nicotine patch The fact that smoking is an addiction,known even to children. And a huge number of smokers in all conceivable and unthinkable ways try to get rid of nicotine addiction. However, unfortunately, quitting smoking is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. When a person only starts to smoke, he thinks that he can throw a stasis as soon as he wants. However, in fact, everything is not so simple - cigarette puff is just as necessary as air. Why does smoking cause such dependence? And is it real to quit smoking at all? It is with these questions that we will try to understand today.

Principle of formation of nicotine addiction

Any dependence, including nicotinic,is formed according to the same principle. Substances that form any dependence in a person have a certain psychoactive property. If we take as a basis nicotine, an example of such a property is obvious - for the first time after a smoked cigarette a person's mood rises, he feels a surge of strength and vivacity. At first, a person continues to smoke in order to experience those pleasant sensations again. However, very soon such an effect of nicotine on the human body disappears. A man tries to refuse a cigarette and realizes that he can not do this. Without a cigarette a person feels himself defective, he has the first stage of nicotine addiction - psychological. The person continues to smoke for a while, after which he tries to make another attempt to give up cigarettes. However, the smoker is surprised to find that without nicotine, he is experiencing not just psychological discomfort, but a real malaise. A person has a so-called withdrawal syndrome, or, as doctors call it, abstinence. It includes such symptoms as:

  • Feeling of nausea, in severe cases, even the appearance of vomiting.
  • Feeling of general weakness, fast fatigue.
  • Tremor of the chin or hands.
  • Neurological disorders, such as a sleep disorder or uncaused irritability.

A person can experience quite a heavya feeling of general ailment, which is eliminated with just one cigarette smoked. It goes without saying that in such a situation it is very, very difficult to voluntarily give up a cigarette. Thus, the next stage in the development of dependence develops-physical. Many people are extremely light-minded about nicotine, considering it completely harmless. In fact, nicotine very quickly becomes an integral element of all metabolic processes taking place in the body. The body, accustomed to receiving a daily dose of nicotine, without it begins to experience a severe malaise. But, at the same time, nicotine has a strong enough toxic effect on the smoker's body. It turns out a kind of vicious circle, which is not so easy to break. To date, a doctor - drug addicts - yes, they help people quit smoking - consider the best way to nicotine patch. nicotine patch reviews

Action of nicotine patches

The nicotine patch acts as followsway: it contains a certain dose of nicotine. This nicotine penetrates the body through the pores in the skin, thereby greatly reducing the withdrawal syndrome. Gradually, over time, the psychological craving for cigarettes also disappears. However, it should be noted that nicotine patch will be effective only if a person really wants to get rid of nicotine addiction. After the absorption of nicotine into the blood, its concentration is maximum after about 6 hours. This nicotine is excreted with feces, urine and air, exhaled by man. This nicotine is virtually unrelated to blood plasma proteins. Thus, this nicotine in no way has a negative effect on the human body. In addition, this patch can be used simultaneously with various drugs. Such a patch acts for 16 hours, after which its effect is greatly weakened. This is done deliberately, because at night, during sleep, the human body does not receive nicotine, since a person does not smoke.

Indications and contraindications to the use of plaster

Those who used a nicotine patch, reviews about it leaves the most favorable. The use of this plaster is very useful if:

  • It is necessary to get rid of physical nicotine addiction in those people who are trying to quit smoking.
  • A person wants to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day.

However, we should not forget that, despite the huge number of positive qualities, this adhesive plaster also has some contraindications to consumption:

  • Individual intolerance of these or those components of the plaster.
  • Breastfeeding baby.

Also in some cases, the use of a plasterit is possible only after preliminary consultation with the attending physician. This applies to those people who suffer from chronic diseases of the kidneys, liver, peptic ulcer, serious diseases of the cardiovascular system. Many women are interested in whether it is permissible to use nicotine patches during pregnancy. Certainly, the future mum should consult on this question with the attending physician - the gynecologist. However, no doubt, despite the fact that nicotine plaster cost is higher than cigarettes, for the mother's body and the baby's future, the harm brings much less. And in general, you will agree, smoking is not a habit that adorns any person, let alone a woman. Yes, and smoking, alas, does not add to anyone, only takes it away. Therefore, as the famous song says: "Think for yourself, decide for yourself ...", whether to continue smoking, or still try to get rid of this habit! We advise you to read: