman discovers that she has forgotten anything. We offer you an approximate list, which you can adjust for your own needs:

  • Toothpaste and brush
  • Hairbrush and elastic bands or hair clips if you have long hair

With loose hair you will be extremelyuncomfortable. When choosing elastic bands and pins, remember that you will have to spend a lot of time in a prone position. So, the elastic bands should be soft enough.

  • Familiar cosmetic means

Put in the cosmetic bag those products that you are accustomed to use every day. But notice that in the maternity ward it is extremely undesirable to take those drugs that have a strong pungent smell.

  • Shampoo and balm for hair
  • Wet wipes

Wet wipes - a very convenient thing. Therefore, even if you do not use them in your daily life, you should take a pack to the maternity hospital. It is most preferable to buy napkins without flavoring.

  • Postpartum Pads

More recently, almost in all maternity hospitalshouses doctors forbade the use of women after birth pads. Fortunately, today the situation has changed. Therefore, purchase either special postnatal pads, or usual for night use, having a high absorbency. And do not economize on them - buy 3 - 4 packs.

  • Cotton swabs
  • Breast Pads
  • Two towels - one bath, the other - for hands

Such pads are very often women simplyneglected. And very much in vain - when on the second - third day you will have milk, you can appreciate them. Such gaskets not only protect you from leaking milk and the appearance of spots, but also from traumatizing the nipples about the fabric of the bra.

  • Shaver

And it should be taken even if all the necessary procedures you have spent at home. The hair grows very fast, and in 2 - 3 days you will need it again.

  • Laxative candles with glycerin

Constipation is a problem that confrontsmost women in the first days after the appearance of the baby in the world. Of course, it is not at all a fact that you will also face this problem. But it is more reasonable to insure yourself and buy laxative candles. You can buy them in any pharmacy, without a doctor's prescription.

  • Breast Pump and Nipple Cream

Breastfeeding is the best thing for a baby. However, in the first days after the milk appears, a woman may experience considerable discomfort - breast engorgement, nipple cracking. Therefore, take with you to the hospital breast pump, breast pads and a healing nipple cream. Although it can be replaced with conventional sea-buckthorn oil. In the event that the future mother has sucking nipples, she will not be prevented by the lining for feeding. when to collect bags in the hospital

Other things for mom

In addition to personal care products, the woman in the hospital may need the following things:

  • Mobile phone

Do not forget to take a mobile phone in a hurry andcharging to it. It will be insulting if the battery is discharged at the most inopportune moment. By the way, if you plan to take a laptop with you, take care of putting the charger.

  • Camera

Fortunately, today the camera ispractically in every family. Be sure to take it with you to the hospital - you can perpetuate the first minutes, hours and days of life of your crumbs. And again - do not forget the charger.

  • Money

As a rule, money is useless in a maternity hospital, but it is still necessary to have a certain amount with you. Just in case. Nobody knows when they might need it.

  • Dishes

Do not forget about the dishes - take a cup, a spoon and a plate with you.

  • Documentation

If necessary, put in a bag suchimportant documents like a passport, a pregnant exchange card, an insurance medical certificate and a generic certificate. Of course, the absence of these documents can not be the reason for refusing to accept you with fights in the hospital. However, it is much more reasonable to check the availability of documents, thus making your life easier.

What will the baby need?

Have you prepared everything that you need in the hospital? So, it's time to take care of preparing everything necessary for the baby.

  • Clothes for baby

Be sure to specify in advance what is allowedbring from home in a particular maternity hospital, as well as whether they are swaddling babies, or at once they are allowed to wear sliders and panties. In the event that babies in the hospital swaddle, as a rule, diapers to young mothers are issued. But still take with you at least a dozen, depending on the season - warm or thin. Well, in the event that clothes are allowed, you need to buy 10 blouses and 10 sliders. And this is in view of the fact that you will use disposable diapers. Otherwise, the amount of clothing is significantly increased. It is very unpleasant when clothes suddenly end.

  • Hygiene products

Therefore, it is much more reasonable to purchase disposablediapers. A large pack should not be bought, but a small one may not suffice. Therefore, get an average pack - you should have about 60 diapers in stock. Together with the diapers, get a pack of wet napkins designed for the youngest children. Of course, they will not notice the water, but they can greatly facilitate the life of the mother.

  • Nightlight

In the list of necessary things, be sure to turn ona small night light. As a rule, only a bright light is provided in the hospital room. And your baby will probably wake up during the night. And when the bright light hits the eyes, the kid will worry. And here also the light night lamp which will not create discomfort neither for mum, nor for the kid is useful.

Time to go home!

The first few days of the baby's life will fly byfast enough. And you need things on your statement - for both mom and baby. All this must be prepared in advance, so that the happy dad does not confuse anything. However, like everything else. Very often, women ask the question of how long to collect the bag. Someone starts to do this very early, but someone postpones on later, thinking "I'll have time, I'll collect." Experienced moms advise to cook everything you need around the 36th week. Bags should stand in a prominent place, in a hurry, do not waste time searching.