clean skin of the face Beautiful, healthy, clean skin of the face without a singleDefect is not a gift from nature, but a result of daily and proper care. Only in this case you can contemplate in the mirror velvety radiant skin. Otherwise, a gray earthy shade of skin, enlarged pores and black dots are inevitable. Especially in case you have a fatty skin type.

Means for washing

First of all, skin health, of course,depends on purity. After all, it is the guarantee of health, remember? Therefore, always clean the skin at least twice a day - in the morning and at bedtime. We offer to your attention several means for washing, which can replace cosmetology. Moreover - they have a mass of useful properties that not only cleanse the skin, but also maintain its health.

  • Chamomile

Decoction of herbs best tones, nourishes andCleanses problem skin. Still our grandmothers in a youth collected this plant in a field and dried it for the winter then to use it for elimination of serious skin diseases, restoration of shine of hair, treatment of cold. Nowadays, you can find a healing chamomile collection without additives, flavors and coloring agents in any pharmacy. In addition, you can brew from it a delicious and healthy tea, which will cleanse the body of harmful substances. To make the tincture, you will need a tablespoon of inflorescences and seventy milliliters of vodka. All ingredients are mixed, placed in a dark vial, infused for a week in a dark dry place. After preparation, the liquid is filtered through a dense gauze or sieve so that there are no twigs and spines left that can scratch the face. Wipe should not be more than twice a week. This option is suitable only for oily skin, in extreme cases - combined.

  • Lemon

To rinse your face you can cookspecial healing liquid from lemon. Its main advantage is that after using such a washbasin, the skin will not dry as much as after regular soap. So, you need a half tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice, diluted with a liter of purified or filtered water. In the event that your skin is too fat, use two spoons. Wash with this solution in the morning and evening. Lemon can also be wiped with problem areas (frontal patches, nose and chin). Thanks to its disinfecting effect, the amount of acne and acne will decrease several times in a couple of weeks. In addition, there is one nice bonus - the skin will be fed with useful vitamins, which are so lacking at this age. Before you start using lemon, check if you have any allergies to it - citrus fruits often "sin" with this. Also remember - if at you the combined type of a skin, wipe only its fat sites. Also for washing you can use infusion of celandine, calendula, aloe and other no less useful plants, possessing regenerating, anti-inflammatory properties. In order to achieve a positive effect more quickly, you can freeze the decoction in special molds, so that in the morning and in the evening you can wipe the face with ice cubes. Treated in this way, the skin quickly becomes toned, becomes tender and smooth. After the procedure, the remaining water can be soaked with a soft terry towel or special napkins. beautiful clean skin of the face

Means for the treatment of skin

To date, blackheads and blackheads can beget rid of one of three ways: with the help of expensive cosmetology products, with the help of beauty salons or using a special scrub prepared at home. In the latter case, you will see the result after the third or fourth procedure. In a small bowl, mix a few spoons of soda, finely cooked salt (preferably without iodine and other additives) with soapy water. Cotton swab impregnated with the received liquid, wipe the problem areas for three to four minutes. After the procedure, you should wash the herbal decoction to disinfect the treated skin. It is necessary to resort to this method three times a week. In order that after acne and acne on the face there are no scars and scars left, use a mask from usual dry or wet yeast, bran, aloe juice, white clay and bodyguard. All these ingredients act on the skin soothing, so after several procedures you will see how the inflammation begins to take place on the face. Apply this mixture to the problem areas for half an hour, after which it is washed off with a copious amount of cool water. If you do this before going to bed, then you can wipe your face with a small piece of fresh and peeled lemon.

Healing drinking decoctions

Very often in the female body occursmetabolic disorders, which also causes the appearance of acne, the onset of inflammatory processes, persistent diseases, etc. Bring everything in order will help tinctures and decoctions, which you can buy in a store, a pharmacy, or you can cook at home yourself.

  • Tincture of nettle

For example, tincture of nettle strengthens andtones up, increases the amount of hemoglobin, stimulates rapid regeneration. Use it should be on an empty stomach (half an hour before eating) for two to three months, one teaspoon three times a day.

  • Decoction of burdock root

Decoction from the root of burdock has diureticsproperties, stimulates metabolism, cleanses the body of toxins. It is also recommended for taking with gastritis, which today is found in almost every second adult person, diathesis, colds, inflammatory processes and many other diseases. 40 grams of dried root is poured with boiling water (400 ml) and insisted for two hours, then filtered. Take it after eating half a cup (100 grams) three times a day. In case of skin problems, it is also recommended to take infusion from the root of a dandelion, which stimulates the work of the liver, digestive organs, removes toxins from the blood. The plant itself contains a fairly large amount of nutrients, vitamins, calcium, protein, cobalt. Pour one tablespoon of dried roots with a glass of boiling water and insist for three hours. The broth should be drunk 3-4 times a day for fifty grams a quarter of an hour before a meal.

  • Chill from acne

This recipe is great for those who haverashes not only on the face, but also on the back. Acquire a vial of salicylic acid in the pharmacy, add crushed levomycetin tablets (4 pcs.), A third of the boric acid pack. The mixture can be started immediately after all components have completely dissolved. Wipe the skin four or five times a day, at least. Perhaps a slight tingling and tingling is normal. However, if there is redness, itching or inflammation, you should stop the procedure. clean skin for a long time

Acne: what not to do

  • Do not self-medicate

If the rash on the skin you have appearedrelatively recently, be sure to seek help from a dermatologist. In some cases, unfortunately, pimples and acne can be a direct consequence of a disease of the internal organs. And the earlier it is diagnosed, the easier it will be to treat it. In no case do not resort to treatment, relying on intuition or advice from acquaintances. Antibiotics, medications, hormonal drugs, let's just prescribe a doctor-

  • Do not pick pimples and acne

Remember that in any case is not worth itpicking, squeezing or combing pimples, as this will lead not only to their increase and suppuration, but also to scars. Do not cauterize the wounds with alcohol, peroxide, iodine and similar aggressive substances. Also a dermatologist.

  • Do not get cosmetics of incomprehensible origin

Buying these or other means for skin care,always study the composition. If there are too many unknown names or chemicals in the tonic, cream, mask, it is not worth the risk. Do not get too cheap products, as it is not known what it can turn out. Do not trust advertising! Remember that the body of each person is individual, so there is no universal remedy for acne for all skin types. What helped 99 percent, can irreparably hurt one.

  • Do not deviate from the recommendations

Doing these or those procedures, do not forget thatsome of them are very dangerous if you do them wrong. Therefore, always stick to time and recipes. For example, everyone knows the garlic mask is not suitable for everyone, and if it is overstrained even for a minute - this leads to inflammation or even burns. Before using another healing agent, be sure to consult with a specialist.

  • Do not refuse to rest

Remember that skin health also depends ongeneral state of the body - try not to overwork, sleep at least 8 hours a day. And last but not least - try to visit the sea at least a week. Warm salty water, which contains a fairly large amount of minerals and nutrients, and the sun's rays will do their job. By the end of the holiday you will notice that the pimples on the skin dry and will be almost invisible. Moreover, for any person this is the best way of healing and preventing various diseases.

Proper nutrition is the guarantee of beautiful skin

If you want you to have a clean andhealthy skin, in no case should not eat harmful food. Chips, croutons, bars, carbonated drinks with an incredible amount of sugar, flavors, stabilizers and dyes - this is only a small list of what affects the body negatively, and also leads to disruption of metabolism, diathesis, obesity. Also limit yourself in floury, sweet, fatty, salty and spicy, exclude coffee from your diet. Green tea with a spoonful of honey and lemon invigorates, quenches thirst and satiates no worse. We advise you to read: