sex during pregnancyPregnancy: Is It Possible To Have Sex?Photo: Getty Images I immediately want to reassure most expectant mothers: if the pregnancy proceeds without complications, you should not deprive yourself and your spouse of love joys. But how to understand that everything is fine, if only the test showed two cherished stripes? Experts recommend waiting at least a few weeks for the fetus to attach to the wall of the uterus. This time. And second, the mother's body perceives the embryo as a foreign body that needs to be disposed of, and in order not to accidentally "help" him, one should avoid not only sexual contacts, but also great physical exertion, hot baths and baths, and sudden movements. You should go to the bottom, so to speak. The first ultrasound, in which the doctor will convince you that everything is in order, usually occurs 10-12 weeks, at the end of the first trimester. Having received the "go" from the doctor, you can act. Honestly, perhaps the first three months you will not have time for sex - toxicosis, after all, irritability, drowsiness, hormonal changes, etc. But it is worth paying attention to several factors that should alert you. Contraindications for sex are: · Threat of termination of pregnancy; · Multiple pregnancy; · Bleeding; · Inconsistency of the cervix, when its premature opening is possible; · Rupture of the membranes; · Leakage of amniotic fluid or its outflow;

When can you have sex?

Is it possible to have sex during pregnancy insecond trimester? If all of the above factors are excluded, it is even necessary. Mom enjoys the process, and the baby just will not be bad. Plus - affinity with your loved one. True, there are families where the husband believes that he can somehow harm the child. Specialists unanimously assert that this is impossible: the baby is under reliable protection of the amniotic membranes and muscles of the uterus. Sexual desires in pregnant women are manifested in different ways: someone "bursts" so that they are ready several times a day, then it is not at all. In the first case, doctors advise not to get involved, after all this is an additional burden on the body. And in the second - it is necessary to understand yourself and understand why you do not want to. Perhaps your regime is so saturated that when you reach the bedroom, you fall off your feet. If so, it's time to change something in life, time to race for short and long distances has passed, relax more, enjoy your position and life. Do not forget that having sex during pregnancy can be uncomfortable: the chest becomes too sensitive, and not all affection of a partner can be pleasant; the growing uterus presses on the bladder and intestines; the lower abdomen is strained even in a state of rest. One-time unpleasant sensations are not a reason to give up sexual life. They are an excuse to listen to yourself, and not blindly follow the wishes of a partner. In this period of life it is more important. There is an opinion that sex during pregnancy can cause fights. In general, experts recommend refraining from sexual intercourse 6 weeks before the expected date of birth of the child. But it is also established that if the uterus and the fetus are not ripe for delivery, then no orgasm will provoke them. In addition, if the baby is delayed, doctors strongly recommend "stimulating" its appearance in such a pleasant natural way. Sex during pregnancy can become a taboo for women who do not like physical changes in their own appearance - wide hips, big belly. Here it is worth remembering that many men find pregnant women truly beautiful, and not only in clothes. Trust your partner. What is worth paying attention to is the posture. Sex during pregnancy is more likely to be monotonous, because we have to look for comfortable positions, and having found, use only them. After all, making love should be a pleasure for both spouses.