causes of bending of the uterus About 1/4 of women face such a problem,like the bend of the uterus. Most often they learn about this at the stage of pregnancy planning, because because of this pathology can not conceive a child. This problem is revealed during a routine examination with a gynecologist, he also decides how to treat the bend. There may be different variants of the pathological location of the uterus in the small pelvis. Bend of the cervix, or retroversion, - deviation of the uterine body from the normal position. Normally, she and her neck should be located at an obtuse angle to each other. If this angle is sharp, then it is a question of bending. The correct anatomical position of the uterus is conceived by nature, so that there are no unnecessary obstacles in the way of spermatozoa. That is why the bend of the uterus prevents many women from becoming pregnant.

Varieties of bending of the uterus

  • Retroflection. In this case, the body of the uterus is pushed back to the rectum.
  • Anteflexia. Here we mean a small bend of the uterus forward to the bladder. If the woman has not yet given birth, then this situation is normal for her, and after birth, in most cases, the organs take the correct position.
  • Lethoflexia. With this pathology, the uterus body curves to the left or right to one of the ovaries.
  • Anteversia. Similar to anteflexia, the difference is that the cervix in this case deviates along with the body of the uterus.

diagnosis of the disease

Bending of the uterus: causes

Retroflexion is often a congenital pathology,which is due to sexual infantilism. If you have this pathology since birth, then, as a rule, it will not affect reproductive functions. If this is an acquired anomaly, then you need to seriously take care of your own health. A common cause of the acquired bending of the uterus is inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system (inflammation of the appendages, endometriosis and others). This includes various tumors of the uterus and ovaries. There are cases when the cause of pathology is strong physical activity. The bend of the uterus can be fixed or mobile. Movable occurs most often after childbirth or is a consequence of diseases, can arise and because of rapid weight loss. The fixed inflection is the result of inflammation in the pelvic organs. It is very important and what constitution the body has a woman. Most often the bend of the cervix is ​​found in young girls with low weight, weakly developed muscles and a skeleton with an elongated thorax, in other words, asthenic build. Women of this type are often excessively emotional and irritable, they have infantilism of the development of the sexual organs. This set of causes provokes a decrease in muscle tone and ligament of the uterus.

Possible Symptoms

With this pathology, the standardsymptoms of reproductive system diseases women. The main ones can be considered profuse and painful menstruation, accompanied by constipation and whitening, as well as unpleasant sensations during sexual intercourse. If you have anteflexia and anteversion, one of the symptoms may be frequent urination, tk. an incorrectly located uterus presses on the bladder. If the bending of the uterus is acquired due to inflammatory diseases and spikes are formed, there will be problems with the conception of the child, since spermatozoa simply can not reach the ovum. If you still get pregnant, there is a high probability of a miscarriage. gymnastics for bending the uterus

How to treat retroflexia?

After necessary studies, a gynecologistappoints treatment, if appropriate. Most often, treatment is not necessary if the woman's bending of the uterus does not cause trouble. She just needs to visit the doctor periodically and monitor her health. If the diagnosis determines your bending of the uterus, in any case, you need to revise the diet, and even preferably take a course of vitamins. Exercise is very important. You can recommend gymnastics for strengthening the muscles of the small pelvis, as well as exercise Kegel. Therapeutic gymnastics should be performed at an intense pace, but do not overload the muscles. Good therapeutic effect gynecological massage, it is optimally combined with jet irrigation with water (30-32 ° C) perineum and vagina. Treatment with massage enhances blood circulation, increases the overall tone of the uterus, strengthens the ligament apparatus. In certain cases, the doctor can eliminate this anomaly by a fairly simple operation. But the cause of the appearance of the inflection will not be eliminated, and the positive effect of such treatment will not be long.