natural nails From practice it is visible, that the madman fromthe world decided to make friends with the ancestor-nature again. Naturalness triumphantly returns to fashion with the applause of designers, stylists and other beauty gurus. Bright coloring and makeup (akin to the Indian fighting color), so beloved at the end of the last century, gave way to the natural. Glossy synthetic curtains disappeared from the windows, and flax becomes the most popular material. The hymn of naturalness, like the spring wind, sounds in all spheres of life. This trend has touched and such an exciting topic of the beautiful half of humanity, like manicure. The girls again wanted healthy natural nails. Trend of the coming season - short marigolds, covered with white or pink varnish and a jacket. For every day, for example, for work in the office, it is better to use lacquers of neutral colors. For a friendly party, varnishes with different design elements are suitable. For different occasions a special manicure is needed.

Artificial nails

Until recently, nail extensions were personalpride of many beauties. The artificial stucco molding, flowers bloomed, and even believable aquarium fish could "swim" in the thickness of the nail itself. How convenient is it always, without the right to a day off, to wear a work of art on your own fingers - a controversial issue. Fans with enthusiasm assured that the giant nail - not a hindrance to washing or ironing, and to bathe an infant or change a diaper is even more convenient. Whether these delighted reviews will be shared by the babies themselves and other heroes, honored with the honor of being caressed by a gentle female brush with augmented fingernail - it is better to ask them. That's only for the owners themselves of this manicure beauty, as in the proverb, really is a cruel sacrifice. Acrylic A popular material for building up is acrylic. It stony with lightning speed, and therefore alignment always happens in a hurry. About the chemicals that are contained inside, loudly testifies at all to the floral fragrance. And behind the outwardly strong artificial layer, the injured nails suffer from this procedure. The main trouble, threatening a lady who decided to build up is an allergy. Over time, acrylic will turn yellow. Victims of beginners manicure can open an unpleasant surprise - an acrylic layer with pits and potholes, if its time does not even out. And after his resignation, this substance will leave the real nails thin and brittle, because all the time, while the accrued manicure, he invisibly "strangled" them, being not air-impervious armor. Gel Helium manicure "smiles" to the ladies from the advertising brochures of the salons with a hypocritical smile. Why hypocritical? Because it looks really smooth. The client of the salon is assured that the gel will even allow your fingernails to breathe. It's only from such a compromise that a woman's health will not be better. After all, in the beginning, when layers of gel are only applied, they will be dried for a long time under a lamp, mutilating native nails with ultraviolet light. When it's time to get rid of the layered masterpiece, the process will turn out to be traumatic again - the layers are not removed immediately, for this you will have to use a saw for a long time. how to strengthen natural nails

Consequences of wearing artificial nails

The sad consequence of the build-up is the damagedunprofessional matting the root of the nail. When the female nails are mechanically degreased, it is very important not to remove the excess layer. The traumatized root affects the production of new cells. If the master picked up a coarse-grained nail file, then too aggressive a customer was given a drink. And instead of the permissible three or five layers, you can say goodbye to thirty-five. As a result of this manipulation, the chemistry contained in the material for building up will connect with the spongy cells - then the itching or burning is the least of the negative consequences of the procedure. Why do ladies turn to building? The only answer is for aesthetic reasons. In fact, their real nails can look just as attractive, only for this, they, like the whole body, will have to be taken care of.

How to cure natural nails?

Rehabilitated by augmentation of the nailwill help the individually developed tactics. First, do not dream about the natural nails that have been recovered, until the whole plate is restored again (immediately after removal of artificial layers it is thin, possibly in stains and specks). Saw your natural manicure now have to go to the center - then the likelihood that the nail will not break down at the right time, decrease at times. Cuticle is also better left on the spot. For all types, including healthy nails, masks are useful. Berry summer period is a wonderful occasion to feed strawberries tired for a year nails. The procedure is elementary - rubbed to a mushy kind of berries rubbed into the nail. Ten minutes - and thanks to the strengthening properties of the acids contained in the mask, the nails feel much more happy.

General health of nails

Strengthen your nails, starting from the whole bodygenerally. After all, they, like the skin - a mirror of the diseases that live in a person. Sufficient use of liquid - pure water and fresh juices will not slow to affect the nails. Positively, of course. Wet nails (after showering and washing hands) are more vulnerable than dry ones. Therefore, you need to start the manicure by drying your hands. The burrs indicate a lack of protein and vitamin C. The corrected menu is a kind doctor Aibolit, who will necessarily defeat harmful burrs. Apricots, carrots, cheese, and also products with calcium are the true friends of healthy natural nails. And, of course, in any case, do not forget about dairy products - kefir, milk, sour cream, yogurt. Another helper is a salt bath. Only to bathe in her hands you need more than once a year, but regularly. And such baths should be done at least twice a week. For this you need only hot water and salt. Dissolve the salt in water in the calculation of three tablespoons of salt per liter. Water should be as hot as you can stand it. The duration of the bath is at least 30 minutes. After that, dry your hands and apply any moisturizing cream. Finally, you can remember the silly habit of gnawing at the nails. More often - this is the result of an unbalanced state of mind. If a lady convicted herself of this, it is better to look for another way to relieve stress. Such an action (and often the roots of it grow from childhood), if it is constant, can much more injure a nail plate than even a one-time build-up. Do not offend your fingernails, then they will necessarily respond to caring with reciprocity - health and a pleasant shine. We advise you to read: