cream for breast Almost every woman is sure that one of thethe main criteria of female beauty is a tight and firm breasts. However, there are various factors that affect the shape and condition of the skin of the breast: pregnancy, a strong weight gain or a sharp weight loss, the environment. When exposed to negative factors, the breast needs special care and constant care. Positive effective effect on the beautiful appearance of the bust and décolleté area can have a cream for the chest. As a rule, such a device contains nutritional and moisturizing components that saturate the skin with vital energy, as well as retaining its elasticity and tone. Any breast creams should be used regularly. The most serious care is required for a breast that has lost its shape due to pregnancy, especially if stretch marks appear on the skin. Often the skin of the breast suffers from dryness and gradually becomes flabby. Fortunately, modern cosmetology offers a great variety of preparations for correction of the bust. However, experts recommend constant care, even if your breasts are in excellent tonus - at least it needs a quality moisturizer. The best cream for breast tightening does not exist in nature, as each woman is individual: for someone, one cream is perfect, for someone - another. However, there are the main criteria by which you can clearly identify the quality or substandard before you cream-lifting for the chest.

Choosing a firming cream for breasts

Qualitative lifting cream-lifting hassaturated with a delicate texture and pleasant aroma. This cream does not create a greasy film on the surface of the skin, quickly absorbed and does not roll down. A good remedy should contain components that tighten and tighten the skin of the breast, and also enhance cellular activity and greatly strengthen the skin. Examples of active ingredients include extracts of royal orchid and caviar. In addition, the composition of creams for breast lifting includes polysaccharides and peptides, which smooth the skin and help it to produce collagen and elastane - these substances are responsible for the density and elasticity of our skin. No less effective are wheat proteins, essential oils, seaweed extracts and soya, vitamins E and C, they strengthen, nourish, smooth the skin, eliminate pigmentation, and also promote the regeneration of the mammary gland tissue. Chamomile and mint have an anti-inflammatory effect. Think of an intensive cream to tighten the skin of the breast is for women during pregnancy and after childbirth, as well as owners of dry and flabby décolleté skin. Some experts in the field of beauty express the opinion that to increase the elasticity of the chest it is enough to pull up the cream for the bust, designed to care for sensitive and dry skin. However, it is necessary to recognize that in some cases the expressed effect can be achieved only with the help of hormonal cosmetics. In general, an active hormonal gel or a cream for elasticity of the breast contains estrogens, which not only strengthen the breast, but also increase its size. Before using such a tool you need full confidence that your breasts are healthy and there is no risk of developing a tumor or the appearance of benign formations. If an anxiety predisposition is present, it is recommended to use another cream to restore the breast.

We use the cream for elasticity of the breast competently

An important nuance in the use of the cream is itsstorage. Such a remedy should be stored in a cool place and removed from the refrigerator immediately before use. Any cream for breast-lifting should be applied very lightly with massage movements, because the tissues and skin of the breasts are extremely tender and they need delicate treatment. Massage movements must be made from the chest to the chin. If we talk about the results that gives the cream for the elasticity of the breast, then the user's reviews coincide with the statement of specialists: as a rule, the apparent effect of the use of the remedy manifests itself after 2-3 weeks of regular application. The only exception is the cream for breast enhancement express action. For this reason, intensive care of the décolleté region requires patience. The main and basic rule - a cream for tightening the skin of the breast should be used every day, only in this case you will get a wonderful effect that will please you with moisturized, well-nourished and supple skin. In this article, we will try to talk about proven creams on the market for breast reconstruction - what is included in their composition, how to use them, what is the main difference between each remedy. We hope that on the basis of the received data you will be able to independently determine for yourself which cream-lifting is best for your breasts. Breast Lifting Cream

Eveline Breast Cream

Eveline cream-lifting for the breast is designed forall skin types, for sensitive ones as well. This product has a serum texture that effectively maintains the elasticity and firmness of the skin. However, the serum can not only raise and tighten the chest, but also slightly increase its size, improving the external shape. The unique technology of Volufiline®, used in Evelyn Breast Cream, forms an invisible elastic mesh that, like a bra, provides a pronounced pull-up action. This drug has no effect on the hormonal background and can be used during menstruation or in menopause. Serum is absolutely safe for the health of the mammary glands. Experts recommend the use of Eveline cream for bust, with any signs of flabbiness of the skin as a result of age changes, after the regime of losing weight or after pregnancy. Among the natural components of the drug is worth mentioning Volufiline® is a natural extract from the Asian plant Gardenia Asiatica, which for a long time people use in natural medicine. It promotes the formation of lipids in adipocytes (fat cells), activates microcirculation of blood and regulates the process of lipid deposition. Hyaluronic acid is a molecular "sponge" and provides effective hydration of the skin. The structure of hyaluronic acid interlaces collagen fibers and fills between them an empty space, thus strengthening the natural "bra". Centella Asiatic in the composition of the lifting cream for the breast activates the fibroblasts, which are responsible for the synthesis of collagen. As a result, the elasticity of connective tissue fibers increases. The component accelerates the cellular metabolism, improves microcirculation and strengthens blood vessels. Laminaria algae contain mineral salts, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants that strengthen the structure of the skin, remove toxins from it, promote the purification of cells and improve intracellular metabolism. Acacia Collagen on the basis of phytocollagen supports elasticity and stimulates the process of collagen production inside skin cells. This component helps to form a mesh that simulates and supports the breast. Caffeine works as a detoxifying agent, stimulates microcirculation of blood and accelerates the metabolism in cells. Evelyn cream lifting is easy to apply: the drug is applied lightly massaging movements on the skin of the chest and neckline twice a day (from the bottom of the chest up to the chin). Users note that with regular use of serum, the shape of the breast improves significantly. In addition, the tool helps to produce self-monitoring, which is required for prevention. a cream for elasticity of a breast

Clarins cream for breasts

Decollete skin is a very vulnerable place on the bodywomen. The anti-wrinkle anti-wrinkle cream for the cleavage zone from Clarins meets all the needs of such a sensitive area. Practically immediately after the application, we can feel the tightening and strengthening effect of the remedy. Clarins cream for the bust makes the skin moisturized and smooth. With each application the skin becomes more elastic and elastic, fine wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin visibly younger. What is very important - this cream is suitable for any type of skin, significantly reduces the already formed stretch marks and reduces the risk of new ones. The composition of Clarins cream for bust includes vegetable oils, silicon and hydroxyproline, which I have for double-acting stretch marks - corrective and preventive. The cream helps to restore the structure of the skin, increase its elasticity and reduce stretch marks. In addition, the product actively nourishes and moisturizes the skin, reducing the risk of stretch marks in principle. To get a positive result, daily application of the cream to pull up the breast, preferably twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. The cream is applied to the neck and neck area.

Lierac Breast Cream

The company Lierac represents a whole series of tools,aimed at increasing the elasticity of the breast. Concentrated serum for the decollete and chest zone Body 10 Bust is recommended for improving the condition of the skin of the neck and chest and correction of the shape of the breast. It consists of: lyftilin, fruit acids, hyaluronic acid, pearlescent pigments and strengthening plant-mineral complex. Breast lifting cream Lierak has an instant smoothing and pulling action, allows you to regain the breasts of her former volume, tone and beauty, creates the effect of an invisible bra, gives the skin silky, soft and light shine. The product is applied lightly on the skin of the chest and neck daily in the morning and evening at a rate of 1 month. Breast firming cream Creme modelase Soin fermete - Anti-taches is recommended for procedures to restore the elasticity of the breast and prevent the appearance of pigment spots on the skin. The composition of the product includes glycerin, hazelnut proteins, Chinese mandarin extract, hyaluronic acid, biotechnological oligopeptides, as well as a whole complex of hydroxy acids (maleic, glycolic, citric, lactic, pyruvic, tartaric). After applying the cream for the elasticity of the breast, the reviews are positive: the shape of the breast is corrected and strengthened, the elasticity of the skin is restored, the pigmented spots are passed, the decollete skin is leveled and smoothed. Use of cream for bust Lierac: the drug is applied in the morning and evening hours with soft 8-shaped movements for 4 weeks. It should be treated not only with the skin of the breast, but also with the whole decollete area, including the neck and shoulders. The ampoule lifting solution of the elasticity of the skin of the breast Phytrel Ampoules is recommended for correction of the bust at the 2 and 3 stages of breast lowering, which can occur as a result of pregnancy, sudden weight loss or age-related changes. The solution aligns the skin's relief, increases its elasticity and elasticity, stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen, gives the breast rounded forms. The contents of one ampoule are applied in the morning, and the other - in the evening after washing on the skin of the breast and décolleté zone. The duration of the treatment course is 8 weeks. The composition of the lifting solution includes active substances: a complex of extracts of cuffs, ivy, horsetail, turnip, sage extract. Spray Tenseur Soin Lissant Sublimateur is recommended for skin care of the breast and decollete from the age of 20. The product creates the effect of a supporting skeleton, increases the elasticity of the skin, smooths and smoothes the skin, giving it a soft glow. Spray is applied by gentle movements in the morning and evening on the skin of the chest and décolleté. The agent has an active effect due to wheat proteins, black elderberry flower extract, leaf extract, catappe terminology, glycerin, tannins, hyaluronic acid, microcrystalline cellulose, pearlescent optical microparticles and hydroxy acid complex.

Cream from Avon

Light cream for the chest Avon imparts elasticitythe skin of the chest and neck and is suitable for any type of skin, strengthens it, preventing the appearance of stretch marks. The unique Virtual Bra technology tightens the chest area, improving its contours. The product is quickly absorbed, effectively nourishes and moisturizes, has a pleasant smell, restores the structure of the skin. The cream for breast lift contains such active components as: microelements, polysaccharides, nutrients and moisturizers, as well as extract of brown algae - the most valuable gift of the sea. Polysaccharides retain moisture and form a dense gel with ordered collagen fibers, making the skin more elastic and denser. Phytol stimulates the processes of renewal in the skin. Ginseng extract gives skin energy and tonus, stimulates metabolic processes and enhances cell regeneration. Hop extract strengthens and tones the skin, promotes the synthesis of collagen. The witch hazel extract of Virginia has an antiseptic, astringent and soothing effect on the skin, increasing its elasticity and elasticity. Cornflower extract tones up the skin, relieves irritation, regenerates, soothes and acts as an antioxidant. The composition of the cream for the bust of Avon also includes a combination of extracts of grape fruits, saxifrage, roots of the skullcap of Baikal and black mulberry. These components nourish the skin, improve microcirculation, saturate cells with energy, promote their renewal, and also strengthen the connective tissue, give an easy bleaching effect. Beta-carotene and vitamins A, C and E protect moisture in the skin, strengthening it and promoting regeneration. In addition, they are natural antioxidants. Eucalyptus extract soothes the skin, improves cell regeneration and relieves irritation, has an astringent and antiseptic effect. The apple extract contains natural fruit acids, which promote the renewal of cells and prevent the breakdown of elastin. In addition, the cream is rich in trace elements - copper, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, silicon, manganese. It is recommended to apply the cream daily on the skin of the chest and chest, using delicate soft movements from the nipples to the base of the chest, and also from the base of the chest to the neck. Each movement should be directed upward from the center to the periphery. The best way to use the tool when doing sports and diet, during pregnancy, after sunbathing. If necessary, the use of cream from 18 years.

Avent breast cream

Special massage cream Avent forprevention and prevention of stretch marks helps the skin withstand gradual changes in weight. Shea Butter seed oil in Avent cream for the skin softens the skin, and seaweed extract significantly increases its elasticity. Oil of papaya promotes the elimination of fluid due to the weakening of stagnant phenomena. Regular application of massage cream strengthens the skin, relieves stress and minimizes the appearance of stretch marks. The product is applied to the skin of the chest after a shower massaging circular movements until completely absorbed. Avent cream for the breast contains an active ingredient, such as seaweed extracts, which are extracted on the northwest coast of France. Their fibers are so elastic that they protect the algae from damage during periods of high tides. Seaweeds are rich in amino acids, vitamins and trace elements.

Cream for bust Green Mama

Cream-lifting for breasts with collagen and seaseaweed from Green Mama strengthens, tones up and smoothes the skin of the chest and décolleté, struggling with its aging. The cream works on the basis of a complex of substances that preserve the beauty and youth of the breast. African kigeliya contains substances similar to flavonoids (female sex hormones), which strengthen the walls of blood vessels. With her, Dermochlorella alga works in pairs, which tones the epidermis and smoothes the skin. Marine collagen prevents the aging of skin cells. Complex Aromaenergy contains natural 100% essential oils. In addition, the composition of the cream includes: little almonds and sesame, glycerin, demineralized water, stearic acid, polyglyceryl-3-methylglucose, butylene glycol, chlorella extracts, African kigelia, laminaria, myrtle oil, collagen, parabens, carbomer, TEA. The product is essentially of its own origin. Cream-lifting for bust Green Mama is an ideal preventive tool for women, starting from the age of 30. It is recommended to use the product after pregnancy, as well as after intensive sun exposure. The best effect can be obtained if the application of a cream for a bust with collagen Green Mama is made daily after a cool shower. The drug is applied to the skin of the chest and cleavage with gentle massaging movements from the base of the chest up to the neck. We hope that you could gather from our article the full information about the means for elasticity of the bust and could determine the choice of the best cream for the breast. We wish that at any age and under any circumstances you remain charming, and your forms please both you and your beloved man. We advise you to read: