Face mask with aloe With the current state of ecology and frenzied rhythmlife, we are increasingly feeling tired and uncomfortable. Just like the whole body, the skin of the face requires special care and care. Various cosmetic companies offer us a huge selection of products that will help improve the complexion, make the skin more elastic, smooth out wrinkles and remove annoying pigment spots. Spa salons, cosmetologists, novelties from well-known and advertised brands, certainly, tangibly beat on a purse that very few people will like. Besides, not always these novelties and means are effective, at times money simply fly away to the wind. In some cases, supplements in cosmetics can cause allergies or not act at all. The choice of a certain cosmetic line and skin care is carried out individually, based on the properties, features and problems that are peculiar to your skin. But it's not a secret that a mask made from natural products is the most effective and useful method of skin care, it is confirmed by many generations of women. Why spend money all the time on different tubes with creams and masks, if you can remember the old and proven methods and resort to them? We think, each of you has reflected on this question now. Help us can face mask with aloe, many people know about it firsthand. If you have not encountered this plant, then this article will help you learn a lot. Aloe - unpretentious domestic plant, grown mainly as a healing; but not all who have it, use it for this purpose. In everyday life, aloe has another name - century. The healing properties of the juice of this plant were known even in ancient Egypt. Aloe extracts have long been used in cosmetology and pharmaceutics. useful face mask with aloe

Useful properties of aloe

Aloe is good for the face and hair. It also works great for inflammation of the mouth and even for a cold, but that's another story. Specifically for the skin of the face, aloe can do a lot: the juice of this plant has toning properties, gives the skin a smooth and healthy appearance, is able to prevent skin aging. Has antiseptic properties, and if you have a wound on the skin, then you can attach a slurry of aloe leaf to it. And, for example, in a mixture with eucalyptus, aloe juice helps with sunburn. Aloe is indispensable for owners of oily skin: it removes inflammation, eliminates acne and removes pustules. For withering skin, it is also very useful to make oils and lotions from aloe juice. In addition to this, the aloe mask impregnates the skin with vitamins and beneficial substances. Total aloe juice contains more than two hundred biological elements. Due to the large number of therapeutic properties of aloe, cosmetologists are often advised to use masks, creams and tonics containing its extract. There are many recipes for masks from juice and aloe leaves for facial care. You can prepare these masks yourself at home. It is best to use extracts from the leaves of aloe, which must be held before in a dark room at a temperature of 4 to 8 °. With this treatment, substances that enhance life processes in tissues are produced. These extracts can be obtained as follows: cut the leaf of aloe (preferably choose one that is closer to the root of the plant), rinse properly with boiled water, wrap it in tissue or a linen napkin and ship it to the fridge for 2 weeks. Such conditions are considered unfavorable for the plant, it begins to wither, its life processes slow down, and soon a special substance - a biogenic stimulant - begins to be produced. That's what we need! After 2 weeks, we take aloe from the refrigerator, remove the leaves that have managed to blacken, and squeeze the juice into any container. Important detail: before applying aloe leaves, it is advisable not to water the plant for a week. Speaking of masks from aloe, we will not always mention what they should be washed off. Do not resort to such tools as soap, foam or some kind of tonic. A simple solution is water. After washing, it is best to apply a moisturizing cream with a light texture that you apply daily and which is suitable for your skin. nice face mask with aloe

Masks for face from aloe

There are a huge number of recipes for masks fromaloe. You can use one of the most suitable recipes, or simply wrap in gauze finely chopped aloe leaves and attach them to the skin of the face. Which mask is right for you? Of course, the recipe should be selected, given the type of your skin. For dry skin

  • With honey and glycerin

Mix aloe vera juice in the same proportions andliquid honey, glycerin and boiled water. To this, add one spoonful (tea) of flour from oats, mix everything very carefully, then gently and slowly put on the skin. Hold the mask on your face for twenty minutes, then lightly wash the mask with lukewarm water.

  • With sour cream and egg

Mix in equal parts of aloe, sour cream (a teaspoonful), beaten egg yolk. Apply a good mush on the face, hold it for about a quarter of an hour and then wash it off, very easily touching the skin.

  • With peach butter and vodka

Mix the pulp of aloe and peach oil, to thisyou need to add a little vodka and three tablespoons of greasy face cream. Apply for 5 minutes. Aloe very well moisturizes excessively dry skin and relieves inflammation, and we are sure that such masks will please you! For oily skin For oily skin, too, there is a recipe, because aloe carefully and carefully removes the excess fat layer. You can prepare a mask from aloe and cosmetic clay. We take aloe juice, green clay, rose water and rose essential oil - this composition will refresh and disinfect your skin.

  • From the greasy brilliance

An excellent remedy for fatty gloss issuch a mask: whip egg white into the foam, add two spoons (tea) of aloe and one teaspoon of lemon juice to it. We take a cosmetic brush in hands and carefully apply the mixture to the face. After drying the mask, hold about twenty minutes, and after this time, gently wash off the mixture with the skin with cold water.

  • From irritation

For irritated and inflamed, reddened skina person can make a mask from the extract of the leaves of aloe, mixed with a decoction of chamomile. By the way, in addition to masks, it is possible to make excellent lotions and tonics for oily skin from chamomile and aloe. Chamomile, like aloe, perfectly removes inflammation. Masks for the fading skin For the fading skin, which you would like to have a toning effect, there will certainly be a suitable recipe. Aloe will help your skin prevent aging, smooth out the tissues and eliminate the flabbiness, which sooner or later begins to appear on the face of every woman. In addition, aloe improves skin color.

  • Toning mask

Take aloe, squeeze, it should turn out twofull soup spoons of juice. Now rub the cottage cheese, about a tablespoon of the dining room (if desired, you can replace cottage cheese with sour cream or fatty cream, which one is more like), add a few spoons of liquid honey, carefully mix the resulting mass with aloe juice. Then we apply evenly on the face and neck, wait a quarter of an hour or a little more. After the agreed time, we wash ourselves with water, which should be at room temperature.

  • With egg yolk

Toning properties of the mask of juicealoe mixed with egg yolk. This mask should be applied for 15 minutes, then wipe the face with freshly squeezed aloe juice. You can also squeeze out the juice from the leaves of the plant, add mayonnaise (yes, yes, your eyes do not deceive you, it's mayonnaise) and mix it with honey - put the resulting mixture on your face, wait thirty minutes, then wash, rinsing the composition with cool water. You can apply another option - mix in the juice of aloe juice, honey, milk powder and egg yolk. This recipe is suitable for those who want to get a tightening effect; Are sure that you will notice a change.

  • Nourishing mask with vegetable oil

I would like to have a nourishing maskExpected results? Then do it with a particularly good mood. Mix in a glass container fresh aloe juice and any vegetable oil (it can be peach or apricot, almond, olive, pumpkin or sesame oil). Remember that the proportion is one to two, that is, one must take one spoon of butter and two spoons of aloe juice. Stir well and lubricate the skin. After thirty or forty minutes, wash the mask off the surface of the skin with cool or slightly warm water. This procedure well nourishes the skin and softens it, and also promotes rejuvenation, smooths wrinkles and improves overall tone. The use of aloe for cosmetic purposes has practically no contraindications. But these are still available: aloe is undesirable to use in pregnancy, during exacerbation of diseases, with exhaustion of the body, with kidney and liver damage, during menstruation or with individual intolerance. If you have doubts about the use of aloe, it is worth consulting with a doctor, because beauty is first of all health! You always want to look beautiful, you want to attract your looks; but not everyone has the opportunity to go to beauty salons and leave there a month's salary of her husband. You can easily find a way out of this situation: use what you have at your fingertips. You can make yourself a face mask, and in particular, a mask with aloe. It does not take much time and does not burden you with the next costs. Let everyone think that you have just visited the most prestigious spa, the rest will remain your secret. Love yourself, and you will be admired!