how to choose a mink fur coat Mink fur coat has always been considered a standard of chic andserved as an indicator of the high status of its owner. Since that time, there have been a lot of dramatic shifts, because manufacturers are trying to do everything possible to make mink fur coats the most democratic price. To ensure that the fur product always pleased the eyes of others and could boast of a long life, you need to know the secrets of how to choose a mink fur coat competently. Responsible approach to the purchase will serve as a reliable guarantor that the woman during many seasons will cause delight and entice admiring glances. It is worth a little turn to the history of this wonderful outfit. The first peak of popularity for mink products came about in the 60s of the last century, then all kinds of experiments with styles and designs began: mink-trimmed jackets, skirts, mantle; but the queen was rightfully recognized as a mink coat. In the 1980s, a coup took place with the presentation of the famous designer Michael Kore, thanks to which modern women can see on the shop windows a wide range of mink products: sheared fur, dyed fur, decorations with patterns. All this charming variety made the mink fur coat more accessible to most segments of the population. However, with the development of technology, fraud and forgery of this valuable fur have become more frequent, so the task of every potential buyer is to equip with the necessary information that would help avoid a collision with poor-quality goods or simply falsification and acquire a truly stunning presentable outfit.

How to choose a mink fur coat: specific expert tips

The natural mink fur coat has a highwear resistance, is not afraid of moisture and possesses high heat-protective properties due to its natural features, however, an unscrupulous manufacturer often causes a rapid deterioration of such a product. The whole secret of how to choose the right mink fur coat is care and prudence. Be guided by the rule that there is always a choice, the main thing is to give preference to the best, not to rush into the pool with the head behind the first product found.

  • It is statistically proved that domesticthe manufacturer is not so responsive to the issue of quality manufacturing of the product, in contrast to, for example, the European. Therefore, the ideal option is to purchase a product of foreign quality and standard; but it is worthwhile to understand that the price for such a fur coat will be much higher.
  • If due to any considerations a womandecided on the domestic option, it is necessary to purchase a mink fur coat exclusively in branded boutiques, bypassing markets or mega-centers, since counterfeiting in this case will be doubly difficult. In the domestic market there has been a negative trend that the price depends in most cases not on the quality of the mink coat, but on the store in which you purchase it. Even though there is no opportunity to buy a designer product, be guided by the maximum cash you are willing to pay for the mink: women usually do not regret such wastefulness, because the terms of operation and quality cover expenses.
  • When you choose a good mink fur coat, alwaysinspect the model, carefully study it, even if the high price screams for quality - this is not always true. After all, market tents offer us labels not at the lowest prices, but, as often happens in such cases, instead of mink you buy a marmot outfit.
  • Fur is considered high quality if it is soft, has a silky effect, is smooth. Pay attention to the density of the undercoat, because it protects you from frosts.
  • Focus on choosing the color of a fur product: black or excessively dark furs indicate that the fur is old. Quality masdra simply must be soft and light, with a reflection.

Women, as a rule, are guided in theirchoosing the "price-quality" parameters, giving preference to price criteria, since counterfeit products now look very solid. However, all the flaws of such a mink fur coat will immediately manifest themselves in the first season of socks, unlike natural fur, which faithfully serves its owner for at least five seasons. But if the customer is heavily curtailed in finances, and the mink dress is so desirable that it can not be abandoned, then it is worth choosing a mink from the mink of mink: usually this is the fur removed from the shoulder blades of a valuable animal. This outfit will be somewhat less durable, but the price for it is much lower, and therefore more affordable. how to choose a fur coat

Evaluation of fur - the main criterion for the quality of fur

In order for the minkwork to please the eye andcould boast of a long life, it is necessary to pay special attention to the fur linen dress. The first act of the customer should be a tingle of the hair - if after the pinch you felt fluff or hair, this eloquently speaks about the low standard of the technology of dressing, non-compliance with the rules for creating a fur coat. Also, this phenomenon can be observed if the animal was killed at the time of molting. Immediately refuse to purchase such a mink dress: in a short time it will resemble a Christmas tree in the last days of January. If a woman stops her choice on a painted fur coat and does not know how to choose a high-quality mink fur coat in such cases, then our recommendations will come in handy. To check the quality of such a fur outfit, it is necessary to arm yourself with a handkerchief, preferably white, and then squeeze or hold a fur coat over the fur. To perform these actions should be intensive, and then check how much the kerchief was painted and whether it happened at all. In case the scarf even slightly changed color, the fur coat is obviously of poor quality and it is better to refuse to purchase it. The most common defects are:

  • The presence of burnout and fading, the unevenness of the color of the fur cover, obvious scrapes indicate the old age of the animal.
  • Fused furs indicate non-compliancetechnologies of manufacturing and storage of a fur coat, hair should differ shine and elasticity, softness and yieldability. If you hold your hand over the cover, the natural and qualitative hair will immediately acquire the original shape.
  • Rusty spots on the fur cover - one of the most common defects, they are formed from the content of animals in metal cages, such stains are not eliminated even with the help of professional dry cleaners
  • Often you can find an uneven surface of the fur coat, with the effect of careless haircuts. Such a mink fur coat is best left in the store, because before you are traces of the defeat of the fur with the teeth of an animal
  • The quality of a mink fur can also be determined by weight: natural mink fur usually weighs slightly more than it may seem. However, do not rely too much on such feelings.
  • If you are told that a fur coat is made of whole skins,but at the same time offer a low price of the product, most likely it shows a fake, because the skins of the animal are very valuable, so the price of such outfits must be high.
  • A mandatory effective condition for how toto choose the right mink coat, is a thorough examination of the goods from the inside. To do this, you must turn the product inside out, make it possible on the back where the lining departs from the skin. Inspect the lining and the quality of its seams, because often it wears out very quickly, make sure that the seams are not visible, and most importantly, that they do not diverge. Market tents offer us an abundance of glued mink coats - bypass such outfits with a side, they have a low service life and rapid wear in the places of gluing. Of course, it is naive to assume that elite furs, such as mink, can avoid forgery. Expensive fur mink is often substituted for rabbit or fur from marmot. How to choose a good mink coat and not get on a cheaper fake in this case? Remember that rabbit fur is softer and shorter, while mink is relatively stiff in texture. how to choose the right mink fur coat

    Why do you need a fur coat?

    In order to answer the question of howchoose a quality mink fur coat, you need to decide on the goals and tasks that will stand in front of the product. Agree, decorative sheepskin, which emphasize expressive and stylish design, will serve poor service in extreme cold weather conditions. Clearly determine before you start choosing, for what purpose you need the product and where you will wear it. Siberian colds. Mink coat in this case must have functional qualities. The main function will be protection from winds, severe frosts, snow deposits, respectively, such a mink fur coat should be as long as possible, with a mandatory hood or protective fur collar. Undercoat is very thick and dense. Of course, such a product will be heavy and massive, but it will perfectly protect against frost. Chic, shine, beauty. As you might guess, such goals are not aimed at the functional and heat-shielding properties of the mink coat, which are sacrificed to extravagance and brightness. In order for the outfit to correspond to the status of "luxury item", a short mink fur coat is preferred. As a rule, the sleeve of such products can have a length of ¾. Usually, when buying such styles of fur coats, women wear high gloves to protect their hands from cold weather, as a result of which the mink coat is instantly transformed, and the mistress acquires the features of a "lady-vamp". If you are aiming to look easy and elegant, with the maximum refinement, then choose a fur coat with a moderate undercoat. It is worth mentioning that the mink fur coat can be selected and in accordance with the constitution of the body and growth. If you do not know how to choose a mink fur coat for middle-aged or low-growth women, then you should contact the seller-consultant. It is recommended to abandon the selection of outfits on the floor, as this will further steal the growth of the woman, and the product will visually appear massive. Tall women are advised to avoid especially free-style fur coats, as this will emphasize the leanness of the build, and the outfit will form an abundance of unnecessary folds, due to which it will lose a respectable appearance.

    Buy a fur coat now easy!

    When a woman faces a wideassortment of mink fur coats, not surprisingly to get lost, therefore, good information will make it as easy as possible to purchase a quality product. The main thing is to remember that choosing a fur coat from this expensive fur is subject to several criteria: not only the price index and attractive appearance, but also carefully choose the place where the purchase will be made, find out the purposes for which the thing will be bought. When inspecting, remember that you need not only external, but also internal quality control. In order to competently choose a mink coat, wait at least three minutes before the mirror in each dress you like. This will give an opportunity to penetrate the product, feel the degree of comfort, fit the dimensions, better understand the quality. After the outfit was chosen, postpone the purchase until the next morning and only then go to the store, and necessarily with someone whose opinion you trust: a close friend, mother or husband, as an extreme option. It is better to hear criticism in the store once than to endure it for several seasons in a row on the streets of the city. Armed with these simple recommendations and resorting to them when buying, each woman will be able to choose a worthy thing that will not only meet all the requirements, will serve more than one season, but will raise the lady to the position of the queen, will give the opportunity to shine and believe in her own irresistibility. Choose a quality mink fur coat - it's easy! We advise you to read: