nose piercing Piercing in translation means "puncture". Today it became fashionable to pierce various parts of the body, and the fantasy went much further than earrings in the ears. My lips, brows and noses went in the process. One of the most common is nose piercing. Especially this type of puncture is popular among girls, because it allows you to draw additional attention to the face, but at the same time is not too conspicuous. A peculiarity. The procedure for puncturing the nose is not difficult in itself and it does not require special efforts and adaptations. Piercing is performed by a special needle, which forms a "path" for the earring. The pain of the puncture depends on the individual pain threshold of the person.

Piercing at home

You can also make piercings in the nose in your homeIf, of course, you like extreme sports. Despite the simplicity of the procedure, there is a risk of sad consequences. Of course, there are a few blood vessels on the wings of the nose, but there is no guarantee that you will not fall into this vessel. Therefore, you should stock up with cotton, alcohol or other antiseptic and gloves. The piercing needle and the earring must be previously disinfected. It is best to buy a sterile system in the pharmacy (it should not be disinfected), the main thing to consider its diameter is that it must match the diameter of the earring. The very process of puncturing is simple:

  • Treat the site of a future puncture with an antiseptic;
  • Wrap the nostril as high as possible, so that the clasp of the earring in the future is not outside;
  • Quickly make a puncture from the inside;
  • Insert the earring into the opening of the catheter and carefully remove the needle;
  • Rinse the puncture well and check that the earring keeps well and does not fall out.

Features of care for piercing

Special difficulties in processing and care forno piercings. While the puncture does not completely heal, it must be treated with an antiseptic twice a day. As a antiseptic, a solution of Chlorhexidine is suitable. To cut or take out the earring is not worth it. piercing in the nose

Contraindications and consequences

Despite the simplicity of the procedure, it has contraindications and adverse consequences. Nose piercing is contraindicated if:

  • There is a risk of developing keloid formations in wound sites;
  • There is an allergy to metals;
  • Blood coagulability is broken or there are other blood related diseases (hepatitis, leukemia, diabetes);
  • There are congenital heart diseases, kidneys, as well as the presence of bronchial asthma, sinusitis and skin diseases;
  • There is a pregnancy or menstrual flow.

Even if you make a puncture in the cabin, there is a risksuch complications as swelling, infection and even blood poisoning. In case of an abscess, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor who will help to find the root cause of infection and will prompt correct treatment. Sometimes a transparent liquid is released from the puncture - lymph. This is perfectly normal, it can be removed with help. Fleece dipped in hydrogen peroxide. Do not take out the pier until the wound completely heals, so you will only increase the risk of getting an infection. Do not abuse the creams and powders until the piercing is adopted. In any case, the main thing is competent care. Only then, nose piercing, the consequences of which can be heavy, will not cause trouble. Non-traditional types of nose piercing:

  • Austin Bar - this unusual puncture is done at the tip of the nose horizontally, and during the piercing does not touch the cartilaginous septum.
  • Sepptil is a puncture of the underside of the tip of the nose. It is made in the center towards the lower protrusion of the nose through a wider puncture.
  • Bridge - a puncture in the region of the bridge of the nose. There is a vertical and horizontal breeches. As an ornament, an earring-rod is used.

Also there are all kinds of combinations of types of piercing, it's up to your imagination and courage! We advise you to read: