quantum hair removal Recently, in beauty salonsthere was a new, highly advertised procedure - quantum hair removal. It should be noted that its cost is quite high. And the result? Let's understand. Quantum hair removal by the way it acts on unwanted vegetation is simply the "sister" of the old and well-known photoepilation. And in that, and in this variant the "main character" is light waves. Penetrating into the upper layer of the skin, they destroy the hair follicle. True, only those hair which perish at the time of the procedure are in the stage of active growth die and are destroyed. But those who are at rest, this type of hair removal does not work. That's why you have to repeat the procedure several times. To completely get rid of vegetation, it is necessary to spend from four to ten sessions. What awaits you in the office of a cosmetologist? Do not be afraid, nothing terrible. You will be offered to sit in a comfortable soft armchair and give dark glasses that will reliably protect your eyes from the bright light. Of course, no one is going to shine in your face. Such glasses are needed for "safety" - just to completely eliminate all possible negative consequences. Then a special gel with a cooling effect is applied to the epilation areas. It will help to reduce unpleasant sensations to a minimum. Then, in the place of epilation, they will drive a special manipulator emitting powerful light flashes. As a result, you will feel only a slight tingling. By the way, if the procedure seems too painful to you, then this may indicate poor-quality equipment or the "curvature" of the master. In this case it is better to interrupt it and look for another salon - health is more expensive! All this can be successfully attributed to photoepilation, right? So is there a difference? Well, except the price, of course. There are two opinions on this score. Cosmetologists claim that there is a difference. Quantum epilation is done on new equipment, specially developed by British scientists. The device is equipped with a built-in computer and special sensors that allow you to analyze the condition of the hair and skin and, depending on this, change the intensity of the effect. That is, the procedure is carried out taking into account your individual characteristics. And this means that the probability of burns is sharply reduced. As an additional insurance is a specially designed cooling system for the skin. There are two more differences. First, the new device allows you to process a large surface, which means that the session itself takes much less time. Secondly, unlike photoepilation, this method allows you to get rid of even light hair. True, cosmetologists themselves warn that they will have to work much longer. Well, what about the skeptics? They, as always, all questioned. According to their assurances, quantum hair removal is nothing more than a regular advertising trick that helps attract new customers and raise the price for a procedure familiar to everyone. The effect of this method is no better, and no worse than from photoepilation. However, then they are skeptics ... quantum hair removal cost

Before and after

In order for the procedure to go well, and the result you are pleased with, it is necessary to prepare for it in advance. And this preparation is not always a pleasure.

  • Say goodbye to the sunburn. Already two weeks before the planned procedure will have to abandon campaigns to the beach. Decided to cheat and use self-tanning? Will not work. Unfortunately, this is also prohibited. In general, it is not recommended to do quantum hair removal on a tanned body. Under the influence of the light beam, individual parts of the skin can lose part of the pigment. In this case, the body formed unsightly light spots. By the way, and after the procedure for another two weeks, you can not sunbathe. In addition, it is necessary to use protective agents with a factor of SPF 30 or higher.
  • A month before the session, you need to give uphair removal with the help of plucking, epilators, bioepilation or shugaring. This is necessary in order to allow them to germinate over the surface of the skin. This moment is very important and the effect of the entire procedure depends on how responsibly you approach it. Are you bothered by vegetation above the upper lip and chin? There's nothing to be done, it will take a while to flaunt with this "decoration." Hair on the face must grow the maximum. If any hairs are too noticeable, they can be neatly trimmed with manicure scissors.

But two to three days before the session, vegetation inunderarms, bikini and legs should be carefully removed with a razor. Then by the time of the procedure they will just grow to the required length of 1-2 mm. But the face, stomach and hands can not be processed! The master himself must do this manipulation.

  • Three days before the quantum hair removal it is necessary to abandon alcohol-containing lotions and other means. And within two days after the procedure you can not use perfume, toilet water and creams.
  • If you take tranquilizers, antibiotics or tanning pills, then they should be abandoned, at least two weeks before the session.
  • Do not use cosmetics on the day of epilation.

No less restrictions after the procedure.

  • For two weeks you can not remove the remaining hair. It is believed that during this time they should fall out on their own.
  • In the first two days after epilation, it is recommended to reduce physical activity - a trip to the gym should be postponed.
  • Try not to wear tight and tight clothes - this can cause severe irritation.
  • For two or three weeks is better to refuse to visitpool - usually the water there is chlorinated. Do not go to the sauna or sauna. Yes, and the temperature of the water in the bath or the shower, too, should be watched - it should not be too hot.
  • During the first week, do not peel - do not irritate the injured skin.
  • Drink as much pure pure water as possible.

new quantum hair removal

Advantages and disadvantages

So, summing up, we can say thatquantum epilation - however, like any other cosmetic procedure - has its pros and cons. First about the virtues. Perhaps the most important is that the procedure is practically painless. And this allows us to apply this method even in the most sensitive places. You do not have to bite your lips, grind your teeth and wipe the stream with flowing tears. You will not wait with a shudder for a new session. And what else is necessary for happiness? The second advantage is that, according to cosmeticians, this technique helps not only brunettes, but also blondes. Well, now about the shortcomings. The main one is the high cost of this service. The second is the need for a whole course of procedures. So, all preparation for the sessions will have to be held more than once, which is not very pleasant. Third - the effect of the procedure is directly related to the quality of equipment and the professionalism of the cosmetologist. It is quite difficult to determine both. Strictly speaking, there are two ways. The first one is experienced. And on it you may be in danger. If you get to the mountain-master, there is a chance not only to keep all the vegetation intact and safe, but also to acquire scars and burns. So - to cause harm to health. The second way is less extreme - before you go to the salon, find reviews on the Internet or consult the girlfriends who have already had this master. This will save you money and health. Well, perhaps, the last. This method has a number of contraindications. Therefore, before going to the procedure, be sure to consult a doctor. Common contraindications are:

  • any damage to the skin;
  • chronic and acute skin diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • hypertonic disease;
  • oncological diseases;
  • keloid disease;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • infectious diseases;
  • acute form of herpes;
  • ischemic disease;
  • any stage of pregnancy.

Here, in general terms, and everything that can be said aboutthis miracle method. How effective it will be for you is hard to say. It all depends on the type of hair and the individual sensitivity of your skin. Evaluate the effectiveness will be in one or two procedures. If in two or three weeks the hairs partially disappear from the treated surface, and those that grow will become thinner and lighter - consider that you have found your way of epilation! We advise you to read: