Aging of the skin of the face All are subject to aging, without exception, but forwomen, the result of this process is often a painful blow to self-esteem. How offensive to see how once elastic, tender skin saggers and forms wrinkles and folds! This is particularly noticeable in the eye area, where the skin is the thinnest and most sensitive. The darkening of the eyelids, their swelling, the lowering of their eyes, all this, in addition, changes the look of the eyes, and, as they say, it ages it. Manufacturers of cosmetics offer a lot of masking means to smooth out this effect, but none of them can be effective all 100% and can not function round the clock. A woman wants to please not only others, but herself - to admire yourself in the mirror with a smile and pride. Modern plastic surgery offers a simple and safe way to solve the problem of impending eyelids and other imperfections of the skin around the eyes. The procedure of upper blepharoplasty will allow you to get rid of:

  • excess fat in the upper eyelid;
  • folds formed by excess skin;
  • overhanging of the skin on the eye and other imperfections.

In modern practical medicine, the upperBlepharoplasty found another, quite in demand for today, application - this is a change in the incision of the eyes. With this procedure, the patient can correct the very shape of her eyes, make them larger, for example. This is common among girls and women with the so-called Asian age - devoid of wrinkles, as in Europe. It can also be used by people who are dissatisfied with the form of their upper eyelids for subjective reasons and who want to correct it. To conduct this operation there are no special contraindications, but before going through the procedure, it is necessary to consult a specialist. He will have to assess the condition of the eyelids and designate a method for their correction. By the method of carrying out this operation is divided into two types:

  • traditional provides an external cut;
  • transconjunctival provides an internal incision.

The second method is more difficult technically, but itprovides the least soreness of the incision site after surgery and leaves no visible scars. With the traditional method, the scars should disappear completely within a few months, for a few weeks the soreness persists. Doctors, despite the fact that the procedure does not require a hospital stay and does not affect the working capacity of a person, it is strongly recommended to take at least a few days of rest after it in order to get swelling and not to jeopardize the site of stitches.