goose fat Unfortunately, in the age of antibiotics and antisepticshumanity lost many of the knowledge that helped our ancestors survive. In particular, the means of traditional medicine, which proved their effectiveness several thousand years in a row. Now they seem to us to be something frivolous and useless. But not so long ago, some hundred years ago, they were saved from many serious problems. This applies not only to herbs and roots, but also popular once goose fat. What is most interesting, these birds were bred in ancient times. Somewhere they were almost deified. Remember at least Rome, which saved the geese who lived in the temple of the goddess Juno. For even in the siege of the siege the starving Romans did not dare to kill them! And the geese repaid to the people, raising the noise at the approach of the enemies. They did this earlier than guard dogs. But religious beliefs are one thing, and gastronomy and medicine are another. It's unlikely that you will use geese as an alarm. But their fat you can come in handy.

Use of goose fat: how it was used in the past

Goose and duck fat is an excellent remedy,which will help you cope with many known diseases. In some countries it was used up to the 21st century everywhere: both for getting rid of consumption, and for combating skin formation. The geese were bred for meat, fried, smoked. Pooh and feathers were collected for bedding, and the fat was melted and stored in special containers to use later for cooking or medicines.

  • Fat and sex

Judging by the information that has reached ourdays, fat was once considered the most important aphrodisiac. For the newlyweds with him prepared special buckwheat cakes, which then had to be eaten for a week. This guaranteed a rapid onset of pregnancy. Men treated prostatitis, applying compresses with grease to the perineum. And in Russia there was an amazing way to increase the potency and return the lost male power. To begin with it was required to be steamed in a bath to maximize blood circulation. Then - rub the groin and buttocks with goose fat, roll up the "sore spot" with sheepskin, make several more runs into the steam room. Of course, our great-grandfathers were hardy people. After all, in total, such treatment consisted of several dozen "approaches". But after such manipulations, which were not solved by many, everything returned to normal. Healers and healers guaranteed the peasants an incredible leap in affairs of love.

  • Fat and hangover

Previously, lovers of long feasts were confident inthe fact that only one teaspoon of fat, soaking before bedtime, can save you from a headache and a hangover in the morning. Those suffering from digestive disorders were drunk at night with fat in small doses. Its use helped to forget about constipation and hemorrhoids. Is goosefat useful? In principle, you can check. After all, as doctors say, in moderate amounts, it does not harm the body in any way. On the contrary, it is shown to those who want to have healthy skin, hair, less to freeze in winter cold. Thanks to him, your body will successfully resist viral diseases during the period of the acute respiratory disease. goose fat application

Geese in foreign medicine

Some think that only in Russia they were treatedIn a similar way. In fact, this is not so. Unique properties of goose fat were described by Hippocrates and Avicenna, ointments and compresses based on it were made in Ancient Egypt. And in Asian countries goose is still the main food for sick and weak people. Interested in the reason for such popularity, American scientists conducted research and found that fat positively affects the state of the immune system. Therefore, when properly applied, it can have the following effect:

  • in the period of spring asthenia and autumn melancholy this natural antidepressant is able to raise the mood, activate all the defenses of the body, overcome chronic fatigue, improve sleep;
  • for older people goose fat can becomea means of senility, weakness, loss of intelligence. Its application has a positive effect on health. The risk of atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes decreases;
  • Special properties of goose fat contribute torather rapid healing of wounds, burns and frostbite. It is no accident that today it is a part of many cosmetic products. Local application helps to get rid of acne.

This unique tool has always been usedgreat popularity in Korea, Japan and China. Of course, oriental medicine is a subtle thing. But there were some reasons to assert that goose fat removes toxins and poisons, cleans and dilutes bile, removes the effects of stress, normalizes the hormonal background and even successfully protects against cancer problems! As you know, there is no smoke without fire.

Goose fat and folk remedies: how it is used in Russia

In principle, harmless drugs do not exist. This statement applies to traditional medicine. That's why any treatment should begin with a doctor's consultation. Never start taking fat without first telling the doctor about it. In some cases, an exacerbation of the disease may occur. If the expert has allowed you to use this ingredient, you can try some recipes that were used by our great-grandmothers.

  • Frostbite

In case of frostbite, the damaged areas of the skin inFirst of all generously greased with goose fat, and later rubbed the affected limbs or cheeks at night. Suvorov said that the transfer of his army through the Alps would not have been possible without this means. Only fat saved soldiers from the effects of winter cold. Therefore, if you are going on a hike in the winter, be sure to grab a jar of this magic remedy with you. Also, the fair sex can add goose fat to hand creams to protect the delicate skin from wind and cold. In a special cold, they can even lubricate the face.

  • Cirrhosis and eczema

With pressure sores, diaper rash and even wet eczemaapply an ointment, in which 2 spoons of goose fat is added 1 spoon of fir oil. This mixture makes ordinary compresses or it wipes the inflamed areas (using a cotton swab). But do not forget to conduct a preliminary small test to avoid the occurrence of an allergic reaction. On the elbow fold, apply a small amount of the product, wait 15-20 minutes. If during this time there will be no changes, ie the skin will not turn red, it will not cover with spots and a rash, you can apply the ointment. Otherwise, you will have to look for a safer means.

  • Burns

With burns, goose fat is used to lubricateskin - this helps to avoid the appearance of rough scars and scars. It would seem, why can not you use lard for this? The thing is that geese and people are not sick with some diseases, therefore the fat of this bird can not cause inflammation. However, it is recommended to use pharmaceutical products in order to be sure of its quality.

  • Pneumonia, tuberculosis

When lung diseases are taken internally fromgoose fat, aloe juice and honey. All listed ingredients are mixed in enamel ware in equal proportions. Store only in a glass container. At night, one spoonful of this folk medicine can be drunk with a glass of hot milk. If you are a fastidious or overly emotional person, you can dissolve the mixture directly into the liquid and drink such a "cocktail". And even with a strong cough goose fat rub your back and chest, then well wrapping the patient. According to experts, the disease goes away with sweat. useful goose fat

Where to buy quality fat

Such a tool can be purchased on an ordinaryrural market, because in many areas the breeding of this poultry remains a constant type of earnings. The main thing is to pay attention to the appearance and smell. Good fat can not "smell" with burnt cracklings, and its color should be golden, light. Otherwise, the fat is either old and rancid, or improperly cooked.

Make fat yourself

To sink goose fat you can and yourself - thisis done on a water bath or in the oven, but only slowly, on a very small fire. Otherwise, it can burn out and lose its properties. So, buy a whole goose carcass, remove the remains of feathers and wash it in warm water. Do it by all means. Be careful not to damage the spleen and intestines. Otherwise, meat, fat and insides will be bitter. Cut off the fat, rinse it again. Put everything in a colander, put some solid dishes under it (you can have a small bowl). This structure is installed in a large pot of water. Sew it will take a long time - up to 8 hours, so be patient. Do not forget to add water periodically. Ready liquid to cool, pour into bottles. Keep either in the pantry or in the refrigerator.