how to remove fat from the sides Thin wasp waist - the subject of dreams for everyoneslimming women. But in the waist area, despite the accepted "dietary" measures, hateful fat deposits continue to remain or, as we affectionately call them, "ears". These are the "ears" on the sides awarded us by nature. It is in the sides that a strategic stock of fat is accumulated and stored, which under unfavorable conditions will help to bear and feed the child. During pregnancy, fat "ears", of course, are necessary. However, the rest of the time with the fat on the sides does not want to tolerate any lady. And quite rightly he asks the question: "How to get rid of fat on the sides?" Experts say that the fat from the sides is quite problematic (as nature ordered), but it is still possible. This problem must be approached in a comprehensive manner. Effective diet, exercise, affecting the right muscle groups, as well as regular care for the body - will give a positive and lasting result. how to get rid of fat on the sides


To date, there are many techniques,devoted to how to remove fat from the sides, among which you, for sure, will find the right one. However, in general, whatever type of diet you choose, you should adhere to certain rules:

  • Give up fast food and fast fats in the form ofsnacks, chips and other "mucks". Salt and fat in them a lot, but no nutritional value. In addition, fast food products contain saturated fats and light carbohydrates, which are very quickly absorbed and processed by the body. That's why after a hamburger you start feeling hungry very quickly.
  • Do not overeat at night. The last meal should be at least three hours before bedtime.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours a day. Sleep and appetite are very closely related to each other. If for some reason we do not get enough sleep, we try to make up for lack of energy with food. We sleep less - we eat more. And, accordingly, we accumulate fat on the sides.
  • Eat small meals 4-5 times a day. A small portion of food will not stretch your stomach, and you will quickly become saturated.
  • Eat breakfast cereal or muesli. In cereals and cereals contain complex carbohydrates. They "awaken" our body and force all internal organs to work more intensively, and so it is faster to burn fats.
  • Once a week, spend unloading days. For example, on apples or yogurt. But, if you have gastritis, then it is better to refuse from fasting days.
  • Exercises

    Famous fitness trainers know how to remove fat fromsides. Regular physical exercises are necessary. Hoop The most popular and effective way to remove fat deposits on the sides. To exercise with a hoop gave a positive result, you must follow several rules:

    • - choose a fairly heavy hoop or one that is equipped with all kinds of nozzles (thorns, balls, etc.);
    • - Do exercises with hula-hoop every day;
    • - twist the hoop for at least 40 minutes a day, gradually increasing the time to one hour.
  • IP (initial position) - lying on the floor, on the left side, the left arm is extended upwards. At the same time, lift up the body and the right leg. Make two sets of 15 repetitions on each side.
  • IP - lying on the floor, right leg bent at the knee,The left foot is at right angles on the right knee. The left arm lies along the trunk, the right hand is wound behind the head. Performing twisting, touch the elbow of the right hand to the knee of the left leg. Do two sets of 10 repetitions for each side.
  • IP - lying on the floor, hands over his head, legs bent at the knees. Doing twisting, try to reach the right elbow with your left knee, and vice versa. Do 30 repetitions a day.
    • Exercises on fitball (a large sports ball) are very effective in fighting fat deposits on the sides.
  • IP - lying on the ball on the right side; legs straightenedand together with the right hand make a support. Slowly raise the straight left leg so that a right angle is formed. Make two sets of 5 repetitions for each leg.
  • IP - sitting on fitbole, hands are lowered, feet on the floor, back is straight. Do not tear off the feet from the floor and not helping yourself with your hands, roll the ball left and right. Keep your back absolutely level.
  • Do two sets of 10 times (first left to right, then vice versa). How to remove fat from the sides correctly

    Wraps and massages

    Wraps and massage - an excellent toolintensify metabolic processes in problem areas and accelerate the breakdown of fats. For home wraps you will need a food film and elastic leggings that hold heat. The most effective are wraps with seaweed, essential oils (especially citrus), and also ready-warming compounds. Usually, during wrapping it is recommended to rest for about an hour. We advise you to spend this time actively. Apply to the skin, for example, sweet orange oil, wrap the waist with food film, put on elastic leotard and start acting. You can dance, do a wet cleaning apartment or do fitness - in any case, the result will be stunning. As for the massage, then you need to do it actively and strongly. To begin with, you can try hard makhrovoy mitten. She needs to rub her sides to a slight redness before the shower or bath. Before wrapping, you can do pinch massage of a problem place. It consists in tingling the skin of the sides to a slight reddening. Before the massage, apply anti-cellulite oil or cream on the skin. We advise you to read: