cream with the effect of sunburn Summer! Ah, summer! Beautiful time of the sun, the sea and sandy beaches. And, of course, a luxurious bronze tan, from which it is impossible to tear off the eye. But, as often happens, sometimes even in the most hot season we can not afford to break out of the workplace and just relax on the beach. And you want to wear an open top or dress that will accentuate the seductive body and tanned skin. That's it in such cases will help cream with the effect of sunburn. What it is and what it is "eaten" you will learn further. It is possible that some women already have the experience of "communicating" with autosunburn, maybe not a very successful experience. This is natural, because the first cream, produced for such purposes, were far from perfect and brought a lot of disappointments. In order to apply such cream on the body, it was necessary to have certain skills and skill. And the clothes suffered from the cream, got dirty and came into disrepair. However, several years have passed, and firms that let in this cosmetics have saved it from shortcomings. Today's generation of auto-sun fresheners successfully copes with its function, while possessing many useful properties for the skin. The main advantage of modern auto-tanning for the body is its ability to moisturize and protect the skin from ultraviolet light, drying out and dehydration, which is quite actual in the hot season. A good sunburn cream contains all the necessary ingredients for skin nutrition, protecting it from aging and negative effects. Some varieties of cosmetics also perform an aesthetic function. Due to the fact that they contain light-reflecting and flickering particles, these creams give the skin a radiant and well-groomed appearance.

How does auto-tanning work?

How does the dyeing of the skin occur in such aseductive and attractive shade? Contained in the cream dehydrocrocaacitone (DHA), when exposed to the skin comes into a chemical reaction with particles of the epidermis. As a result, melanoidin is formed - a substance that gives the skin a swarthy tone. The cream with the effect of sunburn begins to act not immediately, its manifestations become visible only after a couple of hours. When the upper layer of the epidermis begins to peel off under the influence of water, the tan gradually disappears. Depending on the type of auto-sunburn, its duration can be different - from several hours to several days. Using a body cream with the effect of sunburn, you expose it to only the upper layer of the skin, and therefore, in no way harm the body. And women with too sensitive and pale skin doctors even recommend using auto-tanning for the body, instead of sunbathing. body cream with suntan effect

How to choose the cream that is right for you?

To find the right tool, be sure toconsider your skin type. Women who have Scandinavian type - blondes or redheads, it is recommended to use not a fat lotion or body lotion with toning effect. Usually, such ladies are afraid of sun rays, their skin quickly "burns", stained with red spots, Cream with a dense texture is inappropriate here, combined with pallor and blond hair, they will look unnatural. If you are the owner of this type, choose a tool marked "lifht". Girls with fair hair, green or brown eyes love the sun, but they do not abuse it much. Therefore, solar burns occur very rarely. Such women can use both a lotion and a sunblock, but the best option is a medium labeled "medium", it will gradually give the desired effect. You will look as if every day spend on the beach for several hours, and your beautiful shade of skin is the "work" of the sun, and not an auto-tanning for the body. But most of all the sun like natural brunettes with dark skin. That's who are not afraid of burns! Quite a few sunbathing, and the body acquires an even more attractive shade. Dark-skinned it is necessary to pay attention to the means marked "dark". But, like any other woman, she needs to know the sense of proportion, otherwise you can overdo it, and too dark skin color will look completely unnatural. Before use, it is necessary to test the agent to make sure it works, does not cause an allergic reaction? To do this, apply a little cream on a small area of ​​the skin where it is least sensitive, and wait until it is completely absorbed and dried. Do not feel any discomfort? Then proceed to "color" the whole body. To the cream with the effect of sunburn evenly lay on the skin, clean it with a scrub. It is better to apply the product in gloves, uniform circular motions, starting with the foot. You can resort to a little trick - apply a moisturizing lotion to the area of ​​the press, let it soak in, and then use a sunblock. Thus, your tummy will be a little lighter than the rest of the body, and on their background will look taut and elastic. Likewise, lotion needs to be treated with scars on the body or pigmented spots to avoid dark "islets" on the skin. To process the back, take a girlfriend in the assistant, because you can not do it yourself. After the end of the procedure, apply one more trick. Take an old terry toe, put it on your arm and walk around the body, so the tan will look even more even. If you picked up the auto-tan, which suits you in all respects and did everything right, after just a couple of hours you will be able to boast of an ideal and seductive body.

How to avoid mistakes?

  • If you accidentally put an extra spotauto-tan - do not despair. Flushing it with water for ten minutes after application, you completely get rid of this problem. In addition, any acid that is safe for the body - hydrogen peroxide or ordinary lemon juice - helps to cope with "blots";
  • Applying auto-tanning, wait for it to dry completely and try to avoid moisture. Drops of sweat instantly react with the drug and stains on clothing will already be avoided;
  • Cream with the effect of sunburn long-lasting should be applied overnight. First, during this time, the product will be absorbed better, and secondly, you can avoid problems with soiled clothes.

In order to have a permanent permanent skin tone, several rules should be observed:

  • Always wait for the product to dry completely after application;
  • For four hours after application, avoid moisture;
  • Be sure to use moisturizing creams and lotions after flushing the product;
  • Professional makeup artists argue that the more moisturized the skin, the better it is kept tan;
  • Once every three days, use a tanning agent, applying it to the prominent parts of the body: face and hands.

cream with the effect of sunburn for the face

How to apply self-tanning on the face?

Our face is always visible, so there are errors withthe application of the remedy must be avoided, by all means. Face cream with the effect of sunburn is chosen separately from the body product, because the skin on the face often does not correspond to the general type. We act according to the same scheme as with the body - we clean the face with a scrub, apply a moisturizing cream, wait until it absorbs. After processing the fat cream eyebrows, scars (if any), the skin around the lips, the zone on the border of the hair. Let the cream soak for 10-15 minutes. We try to distribute the cream evenly, do not forget to treat the ears and whiskey. The transition from the face to the neck is the most difficult, here you need to do everything very carefully so that there are no obvious unevennesses. If suddenly you notice any "marriage", for example, a too dark spot, try to smooth it with the usual face cream. Well, like all the secrets of applying self-tanning are opened. If you do not mind the time to support your beauty, apply the product every 3-4 days. You should remember one thing - if you have too dry skin, it is better to try not to abuse these cosmetic means, or choose those that contain moisturizing ingredients. Acquire only proven cream and lotions, do not need to chase after advertising, because your body is not a field for experiments! We advise you to read: