What should be the normal body temperature during pregnancy?

An increase in temperature indicatesinflammatory process, catarrhal or viral disease. However, an increase in the mercury column to 37 degrees during the first trimester of baby waiting is the absolute norm.normal temperature during pregnancyNormal temperature during pregnancydiffers at different periods of pregnancyPhoto: GettyPregnancy itself is a serious test for the body: hormonal changes occur, progesterone levels increase, delayed heat release and, as a consequence, increased body temperature. In addition, a woman begins to react sensitively to external stimuli: heat, lack of air in a stuffy room, stress, etc. What is the temperature during pregnancy considered to be normal from the 14th week? In the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, the expectant mother should be alerted: an elevated temperature can be a signal of the onset of the inflammatory process or infection of the common cold. A thermometer reading above 37.5 is a serious reason to see a doctor and take action to reduce temperature. A heat infection or virus can not only cause serious harm to the health of the mother, but also endanger the life of the unborn child. Among the possible complications:

  • exfoliation of the placenta;
  • miscarriage;
  • premature delivery;
  • violation of the development of organs of the baby.

Pregnant women need to stock up on a small list of essential drugs that will improve the condition and also will not harm the developing fetus.