turpentine baths for weight loss You think that you can lose weight only afterprolonged diets and training? Surely you do not have enough time and willpower to do correction of your figure? If you answered both questions in the affirmative, then turpentine baths for weight loss - just for you. Just do not rush for turpentine. First, such baths should be taken competently, following the instructions. Secondly, read the article to the end and make sure that you are not afraid of contraindications.

How it works

Many girls, feeling a peculiar smellturpentine baths, involuntarily begin to wonder whether they need it. After all, only in order to plunge into the turpentine mixture, you need a huge amount of courage, not to mention sitting out in her the proper amount of time. But believe me, it's worth it. After turpentine baths improve blood circulation, open capillaries and remove toxins from the body. And this, in turn, leads to long-awaited weight loss. Of course, you will not get out of the bath after the first application of the slender Thumbelina, but for a week of such procedures it is possible to lose up to two kilograms of unwanted weight.

Turpentine baths: varieties

Turpentine baths can be:

  • white,
  • yellow,
  • mixed.

Each of them differs from the others not only incomposition and proportions of ingredients, but also for its curative effect. For example, white turpentine baths should be taken with lowered arterial pressure, and yellow - at elevated. In addition, white baths have a direct effect on the muscle elements, and they in turn regulate the flow of blood to the capillary network. Moreover, patients can feel this effect almost immediately: during the bath, a slight burning and tingling sensation occurs throughout the skin. But even this is not all the advantages of turpentine baths. For example, yellow turpentine baths increase body temperature and promote significant sweating. They are responsible for the dissolution and washing out of the body of various salts that can cause diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system and other ailments. There are also mixed turpentine baths. They are prepared by mixing the first two kinds, so they combine the advantages of both white and yellow baths. baths for weight loss turpentine

Turpentine baths for weight loss

Many readers have certainly lost patience. Like, they promised to tell about losing weight, and you load your head with medical terms. Another minute of attention, ladies. We are just starting a story about weight correction. So, those who want to lose weight, you can use all three types of turpentine baths. However, most often doctors and cosmetologists use mixed baths for these purposes. In any case, you should remember that the dosage and frequency of the procedure is prescribed by the doctor, and the baths themselves should be supervised by a qualified specialist who knows the rules for preparing and conducting such manipulations. If you are going to take turpentine baths for weight loss at home, then do not forget that amateur performance in this matter may threaten the deterioration of health. So do not experiment, otherwise you will not achieve harmony, and you will ruin your health. It is strictly forbidden to increase the amount of turpentine for the best effect or to make the water hotter, making a kind of mix of turpentine baths and a home bath. We hope that you have learned this lesson. We proceed to the next. To conduct turpentine baths you will need: a thermometer for water, a beaker, petrolatum and, of course, turpentine emulsion. So, we begin the procedure:

  • Prepare 20-25 milligrams of turpentine emulsion;
  • Pour water in the bath with a temperature of 35-36 degrees, dilute turpentine in it;
  • The duration of the first procedure should not exceed 5 minutes;
  • Each subsequent bath should be longer than the previous one for 1 minute;
  • The temperature of water with time can be increased to 38 degrees;
  • Now the most attentive readers will ask: "And why do I need Vaseline?" Good question. And most importantly, timely. Vaseline must be lubricated by the most sensitive parts of the body (genitals, axillae) before entering the turpentine bath. Keep in mind that the weight loss effect is more pronounced only when bathing is used as an additional method in combating excess kilograms. Of course, now some girls will be disappointed. After all, they expected that turpentine baths could easily and painlessly return the lost harmony. And then they force you to make some efforts. Well, not without this. But next time you think three times before taking an extra piece of cake from a plate or eating candy from a TV. Therefore, you can safely browse through the brochure with diets or make an appointment in the gym.

    Rules for the application of turpentine baths

    Have you ever noticed that the samedishes made by different people are very different? It seems that the products were chosen the same, and the recipe was written off from one magazine, and in the end, one borscht - as from a restaurant, and the second is fit to give to the dogs. The same principle works in the case of turpentine procedures. Simply put, the one who knows a few secrets grows thin. Which ones? Now tell. The bathtub should be comfortable and roomy. If you sit in the water, and knees stick out of it, then the proper effect will not be. If with knees the question is settled, then with the heart area everything is exactly the opposite. Breast immersion in the water is not worth it. After taking turpentine baths, rinse (probably, this is just what you are dreaming about now), wipe yourself, wrap up warmer and lie with your eyes closed for 40 minutes. Now march to the kitchen to make diaphoretic tea! Drink and go back to bed. Or in a chair with your favorite book and rug. For one course of weight loss, 10 procedures are sufficient. And the bath can be taken every day, and every other day. If the weight is critical or just like the procedure, you can increase the rate to 20 turpentine baths per month.

    Useful properties of turpentine baths

    Now is the time to talk about what other benefits will give you such an unpleasant in appearance, but healthy turpentine bath. So, regular procedures:

    • Strengthen and heal the body from chronic diseases;
    • Normalize blood pressure;
    • Accelerate blood circulation;
    • Soothe the nervous system;
    • Improve sleep;
    • Increase immunity;
    • Add the patient vitality and energy;
    • Increase the body's defenses;
    • Saturate the body with useful substances;
    • Promotes rapid weight loss;
    • Helps get rid of cellulite;
    • They make the skin more youthful, elastic and elastic, and the figure - chiseled.
    • An impressive list, is not it?

    turpentine slimming baths at home

    Contraindications for turpentine baths

    Like any other way to affect the skin and human health in general, therapeutic turpentine baths have their contraindications. It:

    • Allergy to turpentine;
    • Increased alcohol content in the blood;
    • The tendency to a sharp rise in blood pressure,
    • Trophic ulcers and thrombophlebitis;
    • Skin diseases, rashes,
    • Breastfeeding and pregnancy;
    • Heart failure
    • Infectious diseases;
    • Cirrhosis of the liver;
    • Skin diseases (rashes, scratches);
    • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.

    As you can see, there are a lot of contraindications. Therefore, before arranging a turpentine party at home, consult a doctor first. And even better - make turpentine baths in the salon or medical center under the supervision of specialists.

    When lose weight does not work

    If you bathe in turpentine almost more often than inordinary water, and the weight is still there, it is worth considering whether you should even try to lose weight. Can such a complexion - is ideal for your body? Not everyone can be slim, like a cane, without the slightest bulges and with stomachs adhering to the spine? There is nothing wrong with the small size of your clothes. Yes, and the 46th - this is also not an excuse to climb into the noose (it's better to have a hot bath with turpentine). After all, the main thing is your smile. It is she who makes the men turn after them. And not a slender waist, believe me. We advise you to read: